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Resolved it eats my clothes

since i have bought machine it is eating my cloths, this problem has been reported twice and had been checked by mechanic, with no success

very bad experience

  • Ha
    Hany kamel Jan 12, 2015

    my name is hany kamel mail is [email protected], i live in egypt, i prachased the washing machine from B.tec shops 5 years ago, last year i got problem and after the technician checked it he said it need new card or Board, after he changed it, it worked for two days and stopped again, and this time he said you need the new motor after that it worked for one year and stoped again the technician said again you need a new card or Board
    and he said the spare parts is not available!! realy it is bad sponsor (B.TEC) and bad products.

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  • Su
    sunita arora Feb 01, 2015

    We also have ariston washing machine bought 8 months back and from day one as it is showing extra wollen kind of things on the clothes and also by regular wash clothes get damage. We complaint to customer service in kuwait many times and mechanic also checked. They are just giving excuses and not doing anything to replace the washing machine or rectify the problem.

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