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Goodwill Industries reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on May 9, 2007. The latest review Confrontation with Goodwill Employee ... Explanation listed below. was posted on May 10, 2021. The latest complaint don't work or shop at goodwill was resolved on Oct 22, 2014. Goodwill Industries has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 243 reviews. Goodwill Industries has resolved 47 complaints.

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Goodwill IndustriesConfrontation with Goodwill Employee ... Explanation listed below.

Monday, May 10, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:
I have been debating all day whether to send this letter or just let it go. I am a long time happy shopper of Goodwill Stores all over the country. I seek them out wherever I go. I live in a suburb of Nashville, TN and the store I will be referring to is the one in Hermitage, TN.
This is the store closest to my home and I shop there on a regular basis and also donate monthly at this location. I have come to know the management and staff at this store and have always found them to be kind, helpful and very accommodating folks …… until today.
Because I donate so frequently, at the time of donation I am normally given a discount coupon. Today I had one for 20% off which I was hoping to use. I am retired and generally buy things for myself, but mostly friends and family who I feel may have a particular need. Today I found quite a bit of useful merchandise and the cost was rung up at $99.00. The woman ringing up my purchases seemed irritated with me and was rather rude. I'm not sure why. I gave her the 20% discount coupon, but she chose to ring me her way. She said she applied the senior discount and the loyalty discount. The price came to $89. I told her that I would prefer she use the 20% coupon that I gave her because I would get a larger savings. This seemed to really upset her and she got rather loud, flustered and angry with me about my request. She made a rather large scene about it which was really embarrassing for me and put me in an awkward position trying to defend myself, when in reality I had done nothing wrong.
I have encountered this woman on different occasions throughout the last months and find myself avoiding being checked out by her because of her bullying attitude towards people. Up until today I have just kind of written it off and not given any more thought to it.
When I left the store and was loading my vehicle she came out to the parking lot and just stood there glaring at me. She confronted me and was trying to provoke me into an altercation with her. I did tell that with her attitude she should not be working with the public. She said something to the effect (which did not make any sense to me) that "I am so old that I should already be dead".. … referring to me ! I returned the carts to the store and she got in her vehicle and just glared at me.
I am a person who avoids confrontations and will try my best to overlook people's negativity, but this woman really shook me up. I wish I knew her name, but I do know this about her. She is a tall, African/American woman with short dark hair and I did hear her say she was 75 years old and carries a rather large chip on her shoulder. I am sure the store management will know who I am referring to.
I can't help but wonder how many other customers she has been rude and worse to since she has been employed there. She did not know me, but had already decided she did not like me. There are likely many like myself who will avoid being in her line at the checkout and quietly put up with the bullying attitude that she puts forward because they feel they have no choice.
I will continue to shop and donate at the Hermitage store, but I will dread having any dealings with her again. She is an extremely poor representation of what Goodwill stands for and I just had to let someone know .
Thank you for your time and attention …
M.D. Beerman

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    May 07, 2021

    Goodwill Industries — Rude employee

    Date of incident: May 4, 2021 I would like to issue a complaint regarding an employee, possible manager, at...

    Goodwill IndustriesMissing item

    I went into your Kia room as I was in the area as I was shopping I saw two incidents where two different customers came to complain about being overcharged. The long was line and I finally got to the front I was checked out by the guy at the register. I even glanced at the stuff in the jewelry counter after my first purchase and bought a necklace on a separate transaction. I left the store and headed to other things. As this day was a busy day I didn't realized till the next day when I went through the bag that I was overcharged for an item I didn't even get. I bought two ladies shirts and a child's dress. Somehow he charged an extra shirt for 4.99 on mine. Since the credit card machine does not show us a total of items on the screen like all other machines typically do. It's hard for us to know what we are being charged.

    Missing item

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      Goodwill IndustriesDonation Center

      My husband and I were trying to drop off donations at our local Goodwill and there were other donations just sitting there. As we were putting our things with the stuff sitting there, a very rude employee came out accusing us of taking their donations. When we said we were actually dropping donations off, he continued to say how it looked like we were putting things in our car. He just would not let up. We told him that we would take our donations elsewhere and loaded our stuff back up and left. We will no longer be donating to or shopping with Goodwill and will urge out family and friends to do the same. You should be ashamed to have employees who treat customers with such disrespect.

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        Goodwill IndustriesGoowill MANGER Lisa Lawrence

        This is my second complaint on Lisa Lawrence at 553 Fairview Ave N St Paul
        Lisa call the police on me today after she ask me to leave on Thursday 4/29/2021 and and i return on Friday 30 to shop and she call the police on me to put me out of the shop. Lisa told the police that she didn't want me in the store. I just didn't see why i had to leave. I feel that Lisa don't like people of color and i hope something will be done about it. I shop at Goodwill about 25yr and i haven had anyone to put out because i didn't do anything wrong and she had the police write up Trespass notice that i didn't sign. I didn't do anything wrong to her or the customer. 4/29/2021 1pm
        I was standing by my cart and Lisa didn't like where i was standing, so she ask me to stand at my cart and i said i am at my cart, and what is wrong with me standing here? Lisa said leave and i said why? I told you why. I said because i standing by my cart. so she took my cart and dump all my thing out and said i am going to call the police. I said you don't have to call the police i will leave, but can i pay for my things that you dump and she said no. Lisa said i call the police on you, i said i don't see why you call the police so i left and went to talk to the manger next door and receptionist give me number to call him. Then i came back Lisa had thought my own cart with my purse and jacket outside on the street. I feel that is not nice of what she didn't to me. I feel that Lisa need management training to know how to deal with customer in the store. I don't feel that i should not shop at the store because Lisa don't want me their. I have talk to several people about the way Lisa walk around dump people cart without ask people who cart it is. I am look forward to hearing from goodwill management about this issue and hope something will change. Hazel

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          Goodwill IndustriesEmployee "Charles" at Catonsville Maryland Goodwill

          I would like to report a repeat incident with one of the Goodwill employees that works in the Catonsville Maryland location. On numerous visits to this store I have encounter this individual. Most recently April 28, 2021. I use to come to drop off items to this store a lot but my visits have declined based on his nasty disposition. His name is Charles and he is mean, unprofessional, with no customer service skills. I am sure I am not the first to complain about his attitude. I complained to his supervisor and she said she would take care of it but I am not sure she will, so I decided to report these incidents to the corporate office.

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            Apr 21, 2021

            Goodwill Industries — the management at the goodwill store (located on camelback and 17th in phoenix az 1:30 pm april21/ 2021)

            There were 2 of them, A woman, dark haired woman and a tall head shaven man with glasses. (appearing a...

            Goodwill Industriesunethical purchasing

            Hello When I call orange blossom trail store number 5230
            I would asked if they have donation or mystery pallets.

            They seem to not know what I am talking about. Yet, a person is going there every weekend to purchase load of donation for a cheap price for over 10 years.

            attach is my proof as he left his receipt in one of his pallet box. when calling the store to go directly to them to purchase. They do not reply back or said they do not do that but I see that the store manager name and how much item this man danny jacobs has been getting very cheap. To me it is not fare he getting all this donation pallets before the public and when I asked about it to the goodwill stores in orlando . No one seem to know what I am talking about . So is this a store manager and danny jacob little scam going on for ten years? the store manager is louisa thistle as you can see on the receipt.. Our they stealing from goodwill ? or is this really a valid sales? if so why are not the public be able to get the same deal?

            unethical purchasing
            unethical purchasing
            unethical purchasing
            unethical purchasing

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              Goodwill Industriesebay ecommerce dept. false advertising

              A purchase that was grossly misrepresented that by silver weight alone, I was overcharged nearly $300. Ebay Order number [protected] Sterling silver plate listed as weighing 800 grams ended up weighing 126.7 grams. In the returns process, being hospitalized, I asked my son to return the 6 inch plate and he mistakenly sent back the wrong one. I notified Goodwill of the error and sent back the correct plate, USPS tracking number [protected] 62. I sent several ebay messages and made several phone calls to the Goodwill store [protected] and [protected] but with exception to a couple written messages from Claire (ecommerce dept.) that didn't address the issue, no one will respond to my request. I am trying to have the incorrectly returned sterling silver plate (Wallace Grand Colonial 6" Bread & Butter/Dessert Plate) sent back to me. I will gladly pay for return shipping however I can get no one to respond. Please help me. Kind Regards,
              Andrew Hohner

              ebay ecommerce dept. false advertising
              ebay ecommerce dept. false advertising
              ebay ecommerce dept. false advertising

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                Apr 08, 2021

                Goodwill Industries — Returns

                On the 8th of April 2021, I visited the Downey goodwill store. I had a printer that I purchased on Tuesday...

                Goodwill IndustriesPeople who handle the merchandisen in the back brinig it out,

                There are 3 ladies that fill and bring the table bins out knew the 4 women and 3 men customers in there as they were swithching the table bins the workers were telling them which tables. As the tables would come out the customers knew exactly where to get the clothes from. They were around 20 dresses on hangers right in front ofone of the ladies. Then the third table there were 2 stacks of jeans neatly foled covered with towels. He knew right where to reach. I was there 3 hours trying to just get a few things but every time new tables came out one of the ladies from the back would tell the same 7 people where to stand and wait. And the plastic bags that quilts come in had clothes neatly folded and stuffed they would just put them in there carts not look at them which they didn't need to cause the floor workers packed it for them. Shoes are emptied in the table bin yet 2 different times there was a box brought out set at the end the wokere told one of the men to put it in their cart. An hour later another box of shoes in box they again put it in there carts. Now they aren't even looking through the stuff cause no need to your floor workers are prepackaging what they want. I did see one box had mostly sandals yet when you go to the tables were winter boots. And 7 new comforters still package all new put on the same tables where she told them to to move the the same people. They were all friends a related and friends. During the 3 hours i was there they to reach under the stuff. The only ones who really got nice items. I go there several times a month and nothing is ever folded or on hangers or bagged. This is the second time i have seen this. I asked the cashier for the phone numbe to file a complaint. She knew immediately why i asked. She apologized was not her fault she doesn't work the floor. She did inform there has been many complaints about this. This seems to be a pattern with the floor workers setting it up for there family and friends. I am disabled and on a fixed income i appreciate the outlet i am disabled and fixed income. This issues is ongoing this is not fair to others. Only allowed 1 per table unless same house hold. Before they even start pulling tables take to the back one of the ladies tells them which ones and go stand in that area. These 7 people moved in sync so for anyone else don't get any of the products comming out cause they have each table . Yet they don't even rummage it's all ready to be put in a cart. Obviously there's been an issue prior complaints to store. Yet no one seems to care to correct this. During this visit the foor workers would stop and congregate with them talking looking at pictures on their phones laughing then go to the back, so yes was clear some are family and friends. I personally heard a few conversation when she told them they will be on hangers on the end. And third table are the pants. These people had the 4 big tote carts they were 4 large grocery carts already full within an hour and still stacking. They were speaking spanish. However i too am spanish and know spanish. I find this these workers offensive and selfish and rude. And act like this is okay to do. Each customer should get the same treatment. Not exclusive. What's troubling there has been many calls a compalints to this store. The ladies at the front registers are friendly and understanding. They know of these complaints too. As a company bussiness this is unexceptable behavior from your employees. This outlet has helped many to be able to afford clothing, bedding, shoes etc. I have not had a bad experience till this last month. I went for a few clothing, sandals and a couple blankets. I only got 1 pair of pants blanket stuff animals. Due to every time table bin came out they got the exclusive to the majority. Joanne lacy you can contact me [protected] or [protected]@gmail.Com thank you

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                  Apr 02, 2021

                  Goodwill Industries — Customer service

                  I believe I have sent four (4) emails to the Regional Manager and Goodwill HQ in general about the quality of...

                  Goodwill IndustriesPricing

                  I shop at goodwill's all the time, and love them! The only problem I have is lately everything in the store has been priced in my opinion really high for it to be a place that the stuff is actually given to them!!! For instance I bought a sunglass case and it was priced at $5.50 at the store. I got it anyway, but thought to myself that's really high for that! I got home and looked it up online and found it to be $5.89! That's not much off given the fact that that it's not brand new and was given to goodwill in the first place! I think whoever is in charge of the pricing needs to come way down. We are all having a hard time right now with the way life is going anyway, and that's why we shop there is for good discounted prices which now they are almost full price it's insane!


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                    Mar 27, 2021

                    Goodwill Industries — The way they do returns

                    The manager here will only let me return the jeans I have receipts for jeans the problem is that they only...

                    Mar 18, 2021

                    Goodwill Industries — Management and coworker

                    Hello, I am currently employed by Goodwill, located in Round Rock, TX for almost a year now. I am 17 year...

                    Goodwill IndustriesFine China

                    I have a business that requires vintage china and crystal. I get most of my inventory from the Goodwill online auction site. Since I now have over 12k pieces, I have dozens And dozens of online auctions with Shopgoodwill.

                    Goodwill is using deceptive practices in their dealings with online auctions. and I feel it is time to bring these concerns to the public's attention.

                    (I am hoping that my support photos are able to post. )

                    I won two auctions that were virtually identical from two different Goodwill stores: (20 pieces/4 place settings -blue), and another set (20 pieces/4 place settings-red). The red set arrived on Saturday, February 20 from the Goodwill in Colorado Springs, CO and the blue set arrived on February 21 from the Goodwill Industries of Michigan. The only difference between the two sets is the manufacturer's pattern name and the blue set has salad bowls instead of the red set having salad plates. Both were the same same manufacturer. (See comparison picture. )

                    The two sets were packaged completely differently. The red set was separated into four separate shipments while the blue set was sent in one box. (See picture with two boxes.)The blue set allowed combined shipping and the red set gave an error message at checkout that refused combined shipping for weights 20 pounds and under. In the biggest box (36"x14"x14"), only four 9" flat plates were packed. (See picture with plates on top that show contents. )

                    (See picture of the four boxes in left for red set vs the one box on right for blue set. Last picture is the amount of filler used in just ONE box for four plates. )

                    Upon checkout AFTER the auction was won, I tried to combine the separate plate transactions according to the 20 pound limit policy that GW advertises. I received an error message that NONE of my auctions could be combined. As I said, this error message does not appear until the close of the auctions. Had I known, I would have passed on the complete set of auctions.

                    When I opened a customer service ticket to question how four saucers and four cups could possibly weigh 25 pounds and that even combining items under 20 pounds was not allowed, I got an insufficient response that said it required over-size boxes because of "dimensional weight". Not true. There was no reason for a 36"x14"x14" box to be used for only four plates. (I even have a manager of 3 UPS stores that I consulted say that this was overpacking and that many more items could safely be put in a box that size even if packaging was needed for the products fragility.)

                    I am to the point that I am seeking a pro Bono attorney to start a class action suit to look into the deceptive practices and the possibility of mail fraud. I believe that the weight that is shown online is different from the weight that the carriers are posting and that Goodwill has some kind of "understanding " with Federal Express and UPS that makes their practices non transparent. Since I have dozens and dozens of GW transactions, each one of my auction wins would have to be investigated. I am looking into having law students from two Dallas universities do research for me on all of my transactions.

                    Fine China
                    Fine China
                    Fine China
                    Fine China
                    Fine China
                    Fine China

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                      Feb 20, 2021

                      Goodwill — Rude staff

                      We have been shopping at Goodwill Stores for many years. Over the past few we have been buying the Pound...

                      Feb 18, 2021

                      Goodwill — Improper behavior of manager

                      I was in 3205 South Cobb location, 30080 when a young man working in the store I've came across him...

                      Feb 17, 2021

                      Goodwill Industries — Management

                      Around 4;15 I gave a note to a co worker after the co worker checks me out, she usually is very very nice and...


                      Goodwill IndustriesFalsely accused of thief !

                      I went to Goodwill at the West Oaks location on 2/7/2021 bought a 2 blankets and left the store . I returned to shop on 2/9/2021 and was approach by Frederick one of the store managers, showing me a picture stated I stole from the store . Frederick loudly told me I was not allow in Good will and he should call the police . I returned with my receipts, no resolution.

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