Stryke Alarm LLCEndangering Seniors lives with overpriced and extortionate services


Stryke Alarm LLC (Headquarters)
14143 Denver West Parkway
Suite 100
Golden Colorado 80401
[protected] fax is 7003

Stryke Alarm LLC aka Titan Alarm LTD a Canadian Limited entity

Business started: 12/09/2011
Moved to USA March of 2012

Type of Entity
Limited Liability Company

Contact Information
Principal: Jack Elbaum (Owner)
Thomas Bently (Sales Agent)
Tyler Hartman (Customer Loyalty)
Toni Schwartz (Supervisor)
Graham Wood (Owner)
Stryke Alarm LLC have failed to provide the minimum standard of security despite being fully paid and have put my life at risk through their actions

Specifically STRYKE have not provided service as agreed despite payment in full and on time, they have failed to produce the security log or record of notifications that were requested, they failed to provide fire police and EMT authorities with notification, they have failed to notify me or my designates as required when alarms were activated and have failed to produce the appropriate UL security certification to validate Stryke's claim to UL certification for this area. I have requested, and Stryke staff have agreed to deliver, the security log for my home, reimbursement for months (at least 7 months though possibly more) the system was not working and a legible copy of our agreement. Based on the volume of complaints on line and my own experience it appears STRYKE ALARM LLC (aka Titan Alarm LTD of Canada) have established a consistent pattern of abuse and exploitation of seniors and especially senior Women. Even in their customer responses, STRYKE continue to target the demographic that is the most vulnerable to their aggressive approach. I have approached the owner and the supportstaff at Stryke and they have been either non committal, evasive or agressive.
This happened several times over the course of several months. Not only did you not provide the security response or the personal notifications as promised (and required) under our agreement, there was no contact with local authorities (Police, EMT or Fire Dept.). I have had three unauthorized entries to my home in past 8 months, and the local authorities collectively show no record of any calls coming in regarding my address in the last 13 months. I can’t help but think that rather than unauthorized entry, what if that had been me calling for life saving assistance. My life could have been forfeit…because I depended on STRYKE and their supposedly “superior” technology.

Stryke Service is over 300% higher than market and they demanded a 5 year agreement. They swoop into a small community and target seniors and senior WOMEN with agresssive sales tactics, time share like selling pressure and extravagant claims of services. Then fail to deliver

I’m a retired and very senior (83 YO) citizen living independently. I have served my country, my state, and my county (Glacier) in a number of roles over the past seventy years, so I’m no novice when it comes to the realities of out of state high pressure sales tactics, poor service delivery and less than forthright dealings especially involving senior citizens and women. These people and this company have gone way past those areas into the realm of life endangerment and fraud. They must be stopped from abusing and targeting seniors. Please share this with every senior you know --especially those who are in smaller remote toens and hamlets.

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