Purolator Complaints & Reviews

Purolator / delivery driver

Jun 13, 2019

Driver was just delivering a package at 7426 Lantzville Road in Lantzville BC. This neighbour uses our driveway for access to this property. Purlater driver was asked to slow down on his way out. He floored it on the way out. Tjis causes a lot of dust and we have a youg fellow who i...

Purolator / delivery truck driver with purolator

Jun 08, 2019

Friday the 7th of June 2019, I was driving back home from work at around 5pm, I was doing the speed limit on highway 30 in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield which was 80km and the purolator truck kept on honking at me to go faster, once he was able to pass me he gave me the finger. The license...

[Resolved] Purolator / hidden charges

May 08, 2019

As the delivery guy came and get my letter (which was reallt quick), I did not had the time to complete the slip. The delivery guy proposed to fill it in for me as he seemed in a hurry. I accept thinking he would fill it right and quicker than me. Unfortunately, that was not the case. We...

[Resolved] Purolator / scentsy use in a business office

May 07, 2019

i have asthma and allergies. the agent in Cranbrook, BC. does not like the smells from the attached automotive repair business and use heated liquid scent oils to cover that odor. i have mentioned that i get extreme breathing difficulties when in that office but instead of just removing the...

Purolator / horrible treatment by purolators depot in creston bc, paul's superette

Apr 25, 2019

April 25, 2019 For Creston BC Canada, Paul's Superette is your depot. These two women that were running the store were nothing but rude, bully tactics, and made me feel extremely uncomfortable and like a criminal; like I did something very wrong. Man...just to pick up a package. I wa...

Purolator / late delivery, horrible customer service

Apr 22, 2019

Date of the Incident: April 18th, 2019 Case: 9446148 PIN: 331797027777 I had ordered flowers with the company Bloomex as a surprise to send to my fiance at her place of work. The flowers were meant to be delivered on April 18th however on the 18th the only thing I could see the entire day wa...

Purolator / is this how it works?

Apr 18, 2019

Good evening, I purchased some live fishes from a store in Toronto and paid to get overnight shipment. The package was picked up yesterday at 2:16 pm from Purolator and scanned at the sort facility in Toronto at 6:08 pm. According to the note, I was expecting the package to be delivered...

[Resolved] Purolator / pick up information

Apr 11, 2019

Called 10 April 2019 around 5:30 pm, was told my envelope couldn't be picked up today it would pick up between 7 am - 8 am tomorrow 11 April 2019. Called at 8:05 A.M. as still no purolator pickup of envelope. Was on hold for 20 minutes on the #5 choice on the phone for more...

Purolator / terrible and unhelpful service

Apr 05, 2019

I had been waiting for a package shipped from overseas, the delivery address was filling not complete, the missing part is only the unit number. After I knew that, I contacted Purolator immediately because from the tracking number and information we knew the Canada side was delivered by...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery/courier service

Feb 15, 2019

Total bullshit. I had 2 shipments incoming and missed the first one on feb 13th. Got a delivery notice slip telling me to pick it up on feb 14th (this is actually fine. There was a delivery notice slip so I can actually pick it up at local pick up centre). Second shipment was scheduled for...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery/courier service

Feb 13, 2019

Purolator lied about a delivery. I watched their delivery truck stop in front of my house. No one knocked, or rang the doorbell. An automated voice message from the company said that delivery was attempted, however no one was at home. The message went on to say that I need to drive to...

[Resolved] Purolator / package delivery

Feb 13, 2019

I am done with you guys, I banned UPS from my property years ago for similar reasons and as of today Purolator is as well. I know you are a corporation and are kinda supposed to have extreme screw-the-customer-over policies but this experience was just too much for me to ever deal with you...

[Resolved] Purolator / horrible customer service.

Feb 05, 2019

Every time I go to purolator (Jaylee automotive) in Cranbrook, the staff acts completely annoyed by the fact I just walked through the front door. Whenever I ask questions, I am always interrupted, or spoken to as if I am completely stupid. I might not know much about shipping, but they...

[Resolved] Purolator / driver complaint!

Feb 01, 2019

On February 1 at approximately 12:30 PM I was at the Esso station located on 4000 Finch Ave. E and. At this point as I was walking through the door of the gas station when a Purolator driver pushed me out-of-the-way with his elbow. I stopped to ask him why he did that and he said I was the...

[Resolved] Purolator / "delivered at reception" - not delivered

Jan 31, 2019

Delivery was marked "Shipment delivered at: RECEPTION". But it wasn't delivered, and it's a house, there is no "reception" nor anything near my house that has a reception. When I call customer service, I'm told that the delivery person "left it at the back entrance". My house does not have...

[Resolved] Purolator / lost my very important package!

Jan 08, 2019

They lost my package and opened a trace case. After a month of tracing my document, this is the answer I get: "our apologies, unfortunately all searches remain negative for this shipment. I will close this trace without a proof of delivery." The document contains my fingerprints and very private...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery / customer service

Jan 05, 2019

Tracking: RJM000070169 My package is sitting at their depot because the schedulers at Purolator had the bright idea to deliver in the wee hours of the morning when nobody is awake and/or when everybody is commuting to work. This seems like it was done on purpose just so they can deliver...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery and customer service

Jan 03, 2019

A package was shipped to me via Purolator just after Christmas. My correct address is on the package and in Purolator's system. It was to be delivered on the day of new years eve. Instead their driver marked it address not found, requires address correction. I immediately called customer...

Purolator / delivery

Jan 02, 2019

4 x confirmed my address with different agents and even through Amazon agent. My address is completely accessible, just a residence with no appartment, in urban area and we get deliveries from all other couriers without any issue. Ever heard of Google maps? Your service is totally mediocre...

[Resolved] Purolator / basic delivery service

Dec 14, 2018

Always a delay of service, never on time as per service level. Something is wrong with company and its ability to live up to its basic service levels. Businesses that use this service need to save themselves from this poor, lack of any any care service provider. Smooth busine...

Purolator / parking ticket at depot on douglas in burnaby bc

Dec 14, 2018

I don't mind going to your depot to pick up a missed delivery. However I don't appreciate getting a $50 parking ticket while doing it. Because of a complete lack of signage as to where you can or cannot park and because your employees park in all the available spots in front of your...

[Resolved] Purolator / failing to deliver my package

Dec 11, 2018

It has been more than a week and I still have not received my shipment. My estimated delivery was to be Dec 4th and now the tracking page has not been updated since Dec 5th... Furthermore, a representative left me a voicemail by the name of Vicky asking for the description of my shipment?...

[Resolved] Purolator / vista print business supplies

Dec 10, 2018

When I initially ordered my supplies, I selected the option for it to be mailed by Canada Post because I have a PO Box, however when I got my confirmation email I noticed they went ahead and used Purolator. I called as soon as I noticed to give them my physical address and the guy from...

[Resolved] Purolator / customer service

Dec 07, 2018

I have been trying to get ahold of customer support for 2 days now. Stayed on hold for 2 hours and did not get connected to an agent. Submitted an email and haven't heard back within 48 hours. Tried using live chat and it is not online or keeps closing saying that there are no agent...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery of packages

Dec 05, 2018

Purolator has now held hostage 3 of my Amazon shipments. The driver cannot find my address and enters it as incorrect/incomplete address and there is a note online to please contact for more information. I have contacted them almost daily. I received 1 package about 4 days late and just...

[Resolved] Purolator / driver skipped delivery

Dec 05, 2018

I ordered a TV from Amazon two weeks ago. It was one-day shipping but Purolator never picked it. A week after the original order, Amazon realized it's not going to happen and created a replacement order. This time the TV was picked up in Alberta and transported to Quebec. I check the statu...

Purolator / delivery is late... again

Dec 04, 2018

Amazon needs to stop using Purolator, things don't arrive on time and the tracking into is ridiculous. Picked up date populated 2 days after the pickup, now says it is in the Toronto sorting facility for the past 4 days. They are spouting weather, mechanical and heavier than normal volume...

Purolator / delivery

Dec 02, 2018

On Monday November 26 I sent a package to Quebec from London Ontario. It was supposed to arrive there the following day. When I checked the tracking the number the next day all it says is "in transit" and "estimated delivery time not available". Now after calling customer service multiple...

Purolator / delivery service

Nov 30, 2018

We had a driver 'deliver' a package. He was extremely rude. I asked him why he was rude and for his name. I said your banking my door like your a policeman. He said ya... I have taser right hear an doing to his belt. He told me to give h back his scanner and if not he would call hi...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery service

Nov 29, 2018

Ordered a package online and purolator tried to deliver it once and didn't ever tell me they didn't know the buzzer code or call me to say they couldn't deliver it. One month after the supplier said the package was delivered I still hadn't received it. I called purolator and they said they...

[Resolved] Purolator / ignorant, useless lazy creep

Nov 26, 2018

I went to the Bayview location in Barrie to pick up my parcel as I wasn't home to accept my delivery. I was told it was still on the truck but would be back at the location at 7:30. I spent time at my son's only to return at 7:45 as my parcel is important. The lady that first helped me (her...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery

Nov 22, 2018

There are at least 4 other dates but I don't have them recorded. November 16, 2018 November 22, 2018 Client Name : A. Birkedal I live in Maple Ridge. My packages are being left at the top of my driveway by my gate, by a lamp post or on the steps at the parking pad of my driveway. My item...

[Resolved] Purolator / unable to fulfil expidited delivery, falsified/erroneous tracking information, no follow-up

Nov 15, 2018

This has happened twice. The first time, the package arrived about a week after it was promised. The second time, I paid extra to have the package of documents sent via expedited delivery. For both packages, the tracking information shows that my address was "incomplete" and needed to be...

[Resolved] Purolator / no attempt to deliver and customer service were dishonest

Nov 15, 2018

The driver never made any attempts to deliver my Ipad. I tracked the driver most of the day and even saw that he was one street over and left the neighbourhood. I have security cameras on my property, which also shows that he never made an attempt to deliver. When I called customer service...

[Resolved] Purolator / customer service is awful

Nov 09, 2018

The customer service I've just received regarding my order was terrible. I literally missed my delivery by 5 minutes. When I contacted them, was told that there was no way of contacting drivers (I was thinking maybe he was nearby in my neighborhood). I asked what they would do in case of...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery service

Oct 27, 2018

My parcel a tv antenna, was supposed to be delivered yesterday, I paid extra for expedited service, I waited all day Friday wasted a whole day waiting for delivery! Tracking on amazon said parcel missed connection at Calgary airport, if you're job is to ship parcels how could you miss a...

[Resolved] Purolator / shipping

Oct 22, 2018

They f*cked up everything! I tried fixing it hut they refused, I asked for 300$ insurance, was ina rush cause the line was long and by the time it was my turn I was late for work and I said I was in a rush, I was told it would arrive on thursday. I left and when I got home after work...

Purolator / same day service

Oct 22, 2018

On friday october 19, 2018, I phoned for your same day service and was transferred to a third party delivery service without my knowledge. I spoke to a representative (rami) who was competent enough to take my information. Thank god for small miracles like this! I gave a unit number and...

[Resolved] Purolator / poor delivery management

Oct 19, 2018

I always order from Amazon and have my items expeditiously shipped, but every time my orders gets picked up by Purolator, it gets delayed (longest delay was 3 days due to "No weekend hours") every time for 2 straight deliveries now. They give notices that the "Carrier is unable to gain...

[Resolved] Purolator / delivery of package

Oct 17, 2018

Re: 331561647768 CS-8225441--Comark shipment I ordered a blouse online from the store Cleo on September 29th to be couriered to my address at 580 Eyer Drive, Unit 104 in Pickering, Ontario. I check my mailbox daily and when my parcel did not show up after more than one week, I checked the...