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Complaints & Reviews

Macy’s American Express — credit card dispute

Three months of trying to get a merchant to issue a credit for prepaid services. Nothing but incompetence and mismanagement of my claim. Finally got the attention of Angela...

Belgique cookware

I purchase a cooking pot and the Teflon peals and scratches very easily the handle get extremely hot. The Teflon is coming off even around the neck where the cover goes in . I got lifetime warranty and took it to store and they demanded a receipt, (do you expect me to keep the receipt for 3 years). Macy's is the only dealer and there are no other way to buy this in ILLINOIS but Macy's. Lifetime warranty you pay for as part of the item which is extremely expensive is useless and fraud

customer service and shipping

Ordered boots on jan 12 2020. Placed item on macy"s credit account. January 17 wrong item received! They were black/white shoes!!
I feel it was on purpose.

I called and told a person in the phillipines what happened. Hard to understand!!

I was instructed to wait for replacement of correct item - then to apply the ups ship label she was sending and send back to macys. On the 23rd of january, 2020 - I received the boots I ordered, attached label to the wrong item sent and took it to ups.
On jan 24 I have my statement. Account to be paid in full by feb 17 to not assess interest? What?
The order had to be redone on the 17th!! That is the true date of order.
She said I should have told the customer service rep to deduct the wrong item off of my account and recharge the day the right item was ordered.
What? But I asked the first time. I inquired about interest. That time I was told they would adjust my credit account. They did not.

This newer person, a 'manager' informed me I should have asked to have the wrong item taken off my account. What?
I feel it is a scam. Something with accounts, very hard to understand reps, wrong items being shipped, etc. Its the old bait and switch,

I will pay off the account... Never to buy anything from macy's again

  • Updated by Barbara Sarver · Jan 25, 2020

    The credit statement date to pay in full is February 12, 2020. I inadvertently put the 17th. I am so unhappy with this. Had a terrible time with a free gift with purchase Lancome item two years ago. Swore no more macys. That was an awful experience too.

    Almost as if you cannot get a human on the phone, and when you do you cannot understand them and the regulations of returns, replacements, etc changes with each mess up.

    I will pay off the account - rip up the Macy's Credit Card. Pray Macy's goes belly up for all the time and wear and tear on my nervous system. Shame on you Macy's. You suck

furniture / mattress

I purchased an entire matress / adjustable bed set on Feb 19, 2018...To say the least, the bed is HORRIBLE...I have had the technician out here twice...But first let me tell you that they did NOT show up last they came back out today...He admitted that the bed has a lump in the middle as he specifically saw it and made the statement..He also statedd that i purchased one of the top of the line mattresses...We discussed the lump as well as the "falling off"effect when lying down...He measured and said he understood the issues...In addition i showed him where the "buttons" located jab me in the side when tyring to hang on to sleep... As i understand that there is a 10 year warranty, Macy's is not hooring this...The tech said that he saw the problem but he had to follow your guidelines...This is just ridiculous...I know i can exchange it and that is what i am looking to do...And now i called and went through the scenario and as i was giving her the sales check number she hung up or we were disconnected...and as i sit here trying to call back i have to go through the entire process ..AND once agian just got disconnected...I am calling from a land line, so i know it's not me...This process is ardious to say the least...and to say tha ti am sorely disappointed ia an understatement...The sales check # is [protected]..And after spenidng hte last 2 hours trying to deal with this and getting no where, I can tell you that i have no compunction in blasting social media on the lack of customer service / care...And please be aware, i am not trying to return the adjustbale set that i paid $3635.86 for, that being salescheck # [protected]..I JSUT WANT THE MATTRESS ISSUE TENDED TO!!! My email is [protected] would like to resolve this issue quickly so that i can get a decent nights sleep...

online ordering and backorders

I placed an order Dec 27. 2019. I went to store #86 on Jan 4, 2020 to inquiry about my order. I was told my order will be in store within 6 days. I received an email starting that the order was cancelled on Jan 12, 2020 (from However, Macy's customer service has told me different things at least 10 times. And I spent hours on the phone with them. All for my order to not officially be cancelled; or my money refunded. It should not be this difficult to cancel an order. I am not in a good space with Macy's. Based on the customer service. I cant shop here again. EVER!!!

credit card hacked

My credit card got hacked a few days after i made a purchase through Macy's website. The reason i am sure this is how it went is because i am from Turkey and used a Turkish credit card to pay which i haven't used in any other US store, also the deducted amount was in Us dollars not in Tukish Liras. Macy's was hacked less than 2 months ago and promised they would be taking extra measures to protect our privacy, here we go again who is going to pay me back the 875$ stolen on your website?!!

sperry duck boot shoes in navy blue and brown

On 1/7/2020 I was trying to order a pair of Sperry Duck Boot Shoes at the Flash Offer of 75% off and was told the size I wanted was not longer available when I went on the website today 1/8/2020 there is the shoe I wanted in my size at the regular price. This is false advertising for a company that is so well known and big. This should not be tolerated and they should be monitored and held accountable for this false advertisement. I am so disappointed.

poor management

Last week I went to Macy's Siesta Key. It was really busy, I was waiting in line to look at some jewelry. Associates were very slow there, especially that bigger women, I...

macy's Backstage store — customer was very poor and arguing about bags to put stuff in that I have bought.

I went to the Backstage store around 3: 46 pm and was going to buy lots of things but the cashier [protected] 0132 refused to put anything in the bags and the bags were given by...

express card

I tried to use my Macy's card today only to be told I was switched over to the American Express Card. I did not authorize the application of this card. Sales person called someone and I was told that I had to opt out if I did not want the AEC! Then he told me I had to reapply for the store card! I will not of course. I asked him to cancel the AEC. He seemed unclear to weather I could do that. I am very disappointed in Macy's. I have been a customer most of my life. Sadly, I will not shop at this store. I will also share this experience with my family and friends.

online order paid for, but not received as stated.

I'm not sure whether the problem is with Macy's or UPS. However, I am filing complaints with both, UPS and Macy's. On Saturday, December 21, 2019, I ordered, paid for, online, from Macy's, two pair of shoes for my son, Order number [protected]. The estimated Ship Date was 12/22/2019. The order was processed and ready for UPS, Tracking Number, 1Z8296221303402208. As of January 3, 2020, I have not received the order.

price match

On 12/28/19 I Found my coat at a store other than Macys. I broke my own rule that if a store has product for my price I would buy the item right away. I then went to Macys to purchase the coat and get my price match. (Brought my tablet with me to prove waht I was asking for.) The manager said no. I then come home and try to purchase the coat at Macy's online . The lady at Macy's online tells me she can honor the price but cannot give me the 20% discount that came along with the other store coupon. REALLY I guess they really don't want me as a customer. If I could I would not give any stars.

a copy of my receipt

thI order 9 items on 11/29, order number [protected] and they were shipped on different shipments. One of the shipments did not have a receipt that were for the two mixers, last...

finish line and jewelry next to finish line

Well Me and my wife were going to ask about some Nikes and both the cashiers are flirting with a customer we just listened to them but in my day thats called sexual harasment...

petty rude cashier

I was at Macy's Rolling Oaks location in San Antonio 78247 on Dec 6, 2019 @7:57 pm and I was greeted by petty cashier TONYA, she is a disgusting associate who humiliate...


i puchased a 14k solid gold chain and the weight of it was really light deceided to return it had it for only 5 days went to return it and they said they cant just because i took...

the store is a wreck!

This store has become a complete disaster to shop in. After several trips this year, it has gotten worse. Clothes all over the floors. Home goods looks like a tornado has gone...

manager and associate customer service

On 11/5/2019 I ordered a Lacoste women t shirt and I received a t shirt with no logo of Lacoste at all, No tag, with a different color. I don't understand how Macy's deliver this type of items. The worst part is that I called costumer service spoke with Kevin who stated that the only they can do is return the money since they don't have the item anymore and they don't have a resolution for every caller. I asked for a manager wait 30 min for the manager who didn't give me any different option neither, no discount for the future anything in change of their bad work. Macy's I'm very desaponted, really bad experience, bad management, costumer service. Attached is a picture of the Lacoste t shirt received

manager and associate customer service


I was in San Francisco on September 1, 2019 and visited Macy's. I bought a suit which needed alterartions. On the receipt stated it will shipped by September 10, 2019. I...

salesperson and managers attitudes

This worst shopping experienced happened in Macy's located at South Shore Plaza. Last Sunday 11/03/2019, I went to Estee Lauder and tried to buy a gift set. The salesperson told...

customer service

I called Macys to see if they had a disaster relief program because Oct 21, 2019 there were 9 tornadoes hit Dallas Texas and cause major damage to homes, school and much more. I called and spoke to about 5 people that told me I didnt qualify for financial relief because I was LYING about the disaster. I finally asked to speak to supervisor and she offered to close my account and pay it off in payments. I told her No I have had that card 5 years. They were very rude and disrespectful and called me liar several times

rothschild toddler winter jacket

I purchased a girl's toddler winter jacket (Rothschild) approximately 10 months ago at Macy's in Altoona, Pa. My intentions were to have it for my granddaughter to wear this winter. After wearing it a few times this year, the zipper prongs widened making it impossible to zip up the jacket.
I love to shop Macy's because of the quality of their products, but I am very disappointed with the quality of this jacket. It'a worthless without a working zipper.
Is it possible to exchange this jacket for another one? I appreciate your attention regarding this matter.

Denise Packer

shoe dept associate

I was at your store this afternoon. I was going to purchase a pair of women's shoes and was told to get in line where there were 2 registers running. After one of your...

macy's cancelling my furniture order the same day I purchased it online and thru a phone order conservation.

I have been a customer with Macy's for a long time and have excellent credit. I live in Buffalo NY and drove 2 hours to Rochester NY to look at furniture that was for sale at that Macy's. The salesperson suggested we go home and order the furniture online when we get home. I filled all the information on line but was notified on line to call a number for Macy's. I spoke to Corey who tried to put in my order. I have a Macy's American Express Visa card but my limit on my card did not cover the cost of the sofa and love seat I was purchasing. Corey transferred me to the credit department and thru a conference call with credit dept, Corey and myself the amount was raised to cover the furniture which was 3500.00. that I purchased. I finished my transaction with Corey given a sales check number and set up a delivery date for October 29. I purchased the furniture on phone October 14 2019. The night before the delivery date I called Macy's to find out what time the furniture was to be delivered the next day. The lady from Macy's informed me that the order was cancelled the same day I placed the order and wasnt notified by email...Not only do I not have furniture but if I was to reorder the sofa and love seat they are on back ordered and I may only get the sofa on November 22 2019.
First of all how can you sell items if you do not have enough to sell. You might as well go to a custom made furniture store and purchase items from there but I can not afford custom made furniture. I could only save enough money to purchase 3500.00 . This is not a pair of shoes for 79.99...This is 3500.00!!! No wonder you are closing stores!!! I will tell people about my experience with Macy's!!! FURIOUS CUSTOMER!! Maryann Thomas [protected]

online returns

In 8/2019 I made multiple purchases online, the shipments came in multiple shipments. I returned all but 3 items. On 8/17/2019 I returned 2 items, attained a UPS tracking number and receipt. After many, many calls about my incorrect balance, trying to communicate the situation to foreign resps that were very difficult to understand. Finally, today someone agreed to credit my card for those returned items. In the meantime, Macys has charged interest for a incorrect balance. MAD, MAD, MAD.

I've over paid the balance just so I wouldn't be charged interest.

Never again will I purchase from Macys online. So incompetent

Renee Beacock

refund/ unethical behaviour

I made a payment of $175.30 to my Macy's credit card when my limit was $200. Macy's lowered my credit card limit to $100, and refuse to refund me my $175.30 back. I called on 10/7 spoke with a Rep who stated I would receive a refund within 7 days. I called after a week and told it takes 14 days. I called today 10/21 and was told it will take 2 billing cycles and they have to investigate it. Macy's is refusing to give me my money back. They keep stalling and making up excuses.

complaining about your customer service over the phone

Was originally calling about receiving the wrong color luggage. The order #[protected]. I had ordered a blue set and a brown set. Received the blue and a leotard print. Called customer service and was told that they we're sorry for the inconvenience. I told them I am leaving for my trip on Tuesday. That was the purpose of the purchase. Was told wouldn't be able to have it until Wednesday or Thursday. Asked if there was anything that can be done to receive it sooner was told no. Asked if I can speak to the supervisor and was told that he was the one in charge. Asked to speak to his boss and was told that he is the boss. There is no one over him. I said everyone had to report to someone then I was hung up on. Called back and the next person was trying to be apologizing for the For the first person. Said sometimes we get disconnected. I said no I was hung up on. I know the difference. They finally said they could send it faster to me but by then I have decided to return both items. Just wanted to let you know how your customers are treated by your customer service. Very unhappy!!!

macy’s outsourcing for sales and credit card servicing

I have contacted Macy's several times in the last week wants to ask about an online order I could not understand the people in the Philippines got frustrated and ended the call And my issue was not resolved. I return something in the store that I had purchased online through my PayPal account when I return the item the representative told me that I could credited back to my Macy's account which I opted to do. The credit was never issued to my Macy's account and recently I received a check for a store credit for Macy's when I wanted to credit back to my PayPal account or my Macy's credit card. I would've opted to put it back on my PayPal if I would've known they were going to send me a store credit, really terrible service. Today I have two charges coming through on my personal debit card from Macy's I called the credit card customer service and received zero systems and could not understand either of the people that I spoke with in the Philippines.They may be saving money by outsourcing the call centers in the people in the United States are losing jobs but the customer service or to try to get an answer now either on a credit card purchase or store purchase online is impossible. Very very sad Macy's used to be one of my favorite stores and I always received great assistance when I called either on my credit card or on an online purchase. Needless to say I will think twice about ordering from them again very sad. I don't think they realize all the customers I will be losing by outsourcing the customer service call center. They obviously don't care about customer service just aboutCutting cost and making more money and also taking jobs away from the United States employeesAnd sending them to the Philippines.

steve madden shoes

On October 3rd I purchased a Steve Madden shoes for my daughter's wedding. They are Carrson Blush Lea shoes, spent $67.13. I wore them on October 5th for one hour and I had to changed to another shoes because it was impossible to walk in them. They are the most uncomfortable shoes I ever had in my life. I was trying to return them and get my money back, but the Manager at the Palm Desert store refused to take them back and refund me the money.I talked to the sales person, the Manager didn't even come out from the back to talk to me. I know they of course look like they were worn, but I shopped at Macy's all the time and I feel like some kind of exception should be made. When I tried them on it was no problem, but you wouldn't know if they are comfortable after you wear them for a while. I am not very happy and I feel like something needs to be done to satisfy customer.My credit card needs to be credit for $67.13 soon! or let me know who I need to talk to to solve this problem.

packaging and customer service

Flimsy packaging which led to damaged package and contents (UPS is complicit). ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUTSOURCED TO INDIA and spent a total of 4 hours trying to deal with damaged package and contents to return and to get credit. Couldn't understand 80% of customer service agents and they were flippant about my frustration with what happened. I will not be ordering from Macy's online again and would caution anyone that is considering doing so.

packaging and customer service
packaging and customer service

lancome on pre sell

I purchased Lancome products on Sept 06 . They supposed to send me on Sept 13. But they didn't I talk to customer service associate to give me tracking # but refused. After a...

sectional - couch

On April 17, 2014 I purchased a sectional from Macy's on Glen Cove Road, Carle Place, NY. I also purchased the worrynomore 7 year protection policy ($200+). The sectional has three recliners. The one with the button on the left has broken 5 times since August 2018. Each time I call they open another claim number. One of the technicians (that has been there 3 times now) told me to make sure they open the original claim number each time it breaks or you will never receive a new piece of furniture (which is what they claim when they talk you into buying it...if we can't fix it, we'll replace it...BULL!!!) I called this morning and they are refusing to open the original claim number again! The middle sectional has broken twice. The first time they couldn't fix it properly so they had to come a second time. NOW the third recliner isn't working properly. I'm done with this company. They are not true to their word. I would never buy another protection policy from this company. I'm so disgusted. I want a new sectional. This aggravation is not worth it.

[Resolved] didn't receive free clinique gift with order as noted when I placed the order.

I specifically ordered over $35.00 of Clinique products to receive the free gift being offered on 9/19/19, which included the eye gift set (mascara & eyeliner, plus a few face products and make up bag. When I received the order, the free gift was not included & I was charged for shipping, which I should not have been with my Macy's card. When I called into service they refunded my shipping, but told me the gift was only as supplies lasted. When I placed the order the free gift was in my cart. I am very upset that I didn't receive the free gift, as that was the only reason I placed an order.

  • Resolution Statement

    I called Macy's a second time and got an associate willing to research my issue thoroughly and she is sending me the free gift. I am very happy with the service I received the 2nd time I contacted them. When I called the first time, the associate was not willing to even research my issue, he kept saying I wasn't eligible for the free gift or the gift was only while supplies last.

Macys, Hyannis — sales associates moved into management over existing sales associates/ hurting others

New and fairly new sales associates moved into management - danny, mary ellen, elizabeth, surry, and others. They do things to hurt other sales associates with odd scheduling. I...

michael kors watch bought at macy's online defective

I purchased a MK watch thru Macys online. The band would come loose from the watch and fall off my arm. I paid $300 for the watch, you would think the quality would be better than that. Anyway, I would put it back together but after falling off the 3rd time (I was afraid of loosing or breaking the watch), I called.
They sent me to Fossell (the manufacturer and repair service). I sent it in had to pay shipping and insurance of $27, got it back in about 3 weeks and the first time I wore it to church (last Sunday) it fell off my arm again. They said notes on the repair said it was fixed and QA checked it. I said well maybe MK should use another repair service since what they sent me back was still a defective watch.

Macy's will not do anything, even tho I paid them for the watch. Fossell will only give me a credit for another MK watch (really not comfortable getting another MK watch), so I called MK in NY, they do not do refunds either. They will give me a Gift Card for another watch, which I decided to do rather than break or loose the one I've got.

I am disappointed in the customer service at Macy's, at Fossell and at MK.
Why should I have to be stuck with a $300 defective product? Just saying. I will not buy anything from Macys again, nor after I use my gift card will I buy anything MK again.

I hope all that I tell this situation to, will follow suit as well.

belgique aluminum 11 piece cookware set - copper - for macy's

603 I purchased this expensive set of pots and pans from Macys and within 6 months, the non-stick finishes all chipped off except for one pan. I believe this has an extensive...

my 7 year good standing account was closed for absolutely no reason

I have had a Macy's credit card for 7 years. I never made a late payment & always had my account in good standing. I moved out of state last year and had to temporarily put myself on a budget in which I did not use my card. I found out from my credit report that Macy's had closed my account due to inactivity. What kind of customer service is this, I expected much more from this company. No phone call, no email, nothing. You just closed a good standing account for absolutely no reason! I have reported you to the BBB, and I will continue to make complaints on every format possible until you resolve this issue. Your phone representatives (all three of them) also lied to me saying that it states in the cc agreement that "your card will be cancelled if not used in two years." It does not say that, so why are they putting words in your companies mouth?

Macy's Inc. — unethical behavior

I'm contacting you about Macy's in Palisades, West Nyack, New York. The woman who is supposed to be the manager in the shoes department is very unprofessional everytime...

serta mattress

We spent over $2000 on a mattress that is horrific. It has sagged, lumpy, and lost all support. The middle is totally gone. We developed back aches, neck aches, and serve...

Macys Phone Bill Paypaid my bill..$100 via phone bill pay.. your company took out $1000 and I can't get it back

I paid my$100 bill on time via phone customer service bill pay ..they took $1000 out and wont give it back..they keep telling me 3-5 days to return it..called today and they said another 3-5 days for the return because no one followed through with last weeks request..Im a senior citizen on social security and my bills are late because of this incident..which will I lose first..electricity? are in arrears because of this poor service..Ive been a loyal customer since more..will tell anyone who wants to hear about the "loyal customer service"..Im 70 years old and this is the worst that I have EVER! been treated

  • Updated by gatuchi · Aug 19, 2019

    still nothing from the $900 macys took from my bank account without my permission