Dishonesty & Scams: Century 21 Jeff Keller RealtyFraud


Century 21 Jeff Keller Realty specifically his whole family (the only ones that can stomach working for him) ARE dishonest WATCH OUT!!!
Don't trust them, they will hit you up for money, the miniute you get in the door, and claim to train you for "FREE", when they will ask you to pay for classes at Augusta Tech, pay for membership with their company, and promise to hire you if you shell out at least $1, 000 to complete your "Training"!!!
Recently reports have been flooding exposing the "poor" excuse for a symbol of what CENTURY 21 STANDS FOR...

references/proof (complaints published all over the internet) WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS & RACIST ###: JEFF KELLER & HIS WHOLE FAMILY OF CRIMINALS- "Century 21 Jeff Keller Realty specifically SUSAN KELLER-LORICK was dishonest, uncooperative and evasive which caused us to lose a contract on a house. Augusta Georgia"
Susan had a house listed that we were interested in. On April 28th, we told her that we had a pre-approval letter from the loan company and that we wanted her to get a contract drawn up for us to submit an offer. On May 4th, I gave her a check for $500 for the earnest money and she still had not drawn up a contract. That day I met the inspector because she had a doctor's appt and paid $225 for an inspection to be done on the house, which found numerous problems. Also, I had been asking her for information on the property such as the plat, deed, etc. from the courthouse, which she claims she could never find.

I had to take a full day off from work, that cost me another $130 to go and find the info I wanted. I also ran across the foreclosure information on the house which was significantly less than the asking price. With this information and the list of problems from the inspection report, on May 6th when she had STILL not provided me with a contract to sign, I asked her to lower my offer.

On May 7th, late that afternoon, we finally got the contract to sign. She left to go out of town the next day for a week and did not leave a contact persons name. I called the mortgage company on May 10th to find out if it was possible to submit the contract directly to them without going through the realtor, because she was being so uncooporative and they said no and also that they had recieved another offer on May 6th.

We went ahead and submitted our offer and it was sent to the sellers on May 11th, however it was rejected because the other offer was higher. In real estate, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!! If my offer had of been drawn up when originally requested and submitted, they may have never had an opportunity to see any other offers. Now I have done all this research that cost me a day from work and I paid $225 for an inspection on a house that will belong to someone else.

I believe she knew what she was doing the whole time. BUYERS BEWARE - GET A BUYERS ONLY AGENT OR YOU WILL GET SCREWED.

Aiken, South Carolina
The Augusta & Aiken N.A.A.C.P.
Civil Rights Leader -Rev. Dr. Franklyn Beckles, Jr.
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News Channel 12
& The Aiken Standard

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