St. Mary's Landing Apartmentissues re: neighbor squeaky floors

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am a resident at St. Mary's Landing Apartments.

I met with leasing manager and I have provided several recordings to the leasing office regarding the neighbor squeaky floors, dropping of heavy items, stomping and running.

The floors are extremely old and squeaky I was told by front office that a subfloor would need to be replaced. Instead of St. Mary's remedying the matter, they asked if I would like to move to another unit.

I am 61 years...tired and just want some peace! My husband (57) has addressed this in a kind manner with the neighbor but it gets worse by the day.

I still work as both a Paralegal and Transcriber from home. The neighbor's squeaky floors and heavy walking prevents hearing the court audios.

I have a total of 20 recordings of these noisy floors. This matter is getting worse...never better!

My lease is ending February 2019. I've signed to renew lease with St
Mary's Landing Apartments, but have begun looking for new residence. I don't think my concerns about the squeaky floors will EVER be handled, nor will the dropping of items, stomping or running will stop

I have 2 months and I hope to get the other apartment by February 2019. Until then, bit should be known, that if new neighbors should move in upon me moving, they will probably be confrontational.

Thank you.

Linda G Johnson-Smallwood
21620 Liberty Street, Unit 525
Lexington Park, Maryland 20653

Dec 10, 2018

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