Organic Fulfillment Company Phone Number 888-611-8666pure garcinia slim 5 bottles, pure colon detox 3 bottles, these items have been sent to me and charged to my credit card without my authorization.


In April of 2017 I Garland Davis placed an order for a one time purchase of Pure Garcinia Slim. I also opted for the promotional free bottle of Pure Colon Detox all I had to pay was for the mailing. The next thing I know I was sent 2 more bottles of 2 Bottles or Pure Colon Detox that I did not authorize the company to remove from my credit card. I got in touch with the company informing them that I did not order these items and the gentleman I spoke with expressed to me that I only can get reimbursed for 1 Bottle of Pure Garcinia Slim and 1 Bottle of Pure Colon Detox. I have never received a bill from this company. I believe if there was a 14 day deadline and they can continue using your credit card after the 14 days the company should notify you and not tell you about the tiny words on the bottle. This is unethical practices and I would like to get a full refund for these products I am unable to use because they don't work as advertised. I recently was instructed by my Dr. Grisso not to use any of these products. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and the money this company has taken without my authorization. This situation has cause me to be short on very important bills I am now in the rears.

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