Pppshcmvx's Listings Selling Sick Puppies With Parvo For Moneyfraud, animal abuse from listing pppshcmvx's

C Aug 15, 2018

I purchased a suppose to be healthy puppy poodle from pppshcmvx's listings on Aug 8/6/18 and I noticed the puppy was throwing up, it progressively got worse, I had to take puppy to vet on 8/14/18, in which I learned that the puppy had parvo and would not make it. The Dr told me that this puppy was already sick along with the whole liter. This scammer provided me with a fake vet record stating that the puppy was in good health. Before I purchased the puppy I explained that my dog had passed away a year ago and now I was ready to purchase a puppy again that would be special to me. I posted a complaint yesterday, yet I did not see it. I reached out to this person with no response. I am filing a complaint with the police department. This was a scam from the beginning. Shame on you first for the poor animals. This person had my family members meet at a gas station and wanted only cash. I paid 750 for a sick puppy with no chance of living.This same person has another puppy posted to be sold. I will find out where you live and report you. If anyone has any information on this pppshcmvx's listing please contact me at 305.753.3557 thx

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    If anyone can provide me with any information so I report them, I will gladly pay you. I am so disgusted. What happened to that puppy. Some people can be cruel for no reason. There listing address is pppshcmvx's. I can be reached at 305.753.3557

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