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chicken was over cooked, biscuit was hard

I stop at this KFC at least once a week. Today I stopped and puchase 2 chicken and biscuit combo's. When I got home I discovered that the chicken was over cooked. I decided...


I ask my husband to pick up a $20.00 fillup and a side of mac and cheese. When he returned, they had charged him $32.01 . This is $6.00 more than the price should of been . The...

Order not delivered

I ordered before the closing time. After an hour when I called the helpline to check the status of my order, I was told that my order has been cancelled and can not be delivered. It was 3:45 in the morning and I had to sleep hungry. I had ordered at 2:50 and the branch closes at 3 but still my order got cancelled. I was not notified until I called which kept me waiting for more than an hour. Very disappointed and hangry.

Order not delivered

quality of product

On Feb 14th 2020 we purchased a 12 piece box of chicken at the above address. It contained 8 wings and four other pieces of chicken that did not have much meat on them. It tasted burnt or over cooked. We filed a complaint and received a validation code of 58911. We went to the store today with this validation code. It did not mean anything to the manager.
I would like to know what you did with this complaint and what benefit is it to the customer to complain. my e mail address is derrill.hynick
Derrill Hynick

small pieces of chicken

got a box of 10 pieces of chicken all the chicken was small pieces I complained about this 3 years still have not done anything ( bigger pieces ) churches chicken got big pieces and popeyes you all suck
will not get chicken from you ever again If you start having big pieces again like the old days i may come back

Employee careless attitude

I have visited this particular KFC 6 times in the last 4 months and each time I swear I will not go back. Every employee I have encountered have been slow and inefficient with I dont care attitudes. Every time I experience that at this location I think about the wonderful employee's at Chick-fil-A and popeyes chicken.
Here is my most recent experience:
Pulled up to speaker and after several minutes of no response I tried talking to speaker in hopes they just hadnt noticed that I pulled up. After 4 more minutes an employee finally came over speaker asking for my order. Note: I would have given up and pulled away but I was blocked in by another car behind me. I ordered a #4 meal (4pc tenders, mashed potato's and a Pepsi. I was told the total was $6.81. After 10 more minutes waiting on the 2 cars in front of me to get their order I arrived at window, confirmed the order with a Pepsi and handed the employee a Ten dollar bill and the exact .81 cents in change. She put it in register and handed me back 3 $1. bills. I advised her it should have been $4. change, she looked stumped and reopened register and proceeded to hand me .19 cents change. Once again I advise her that I gave her $10.81 towards a $6.81 bill. Her response was "whatever" and she gave me the dollar I was owed. She for the 3rd time asked me what the drink was and I told her Pepsi. She returned, handed me my drink and closed the window without a thank you or any kind of courtesy. I left vowing never to return and yes you probably guessed...I didnt get a Pepsi, but got iced tea????? Never again.

Customer service

I want to complaint about the service at here . Very unfriendly . Not either ask i want what type of chicken. And i have to wait until 30 minutes without say anything why should i wait . And other customer wait to cashier and none off staff greet her. She wait about 10 minutes at the cashier even other staff see her . Please improve your customer service next time . Thank you

terrible and disgusting service by staff and manageress

My family and I went to KFC for a light supper, we sat down as we wanted to enjoy our supper at the store, unfortunately my little toddler got sick, she vomited. I asked the staff...

Food and Service

When you pay your money for hot fried chicken then that is what you expect to get. Instead you get refried chicken. Then when you ask for fresh chicken you get an attitude. What...

chicken 12 piece offer

I had ordered kfc chicken online today dated 10/03.. around 4pm.
The mega deal offer 12 piece chicken and medium fries.. costing 45 qar. My order number is 6469119. What I found was that the chicken was all hard and dry. Its not seeming fresh. I think it is old stock. I had to throw it coz I just cudnt chew the chicken properly as it was very dry and stale. Only one or two pieces seemed fresh. I think the more offers ur giving the more the customers are getting cheated. I hope this won't be repeated next time. We lost our money buying this and hope we won't lose our health too...!!! 😓

chicken 12 piece offer

Bucket meal

I bought a bucket meal got home they forgot 4 pieces of chicken and fries

Bucket meal

Very poor quality of food served.

Visited the above branch of KFC on 3-9-2020 about 1.30 pm ordered REG BOX ML, fillet burger, chicken, cobette, regular fries twice with a friend plus one coke and one still water.When food arrived fries were very dark and oily (fried twice) even on some of the fries the skin was still on. My friend took the fries back and was given another two portions which were hardly any different to the first lot. cobette's were very tasteless as they were sealed in a small bags with juice. How are the managers allowed to operate KFC branches with such poor quality food service? Sorry to say it will be the last time we use KFC because of the poor quality of food. The last time i had KFC was about 5-6 years ago from a branch in Tottenham High Road, North London where the food was at a much higher standard. My friend even had to go to hospital after he started vomiting because of the heavy taste of oil. KFC had better look into this as they will be losing a lot of customers if they continue serving food at this standard.


First I waited 45 minutes for 7pc Meal and Fill up Meal. I was at work all day and then after coming home to feed my family, they were excited to eat KFC again. But it ended there because 1 bite in and the chicken was full of blood. Every single piece, and we decided to throw it away. That chicken could potentially get someone sick, I'm deciding to speak up. I literally wasted my hard earned $35! I had to buy more food for the family because the chicken wasn't safe to eat. KFC used to be white rich chicken, now its lost its original taste and is bloody. I'm so disappointed in the company, they have been losing their original taste and value for awhile but now this crosses the line. I will not eat here again and will advocate others to not eat KFC unless they change what they serve to their loyal customers.


  • Ca
    Cabbie07 Mar 10, 2020

    You are so right the original Kernel taste is gone. The chicken has a tasty taste. Don't eat there like I use to.

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Our dinners

We are very disappointed with both our dinners. We ordered 2 piece dark meal and 2 piece white meat. Both dinners were very soggy and salty. Too tired to return to the restaurant, just threw them away.

Problem with our order on numerous occasions

Order # [protected] 03-05-2020. When we picked up our order we were shorted a bucket of 12 piece chicken and 1 large grave only 5 pieces of forks/spoon. Plus we paid $7.45 for our biscuits. we order every week from the same KFC and this has become standard procedure at this location. My employees want to go to another chicken restaurant namely your competition. So i'm wondering if you could help resolve this issue.

P.S. there was numerous customers in this KFC that were very upset and were arguing with the store employees plus the drive thru was having the same issues, Thank You for hearing me out, Mike Jipson Store Manager
My email is and my phone # [protected].


We were totally excited when we saw that there was a KFC coming to Red Oak. When the store opened I went to place an order, I was very specific about what I wanted, when I...

Out of chicken

In the drive thru, this store claims they are "out of chicken" after 8 pm. This store closes at 10 pm and when i asked what time they close was told, "We are out of chicken until...


I pulled up to drive thru approximately 9:49 pm 3/3/20. I was surprised the individual taking orser was laughing i asked for kfc honey bbq and she said we are out. So I asked what...

product and service.

To whom it may concern,

I (Anthony Edmonds) and my wife Gloria, were at your restaurant on
kilburn ave. and aurburn st.
we ordered a 12 piece honey bbq wings, and 2pc. dark with coleslaw,
and a potpie. upon placing the order we were told every thing was ready
and available.
We stood there for over 20 minutes and the order was completely wrong.
first, wings were half mixed and there was a half of a chicken in the 2pc
dard meal full of grease. As for the potpie wife (Gloria) stuck her fork in the
center and i didnt want to believe it my self but, it was less than half of a pie when my wife called to let them know about the order the woman on the phone said for us to call corporate and tell them about is ..

I was like wow did she really just do that?
my wife is pissed off.. we'd like to knw just what are you going to do about the way your employees are running your store?
i also was a assistant manager with kfc years age.

feel free to contact I (Anthony Edmonds) at [protected]
4131 Eastridge Dr. Rockford, Illinois 61107

thanks for taking the time to read over was witnessed in one of your stores.
look forward to either hearing from you / or by e-mail.

waiting in drive thru line

today was a waste at the Gaylord, MI KFC. In the drive true there were 4 cars before me at 2:30pm, after i placed my order the wait was on, after 20 minutes 2 cars ahead of me pulled out without their orders and left. The car at the window was holding us all up, why didn't they have them pull up???, large order??? slow staff??? untrained??? so the line could move. after 10 more minutes i left also without my order, looking back behind me 2 other cars left also. KFC lost a chunk of money today, wonder how many other days this has happened. Very disapointed.

$5 potato bowl fill up

I purchase these $5 potato bowls 36 times each week.Family of 6 twice each week. This KFC has not been putting very much cheese on them, as normal. Please attempt to correct this error. This may be employee discrepancy because it has not always been this way. Also, the cookie has not been included I have purchased this I'm not looking for a freebie only I fix to one of our favorite meals

$5 potato bowl fill up

Store cleanliness

The garbage cans inside & out were overfilling- The tables inside were dirty The ovens that the chicken is kept warm in had filthy glass windows I noticed all of this as I...

Waiting time exceeding that of a fast food

This evening, I stepped in at KFC around 19.38. I joined a queue which in my opinion was ok as it is peak time. To my surprise I was the 6th customer in line, there was no one at...

Could not purchase chicken with a coupon + prier

I visit my K.F.C. often here in Palatka, Florida and I have just returned with No chicken. When I drove up to the window there was no greeting so I said I have a coupon for your 7...

Poor quality food

Bought a 6 piece family sharing bucket. Chicken absolutely awful. Looked like a bucket of leftovers. Overcooked, obviously been ‘on hold' for a length of time. Chips were...


Please contact me Mark Nevett [protected] A fight broke out behind the counter amongst staff So terrible I left the franchise This is unacceptable behaviour by staff member...

$5.00 fill up

I ordered to $5.00 fill ups. When I received the food, the chicken smelled burned. When my boyfriend and I bit into the chicken it was raw. This store chicken is always too...

very poor service

Hello kfc my name is reitumetse.i visited to kfc tonight at 9:56 was the tym I placed my order.we sat there for 35 minutes to get ours out.none of ur staff had any communication...

20 dollar fill up

I went to Marion IL location to get a 20 fill up, I got pulled around, I was told they was waiting on tenders! I have been waiting a very long time, getting close to 30 min. What...

chicken, mac & cheese and biscuits

The 20 fill up I had purchased with chicken was filled with black pepper all over it. The mac &cheese was cold. Biscuits was cold and hard. I threw 90% of my dinner away...

raw chicken dispatched

The worst thing is to have a complaint since 2 days ago and no one respond till this moment.

I had the worst experience in my entire life in one of KFC branches in Kuwait City/Co-op salmiya branch

They despatched pink chicken and that might cause salmonella for me and my family!!! How they dispatched this kind of food without checking the quality. Where is the training that employees must have? Where is the manager?

I raise up my complaint to the call center and expected a call from manager but no one respond

That's a very poor quality and service and am not going to order KFC in my entire life.

Please see the attached picture for your reference

Action must be taken with this branch

My email: ([protected]

raw chicken dispatched

complaint against kfc staff service rahim yar khan branch

7329 Asalam alaikum my name is Dr. Asad Hussain from rahim Yar khan I went to KFC for placement of takeaway order at 11:45pm on 4/2/2020 I placed order of 3 piece meal two times of...

disappointment for a super bowl party

Picked up an order of 11 honey bbq wings for a super bowl party.Got home only to find the wings were not covered with bbq sauce and half of them were dry w/o any sauce at...

products and services

We went through the drive thru around 730 on Saturday night to order. We always order the #1 and ad sides to this. Well, you guys were out of ctispy chicken to begin with, you...

product and cleanliness

Visited your outlet in Latchford, Warrington today and were very disappointed with the cleanliness of the place.there was food and rubbish all over the floor, the tables and...

customer service

7329 I am Liz Bryant an executive at Wells Fargo. I went into my local Denver CO KFC to buy some Fried Chicken for my office to celebrate the beginning of black history month. I though...

debit terminal

My husband just left KFC, had to give back the food because they said card declined. This is not the first time and now to find out it is happening to so many who try to use their debit cards ...We have $411 in the checking currently and my husband used the very same card yesterday with no issue. He is now going to McDonalds and we will just have to give up the thought of ordering from KFC ever again...very very disappointed with the company. My son loves the popcorn chicken but cannot be driving to the bank or atm just to withdraw cash so as to order from KFC, absolutely ridiculous!


Ordered a 12 piece meal using a coupon and paid cash on January 29, 2020. At about 655pm. Cashier and order filler was a long haired young man with a beard working the drive thru...

food and customer service

Leslie the cashier was extremely rude taking my order in drive through. When I actually got my food which was a 8.99 combo box with nuggets and a chicken sandwich it was hard as a...

kfc buttermilk biscuits

I was on my back from church and stopped by a KFC, I bought 8 pieces of buttermilk biscuits, I always drop by to get those biscuits that is how much I love them, but unfortunately today the biscuits instead of soft and fluffy as usual it was hard and dry, it tasted like left over and I saw what looked like a tiny hair or pieces of wool in it. I automatically lost my appetite, and felt bad. Not to mention they person who attended to me through the drive through didn't hand me my receipt.

kfc buttermilk biscuits