Chris Woods Jockey RIP OFF, Dan Melnick attorney BS / Chris Woods Rip Off, Dan Melnick Attorney BS

1 Encino, CA, United States

Christopher J. Woods is a known Con man to many if not hundreds of victims and others he has stolen money from over the years. He uses "bunk" (fake fabricated) business transactions created & notes for that matter for the sole purpose of committing fraud against his victims. His scams have scanned the globe and mostly here in the United States. Born Christopher James Joseph Woods on June 2 1959, Woods is from Australia. A failed horse jockey and wannabe "someone of stature in life". Mr. Woods always craved and still craves the life of luxury. A man with very few friends and if any family, Mr. Woods will do anything to push his agenda forward. Even if it involves felony activities. His scams involve fake companies created (shell companies) around a furniture business he stole from Peter McGrath (real furniture business owner) These company names include and are not limited to: Carducci International, Carducci Interiors, Rancho Shilo, Specific Resources LLC and Black Pearl.
These fabricated business transactions all seem the same, same verbage, same format, same everything. Just switched around a little. It is a known fact Christopher Woods deals with CA criminal lawyer, Michael Daniel Melnick or as people know "Dan Melnick". Chris and Dan have a big repore with each other and have known each other for a while. Evidence also points out that Dan Melnick is the one actually writing Chris Woods fake promissory notes & business transactions. Mr. Melnick claims to "not represent" Chris Woods. Only that he is a "good friend". The fact is, Mr. Woods has complaints dating back to 1991 with the Superior Courts, and complaints dating back to 2004 on the internet alone. Granted, Mr. woods uses "extortion" claims as a part of his whole scam to make you believe he is the "victim". This can NOT be farther from the truth. So you either have to be blind or completely stupid to not know who your "friends" are. Right Mr. Melnick? Lets be real here, lawyers get easy access to court records and documents, so in this case Mr. Melnick is not bright or just playing possum. Now seriously... This is an attorney who is held up to higher statures, a licensed CA attorney knowingly hanging around a man who has ripped off, scammed, and destroyed the lives financially of so many. Please Dan, answer the question of why? Please enlighten all Chris Woods victims and tell us what your real association is with him?
Tapes have also surfaced where Dan is actually admitting to creating and drafting Mr. Woods fake notes. Of course these drafts are pre-meditated and take time to create. Do not be mistaken. These fake manipulated business transactions are used for the sole purpose to commit fraud and steal from victims, with NO intention to ever pay them back. Fabricated to seem that a "real deal" exists between two fake shell companies.
Mr. Woods has judgements spanning different states, (mostly in Los Angeles CA) and if not the world. To date, not a shred of evidence has been shown that any of these companies are real. What is real is the fact that Chris Woods has paid millions of dollars of stolen money to American Express and if not thousands to Dan Melnick and others involved. (This is to be determined) As of now it seems Mr. Woods and Dan Melnick have some explaining to do. This also includes others who may be involved in Chris Woods dealings. (See full blog for updates and analysis). It has taken Victims and honorable people to step forward at least 3 years to compile evidence against Chris Woods and the people involved in the scams. All promissory notes and fake business documents cannot be posted due to so many and the length of time it would take. Some documents will not be posted as the evidence is crucial and sensitive to which they have been sent to the proper authorities. Below are just a couple REAL fabricated business deals written up to commit fraud.

Chris Woods Jockey RIP OFF, Dan Melnick attorney BS
Chris Woods Jockey RIP OFF, Dan Melnick attorney BS


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