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My water was turned off yesterday on April, 1, 2010, sometime around in the morning.I recieved a call from my daughter confirming this and so i left my work and went ahead and paid the full amount that was owed and plus the connection fee.I paid them around 3pm and after i paid I specifically asked the women at the utilities department, what time would they put back my water, she told me around 5pm.It passed 5pm and still no water, so we called again and customer service rep said we should recieve the water anywhere from 9pm.Now its the next day and still no water.Now its April the 2nd and i had to call the police to ask them what should be done in this matter and they transfered me to the utilities supervisor. I spoke to her and she told me that they would come and give me my water shortly.Now its been 2 hours i've been waiting and still no water and i cant even go to work because i havent showered.This is unethical treatment because as a customer i derserve much more respect than this and this isnt the 1st time that they have done this to me.Times now are very hard and you may not have the money to pay for all your bills, i had to borrow the money to pay the water and yet they dont have the deciency to put my service back.This is horrible abuse.I know as god as my witness CITY OF HOLLYWOOD UTILITYS WILL ONE DAY GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.

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