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I bought 20 items at 10/$1.00, plus 2 bags of cat food, plus 3 bags.
On this attached receipt, I put a line beside the 3 correctly-charged items, 2 bags of cat food, and 3 plastic bags.
As the cashier rang up the last item, I said, all these small items should ring up at 10 cents.
The screen showed some red credits at the bottom.
The cashier in the next aisle said, the red numbers show credits for the purchases.
I accepted that, and paid the bill.
Tonight, I checked the receipt, and the total for the bill should have been around $26 + $2 + tax.
Yet the total is $53.36.
These items were in bins clearly marked at 10/$1.00.
PLUS, the receipt looks nothing like the screen at the store.
I don't see the red credits on the bottom of the receipt, I see incremental deductions throughout the receipt.
The receipt does not show as the items were rang up.
I put the 2 bags of cat food on the belt first, yet they are mixed in far down the receipt. WHY? The receipt should match the in-store screen.
It's all totally unacceptable.

RCSS Leamington

Oct 07, 2019

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