Tire Plus on Kidman Road, Orlando Floridaoil change/tire rotation and alignment

R Aug 15, 2018

I have been doing to tire plus for a couple of years or so, for oil changes and anything else my car needs. They always check my brakes and stuff. Last time about almost a month ago, I took my car for an oil change, my tires rotated and alignment. Also I requested that the alternator belt be changed, was told by someone it needed. They did the service, on the way home my tire sounded funny, and the steering wheel shook, even my door sometimes vibrated. Took it back a week later and explained what was going on, they said the tire was fine. Left there and drove for another week or so, still doing the same thing, took it back again. This time they said my back tire had buckled, because I need back shocks. By the way they never told me I need the shocks until two weeks ago. So They had to put the tires in the back of car. Then I asked since I have tire with 70 miles warranty, can I get the new tires and then replace the shocks. Was told that the warranty is only for factory problems, so why did I buy more expensive tires? They lied to me about the tires also. This is the worse tires place I have ever gone too. Now not only do I need shocks, but also new tires, when the ones I have are only a couple of years old. Will never go to any tire plus again. All they do is lie to you and charge you a lot.

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