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Sales manner, not willing to do business, and return the payment

Original I brought 3 combos cost me hkd 147 dollar, there were totally 6 pcs of chicken pieces, at the beginning the sales lady name judy, the service manner is totally unacceptable, since I have allergy for eating lower legs, and asked for 1 pcs more upper leg instead of lower leg, the lady with bad manner and insisted not to change one lower leg, then I asked manager to make decision, the shop manager was with bad manner and debit the payment to me. It means the manager refused to change legs to upper legs and prefer not to sell the goods to the customer.

Sales manner, not willing to do business, and return the payment
Sales manner, not willing to do business, and return the payment


Chicken and customer service

I have been on hold with customer service for 25 min. I have to say that this is the worst order I have ever...


They risked my life then spit in my face!!!

My husband told kfc several times of my allergy several times!!! The manager even gave us the food and said...

I am complaining about the Wingham Ontario location. Very greasy chicken and dark in colour.

I purchased a 6 piece box of chicken for $10.00 plus tax. We were having to eat it on our drive back home to Goderich. We would have turned right around to return it if we didn't have to travel an hour to get home.
I am submitting pictures of the darkness and the grease that was on the chicken and at the bottom of the box. This was so disgusting.
We feel that they obviously have not changed the oil for some time and our chicken was dripping with it and tasted terrible.
We had very greasy chicken there the last time we traveled to Wingham and with this happening again, this time being the worst we have ever experienced from there, I just had to let you know what is going on there.

Thank you
Betty McMullen
50 Bennett St. E.
Goderich ON
N7A 1A2

I am complaining about the Wingham Ontario location. Very greasy chicken and dark in colour.
I am complaining about the Wingham Ontario location. Very greasy chicken and dark in colour.


Received wrong order

I paid nearly $40 for my order. The receipt was correct, but I received a different order. My ticket# 1753...

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Woman in drive thru was coming off racist.

My brother and I are from Spain. Being from Spain, our first language is Spanish but we are fluent in English...

I observed none of the employees wearing masks including people preparing food

Today, I went to KFC for lunch take out through the drive through at the KFC located at 190 - US 46...

Rejecting the refund of the meal price which was cancelled by cfc due to overload

On the 8th of April; I have requested a meal through the wbsite of CFC in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia and the company is rejecting to refund the amount of 125 SR in spite of many trials to call them.

The order number is [protected]
The order Date is 8/04/2020

This behavior from un-resposible management makes the image of KFC in a very bad situation and makes me very reluctant to order any meal from any KFC branch in Canada, Saudi Arabia or Egypt where i have frequent visits.


All products in all times

The only restaurant in the world that does not recognize that the food provided is food for humans not for a beasts, I spend 20 years of my life and I deal with restaurants except that the possibility of submitting the order cold or the soft drink without gas or the sandwiches provided are cold or withered is a possibility of only 1% Except KFC, the probability is 99%, and the possibility of submitting the order in normal way is only 1% only))))))) We are not asking a miracle from you, just respecting the customer and to provide food in a way that is suitable for eating without the employee's objection, or asking the manager for something that is basically my right, you're taking your full right so please give us our right.

Thanks and best regards hope I will find reply to my email [protected]

Wait time

KFC Bukit Sentosa Rawang
Store ID: 1010820
April 4, 2020
Paid for meal and still had to wait in the heat for over 30 minutes to get it.
There wasn't many people waiting at the time. Wait time shouldn't be this long.

Wait time

  • Va
    vast Apr 04, 2020

    If you cannot wait patiently cook at home.

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  • Sm
    smashee Apr 04, 2020

    If you cannot wait patiently cook at home.

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To whom it may concern, What are the black flakes on all the chicken. Is it black pepper. I'm allergic to...

everything was hard and old

I went there today to get me and my 4 children some food I ordered 6 $5 full up boxes 2pc original chicken...


chicken was over cooked, biscuit was hard

I stop at this KFC at least once a week. Today I stopped and puchase 2 chicken and biscuit combo's. When...


I ask my husband to pick up a $20.00 fillup and a side of mac and cheese. When he returned, they had charged...

Order not delivered

I ordered before the closing time. After an hour when I called the helpline to check the status of my order, I was told that my order has been cancelled and can not be delivered. It was 3:45 in the morning and I had to sleep hungry. I had ordered at 2:50 and the branch closes at 3 but still my order got cancelled. I was not notified until I called which kept me waiting for more than an hour. Very disappointed and hangry.

Order not delivered


quality of product

On Feb 14th 2020 we purchased a 12 piece box of chicken at the above address. It contained 8 wings and four other pieces of chicken that did not have much meat on them. It tasted burnt or over cooked. We filed a complaint and received a validation code of 58911. We went to the store today with this validation code. It did not mean anything to the manager.
I would like to know what you did with this complaint and what benefit is it to the customer to complain. my e mail address is derrill.hynick
Derrill Hynick

small pieces of chicken

got a box of 10 pieces of chicken all the chicken was small pieces I complained about this 3 years still have not done anything ( bigger pieces ) churches chicken got big pieces and popeyes you all suck
will not get chicken from you ever again If you start having big pieces again like the old days i may come back

Employee careless attitude

I have visited this particular KFC 6 times in the last 4 months and each time I swear I will not go back. Every employee I have encountered have been slow and inefficient with I dont care attitudes. Every time I experience that at this location I think about the wonderful employee's at Chick-fil-A and popeyes chicken.
Here is my most recent experience:
Pulled up to speaker and after several minutes of no response I tried talking to speaker in hopes they just hadnt noticed that I pulled up. After 4 more minutes an employee finally came over speaker asking for my order. Note: I would have given up and pulled away but I was blocked in by another car behind me. I ordered a #4 meal (4pc tenders, mashed potato's and a Pepsi. I was told the total was $6.81. After 10 more minutes waiting on the 2 cars in front of me to get their order I arrived at window, confirmed the order with a Pepsi and handed the employee a Ten dollar bill and the exact .81 cents in change. She put it in register and handed me back 3 $1. bills. I advised her it should have been $4. change, she looked stumped and reopened register and proceeded to hand me .19 cents change. Once again I advise her that I gave her $10.81 towards a $6.81 bill. Her response was "whatever" and she gave me the dollar I was owed. She for the 3rd time asked me what the drink was and I told her Pepsi. She returned, handed me my drink and closed the window without a thank you or any kind of courtesy. I left vowing never to return and yes you probably guessed...I didnt get a Pepsi, but got iced tea????? Never again.

Customer service

I want to complaint about the service at here . Very unfriendly . Not either ask i want what type of chicken. And i have to wait until 30 minutes without say anything why should i wait . And other customer wait to cashier and none off staff greet her. She wait about 10 minutes at the cashier even other staff see her . Please improve your customer service next time . Thank you

terrible and disgusting service by staff and manageress

My family and I went to KFC for a light supper, we sat down as we wanted to enjoy our supper at the store...