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Purolator Complaints & Reviews

Purolator / Delivery

Pat R Latremouille on Jul 13, 2018

I had order something on Amazon it was supposed to be delivered on July 11. It never arrived due to the truck broke down. Then we had called to adviced not to send it for delivery will come and pick it up. It was put on the truck for delivery it was supposed to arrive on July 13. Due to...

Purolator / delayed shipping

Jhapz on Jul 5, 2018

I have sent an important document for immigration purposes to the philippines. I chose the express shipping since i need those documents to be process as soon as posible. I have paid $120.00. The associate says it will take 2-3 business days to be reach its destination. When I check the...

Purolator / not knocking or ringing doorbell when attempting delivery

NflD on Jun 26, 2018

I saw from my tracking number package to arrive today. So I wait by the window in front of my house, where our mailbox and door bell are. I happen to check online during this time to track only to find a "failed delivery attempt " notice on the door. What??? So I open my back door and there...

Purolator / delivery promise - not met - average delay 4x longer than promised.

biz365 on Jun 21, 2018

Purolator has failed to deliver 11 times in a row. We will never use purolator. These packages were sent overnight - extra high fees - with timely contents. Hey - purolator — that is why we pay the huge extra fees... To make sure that you deliver as promise and as expected. Due to purolator...

Purolator / delivery issue

Larry S on Jun 20, 2018

My gut said don't use Purolator, but I did. I needed to get very important documents from Winnipeg to Calgary the next day by 10:30 am. So I paid the extra money only to have a so called mechanical delay which caused the documents to be delivered in 2 days. I asked for a refund and they...

Purolator / delivery damaged/ package left in driveway

LattesD&B on Jun 18, 2018

Our parcel was dropped in our Driveway without a knock at the door. 3 people home and I was looking out the window when he dropped it. 2 people in the truck. The box clearly labeled fragile is full of holes and torn. The box is also labeled 2 people lift and the man didn't even use a dolly...

[Resolved] Purolator / shipping process

Tony Tr on May 24, 2018

Absolutely Garbage I was shipping some shrimps. Paid for 1-day express service. Put it in a box, and label it live fishes. The package didn't arrive. No one contacted us. 2 days later, after calling them 10 times. Someone answered me and say they dimmed the package was a dangerous good, so...

Purolator / driver attempt to unlock front door

Al E on May 10, 2018

On April 24/18, a Purolator driver delivered an expected package (tracking information below). At same time, our house guest noticed someone at out front door pressing the combination lock buttons. Assuming it was a family member entering she simply waited. But after a second and third...

[Resolved] Purolator / I am complaining against purolator about charging me for delivering a damaged product!

MostafaMBA on May 3, 2018

Hello, I have asked Purolator in Sudbury, ON, Canada to send a package to Iran and they were not able to do it and after a long time they returned to me. however, te package was broken and was unusable. I made a claim and after several days, they told me we cannot refund you even I have...

Purolator / my shipment

AmandaLakeram on Apr 30, 2018

Subject:jfv247605482+jfv247605483 +jfv247605783 Hello, My name is amanda lakeram, my tracking numbers are listing in the subject line of this email. I am not pleased with the service I am receiving from purolator today. I am 6 months pregnant, waiting for a shipment of baby furniture. I drive...

[Resolved] Purolator / communication

Rina104 on Apr 28, 2018

Hi there, Here's my story. I was expecting that my package will be delivered thursday (April 26). So that morning, I kept on checking the online status. I was hoping that the delivery truck will come before I go to work. I decided to send an email to customer service and asked if there's a...

[Resolved] Purolator / truck ap59149

Chupa 71 on Apr 17, 2018

At approximately 11:30a.m. at the intersection of Burton Street and Kathleen this purolator vehichle was making a left turn onto Kathleen Street I was coming up Kathleen heading towards Melvin street .Behind me was a transport, Now this driver could of and should hve waited for both of u...

[Resolved] Purolator / driver excessive speed and not stopping at stop

Natalie Marleau on Apr 4, 2018

We are located on De Serres Street, in Terrebonne, delivery truck passed our street 3x times, 2x of the times didn't do his stop sign. Driving really fast. This is a residential area. This hapenned between 2.00pm and 2.10pm. Truck NIR - 50035-2 Please discuss speed limit 40km and need...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery of an items that was supposed to be 2 day express

asnyders on Mar 16, 2018

I placed an order on Amazon which I paid for 2 day express delivery through Purolator. Not only did it not arrive on they day it was guaranteed to arrive, it didn't arrive the next day either, apparently due to weather, but the weather was gorgeous. When called asking where the product...

Purolator / not notifying about the incorrect address, paid for food pick up

Merlin Grace Victor on Mar 9, 2018

Bls international sent passport and visa through purolator. When we got the tracking number. We found out that the parcel was received at 0742 at halifax. The office didn't notify with the problem till 1530. Ehen we checked the site it was said that verification of the address needed. It...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery and customer service at office

Crystal Mervyn on Feb 16, 2018

Hello, I'm filing a complaint about my services received today. I've been tracking my package online, as I always do, but my package was not delivered. Not even a slip. Went to the office and received the worst service ever. This lady was working alone and obviously overwhelmed by the...

[Resolved] Purolator / repeated failure to deliver

Maureen2018 on Feb 9, 2018

2/2/18 - I was notified that my package was to be delivered that day, I left work early in order to be home for the delivery. I waited, the delivery never showed up. I contacted Purolator, and was told an investigation would be opened and that I would be contacted about both what went...

Purolator / shipping

johndoey on Jan 30, 2018

I was supposed to have my order be delivered as "same day shipping" called the company and they confirmed I would receive on Friday, which I did not. I called Purolator and they told me I'd have it on Monday, I did not. They mentioned that it went on the truck. Then today - Tuesday they...

[Resolved] Purolator Canada / courier service (or lack thereof)

JcTcom on Jan 24, 2018

All of a sudden there is a "Weather or Natural Disaster" issue in Langley today? I am really glad that Amazon has their own delivery service. It might be a bit harder to track but at least they are mostly reliable. Any time they use Purolator I just assume it will be late. Not only late...

[Resolved] Purolator / Delivery Service (courier)

Foesmasher on Jan 12, 2018

This package sat at a depot in Penticton for 2 weeks. I do not live it Penticton and I cannot pick up the package there. I made this very clear to the person at the depot in Penticton on December 29th. I specifically told them that I wanted the package delivered to my house and I made sure...