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Good Day Mr...xxxx

Greetings with Peace and love... You are welcome to the YMCA programs. Be informed that presently, we are almost done with the acceptance of candidates. However, since your recommendation comes from one of our colleague we shall approve your membership and grant you the opportunity.
Secondly, be aware that the YMCA is only responsible for your flight tickets, accommodation, and feeding when you arrive here for your training programs. This is after your successful registration as a full member of this organization, that is if you have been registered as one
of our global members Intended candidate can been given the opportunity for a working permit
and to come to New York for two months training before the commencement
of the project in their Various countries and will also be enlisted into the YMCA and be working with us globally with a green card.You are therefore advised to get your passport ready because it would be needed during registration and visa process. You will also have to get other
six (6) official members to form a competent group of seven candidates
including your self.
You should endeavor to contact our, African and Asian coordinator since you are not an American, and registration involves
the payment of 300Euros for single candidate.
And a competent group application involve 750Euros .However, note that, it
is also possible for you to apply as a single candidates, in case you
are not capable of forming a group of competent.
Please note that we will open file as soon as your name gets
to us here in the state, this is after you might have gotten the
requirement from Mr. Henandez Clark, for your full participation and visa
approval in our ministry of interior in Washington DC.. You're therefore
advised to contact the Africa-Asia coordinator at the below
Contact Address
Mr .Henandez Clark
YMCA, biuding BP 4152/
Rue 12 X Saint Luis
Email: [protected]
Saint Lewis Senegal

Thank you for your cooperation: Success is your limit, we do hope to
hear from you soon.
Yours in Service,
Madam Sutherland Wood.
Address: YMCA 12 North
Bound Ave Milton, PA 17847
Pennsylvania, 1116
Website :
Tell: +[protected]


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