LANZAR Surveillance and Security Systems CCFaulty working system


We are private people who contacted LANZAR's directors after receiving a advertisement from them in the post. We explained our needs to mr. Carlo van der Walt and mr. Louis Maritz when they came to see us. They said they have not done a system like this before but will come back after doing some homework. Carlo van der Walt said he can put up a system that will work. We from the beginning told them we are extremely busy and do not have any knowledge of these kind of systems.
Both of the gentlemen promised that they will make sure it works 100% before stepping away.
After contacting us to inform us that they have a system which they will put up and we had to pay 60% deposit on 02/11/2011 (R17078-62) we waited another three months, we contacted them to find out when installation will take place.
On 21 January 2012 installation started, we immediately paid the rest of the amount (R11385-74). Lanzar's lady kept on e-mailing us that there are other things needed to make everything work but it was not communicated from the beginning. We tried our best to comply to all the extra things requested by Lanzar.
The system did not work as promised and we kept in contact with mr.Carlo van der Walt who promised he will make sure the system will work 100%.
Needless to say he became quiet and we e-mailed and phoned him several times.
This seems to be unacceptable to us.

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