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Macy's reviews & complaints

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Macy's - Items not received - customer service no help

I just made my third phone call to Macy's "customer service" number to rectify my order placed in early December. I received only one of two items ordered on January 4, 2022. I called and was told...

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Macy's - Poor phone wait times and questions unanswered

Made multiple phone attempts averaging over 30-min wait times to Customer Service. Applied for in-store credit on New Year's Day 2022. Store clerk called Macy's credit dept for verification, but line...

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Macy's - Rude employee

Tried to buy a $70 jacket, went to jewelry counter as there were 15 people in line at the only register open in the clothing section. Employee said that he would ring up the purchase but then started leering at my spouse, asking her if "men were happier when wives feed them well." All this time he was rubbing his hand on the jacket on the counter. Seemed as if he had an accent, older male. I asked him to repeat what he said as I wanted to be sure what I had heard. Aside from him mocking my weight; he had dehumanized my spouse to merely a food preparer. We cancelled the transaction and left, and unfortunately, yes, I did curse at him on the way out. I will not be going back to that store for a while as the whole incident was frustrating and embarrassing.

Desired outcome: This Person Should Be Fired.


Macy's - egift card

Order #[protected] · 2 items

One item for a $150 e gift card was never delivered to [protected] even though it was deducted from my bank account. It was meant to be a Christmas gift. I want to be refunded the $150. I will spend it elsewhere. The other item was delivered as it should have been.

My email is [protected]
Phone number is [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund $150


Macy's - Star Rewards

December 15, 2021. Sale Check #[protected]
I purchase a sofa for $6, 189.74. I told Roxanne Lambert to use my husband phone to receive Star Reward points. She said no problem I could still get the points. My husband phone # [protected]. Well, I didn't get the points because she use my phone # [protected]. I call back and spoke to a rep 2 days ago and she told me because she uses my phone number that is why I didn't get the points, but no worries she will fix it and once the system update, I will see the points. I asked her how much I would receive, and she first said $60 but after I told her I spend $6000; she said my mistake it would be over $600. The next day I check, and I had a $50 on the account. I spoke to a supervisor and the first thing she wants to know is where did I see the earn i point per $1 spent. It's on the Star Reward website. It's different ways to earn points and you can't pick and they can't pick and choose how I get my points without having all the information. Another rep was going to credit me $540 but someone stops her and they begin asking me to send them a picture of where it state on the website you can earn 1 point per $1.
Here is a copy of the website
My Status
Star Money Balance
Total available at Checkout
Exclusions & Details
View Balance Details
You Have 241 Points!
1, 000 Points = $10 In Star Money
1% Back In Rewards At Macy's
Earn 1 Point Per $1 Spent
Star Money Bonus Days
A Special Time To Earn Rewards Faster!
Perks & Offers
Extra Savings, Treats & More
Birthday Surprise
Something To Celebrate You
Unlock Silver

Please put my $540.00 of Macy Reward Money on my account. I was only given $50. I earn my points base on the money I spend.

Thank -you


Macy's - Queen's size bed frame

I purchased a bed frame, from Macy's online, 12/4/2021.
When I put together the bed, I saw that:

1. A part of the frame was chipped;
2. One of the screws wouldn't fit into the hole;
3. The bed's instructions said not to use a drill yet a drill was needed to create holes in the frame so that the slates could be attached to the frame;
4. The legs of the center support don't reach the ground; and
5. The queen size frame is larger than the queen size bed.

I subsequently searched Macey's website. It was written that I should contact this email regarding faulty furniture

I was asked to provide a mobile number, a name and a sales check number, so that they could contact me. This I did so.

In response, I received this email.

"Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to email us regarding sales check number [protected].

We apologize that Email Customer Service is not able to assist you regarding with your concern. For further assistance, please call Macy's Drop Ship Department at [protected].

If you have any further questions or concerns please call us at [protected].


Furniture and Bedding Customer Service"

Desired outcome: A call from Macey's to apologise for the shoddiness of the product and steps to make sure the manufacturer is informed about its faulty product and instructions.

Macy's - Job was offered to me, I accepted and then was ignored.

Hello. I have never heard of a situation like mine in any business! I will explain to the best of my ability. In November 2021 (for the upcoming December holiday season) I was hired by Macys in Boca...

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Macy's - Martha Stewart Dutch oven recall

Purchased in store 3 to 4 years ago and now it is recalled due to interior chipping of the lining. Store in Mayfair Wisconsin. I would like a method to return this heavy item and a credit on my Macy account. [protected]. Due to the passage of time, I no longer have the paperwork on this item.

You initiated the recall. I did not . Please resolve this problem!

Desired outcome: account credit.

You or Martha Stewart should be responsible for this damaged item.

Macy's - Unauthorized "credit protection" fee

Recently I received a letter from Macy's "reminding" me of a program "credit protection" that allegedly I opted in for in 2011. I was astound to find they charged me fees for this program I have...

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Macy's - Macys canceled order

I purchased an item from Macy's. 4 days later I get a message that the order is on backorder and am I ok with waiting. I selected yes. Days later I received a text that my item is canceled. I spoke to a representative who placed me on hold for over 10 mins then disconnected. I called again and a new rep said it's sold out everywhere. I was very disappointed with the service provided by Macy's.

Desired outcome: I would like the item that I purchased


Macys sold me an item that was sold out.

Dec 10, 2021

Macy's - Missing Item ( G-Shock watch )

On November 24th, I purchased online, A blanket, pj's, necklace, 2 Calvin Cline pillows, 1 pillow cover & 1 G-Shock watch. On November 26th, I received an E-mail stating that the watch was shipping on the 26th. 1 package arrived, no watch. 2nd package arrived, no watch. 3rd package arrived & still no watch ( Dec 8th) So, I called MACYS ( truly NOT MACYS, but people in a room in some other country ) I explained to the guy what happened. He said, O' there was a malfunction with the item and it had been returned to the company. I said" issue with the item & its been returned? I never received it to know if there were an issue with it, so I clearly NEVER returned it, That makes no sense. He then, very quickly changed his story to " It isn't available any more'. I replied. ' Yes, I know it isn't. It began stating 3 days ago, on the MACYS site, that it was no longer available, HOWEVER, when I purchased it, 14 DAYS AGO, it WAS available. SO, the fact that it is NOW, not available has nothing to do with my paid for order. HE HUNG UP ON ME. I called back ( Mind you, I am recording EVERYTHING ) The lady checked into it for me, after I explained everything to her. @ 1st she said it wasn't avail, SO I reiterated exactly what I did t the 1st person in the prior convo .. She then said " O' I see it, it is set to arrive on the 10th... Are you sure? I dont have a lot of time to wait considering the date? She reassured me that yes, it will arrive on the tenth. TODAY, Dec 10th. It again did not arrive. I called MACYS again.. Explained EVERYTHING, yet again. I Was told t was not available & that all he could do was issue a refund because, get this, IS IS LOST IN TRANSIT.. LMAO! How can t be lost in transit, when you are saying it isn't available? The post office states they are ' WAITING FOR ITEM TO REACH THEM' How can it be lost in transit, if it has NEVER SHIPPED? That make 0 sense. HE HUNG UP ON ME. So, I call back again ( I know, I know- almost comical ) At this point I have wasted about 3 hours of my life on this & have every bit of it recorded) The next girl tries to say the same crap about it being ' lost in transit" However, when I tell her that the post office states that they have yet to receive said watch from MACYS, she very quickly changes her story to 'We haven't received it from the shipper' I told her, really? because I've already contacted CASIO & they have ensured me that MACYS has in fact received x amount # of that watch & it IS UP TO MACYS TO ASSURE SHIPPING. She then changed her story to ' ITS NO LONGER AVAIL' SO, I, ONCE AGAIN stated ' I know that as of today, DEC 10th, the item has not been available for 3 days.. HOWEVER, when I purchased MY WATCH ON NOVEMBER 24TH, THERE WERE PLENTY, so the fact that they are not available today, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME & MY PAID IN FULL FOR ITEM... Which was purchased 14 days ago. I have been a MACYS customer for years. I have an account with them. They have my phone number. email address & home address & NO ONE could call me before I contacted them, 14 days later? What's wrong with this picture? Either, someone is stealing from MACYS, or they have not trained their CS how to lie well.. Something is definitely not right. She told me all she could do was issue a refund but that, that would take 48-72 hours & asked if I wanted a refund. I said NO, I want my watch, that I paid for 14 days ago. She kept reiterating the refund & I kept saying no.. I want my watch. She said she was issuing a refund. Who knows? One thing I know for sure is that the farther away out customer service gets, the less customer service there is. there is NO WAY they can know what's happening over here & What's wrong with MACYS that they cant have people RIGHT HERE to call local stores & locate items ( like ALL stores use to do) to send out to consumers, if in fact there aren't any @ the online facility, wherever that is... Sorry for the long story but, they say be specific.. LMAO.. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM SIERRA VISTA, AZ... Kim :-)

Desired outcome: Online

Macy's - Credit Pro charges added without consent

Macys has a third party company adding hidden charges onto bills without consent of its customers. We noticed it being added on for at least 6 months at $18 or $20 per month but know it has been going on for years. They will not cancel it saying that we need to contact the agency. As well as charging us late fees due to the overcharge from these fees that are put on each month. We have called Macys and they say they know nothing. This is a scam on customers and needs to be addressed.

Desired outcome: reimbursement of funds taken

Dec 03, 2021

Macy's - Sale associate.

Sales associate by the name of Michelle, refused to accept an online return at the home store in South Coast Plaza in the at your service area. Michelle told us to call the customer service phone...

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Dec 01, 2021

Macy's - Credit card

I canceled my original Macys credit card approx. one-two years ago (after having a Macys credit card for 18 years in good standing) because I was issued an American Express card in the store at the checkout. It was offered to me as an "upgrade" to my original Macys card (because I had such good credit) without mention of it being a separate American Express card. This was not clearly explained to me and ever since I have been unable to obtain a new Macys card but I was approved on multiple occasions for a Macys American Express card.. which I never wanted and continued to cancel after each approval. Due to multiple cancelations of the Am. Express card and multiple submission of applications for a Macys credit card under the direction of Macys customer service I now have a low credit score. Prior to this my credit score was excellent...

Desired outcome: change in credit score to reflect my long- term history of excellent credit

Nov 28, 2021

Macy's - Online shopping, false advertising - November 27, 2021

Last night after receiving many e-mails about the sales they were running, I began shopping around 11 p.m. I'm not certain of the exact time. I was shopping for a while as I find it often takes a long time to find each item that I want to buy. I had found three though, all gifts for relatives. One was already in my shopping "bag". But as I tried to place the last two in the bag, I began getting error messages that due to a technical error, I could not complete the transaction ... or something to that effect. The message then said that I could always make my purchase on the phone at ...and followed with an 800 number. It was already after 12 so I went to sleep and planned to call in the morning, noting the names of the two items I wanted.

On the call in the morning, John told me - after my half-hour wait for a representative to pick up - that I could not get the sale price Macy's advertised last night. He could only authorize a 25% reduction of the $79.85 original price. Both items were now $79. This would have been $12 more each for these items. I asked to speak with a manager. John said he would get me one but left me on hold for another 10+ minutes. The call had now taken 47 minutes.

Last night's shopping was an hour of my time wasted. There was never any message that informed me that if my purchase was not completed by 12, I would not be able to complete it. Therefore, Macy's advertised a sale they did not allow me to purchase. They wasted almost two hours of my time. John could have easily obtained a manager who could have authorized giving me the price I had shopped at last night.

Why was that not offered to me? Because Macy's does not care about Customer satisfaction.

Desired outcome: I would like the two items to be available for me to purchase at last night's prices.

Macy's - Gift Cards

I want to report that I purchased 4 $500 cards at the Orchard Town Center. I was directed todo this by a person named David at [protected]. David had scammed saying I owed him $14999 from a coordinate scam. I bought the 4 cards on 11/23/2021.
The card numbers are


My information

JohnT Eplett

Phone [protected]

Desired outcome: Just wanted to advise and I hope you check out David. I am very embarrassed that I lost overall $5000

Nov 23, 2021

Macy's - customer service;

Legal Notice

This is hereby a legal notice that's hereby notifying you sir-mam that as an official for a Macy's state store, of a legal claim that thereon a April 21, 2021 @ 1:27 pm, therein the so stated location, herein this legal notice; Macy's store located, therein, a 111 S State st, Chicago Ill, 60602; [protected]; the cause of legal action as a legal claim due to myself Eric D Tyson has been denied in fact as a legal claim to access, to the public accommodation of enjoyment, therein a Macy's Store; in addition to the so stated legal claim herein this legal notice, sir-mam, I was also denied, a customer service policy, and custom procedure to enter and exit, the premises as a customer, thereof a Macy's store due to the fact of being considered, as a [censored] thereby the Macy's Security Guard(s), who is a black person-male sir-mam, so as a result, thereof the Security Guard(s), claim to policy and custom procedure that so states all [censored]'s must wear a face mask therein, a Macy's store unreasonably, therefrom that time frame. I was thereby detained, and arrested therein, a Macy's store thereby the Security Guard(s) for a Macy's store and held therein custody, unreasonably, I was an arrestee, thereof, a Macy's store at that particular time, meaning, I wasn't able to leave the store on my own free will, due to the Security Guards, accosting, myself and so stating, a legal claim that so states [censored] you must wear a face mask herein a Macy's store;

In addition, sir-mam you as an official for a Macy's, store must hereby respond-answer, as an affirmation, or as a denial hereto, the so stated cause or matter herein this legal notice, within a 72 hrs., time frame therefrom, the time that you sir-mam, are hereby served, with this so stated civil claim, cause or matter, herein this legal notice; a failure not to affirm or deny the so stated cause or matter will hereby considered, as being in fact a refusal, and therefrom that time frame further legal action will hereby commence. In addition, sir-mam hereto this so stated, legal notice any every response not hereby received within a 72 hrs. time frame will hereby considered as being an unacceptable legal claim. Moreover, sir-mam you must hereby send, any response, affirm or a denial, hereto the so stated cause or matter hereto myself Eric D Tyson that an email address [protected]; in addition, hereto this legal notice you must affirm or deny proof of service within, a 72 hrs. time frame hereafter you have so serviced with legal notice as a cause or matter legal claim;

Desired outcome: I'm asking for the reimbursement for the funds to the items that I had attempted to buy therein a Macy's State Street store 111 S State st, Chicago Ill, 60602; 312-781-1000;

Nov 22, 2021

Macy's - Unethical company

I've probably been a Macy's customer since I was 18 years old. I was moving and needed
furniture and I usually buy furniture at Raymour and Flanigan, but I decided to buy
furniture at Macy's instead. I placed my order for my furniture, and they immediately took
the funds out. Within the next couple of weeks money was taken from my account again, I
called up and got a rep, explained to her what had happened, and she said, "Those are just
holds and the money will be returned back to your account", I said okay then. I told her I
don't know why they would need to do an authorization hold if they have already charged
me and she kept saying the funds were temporary with an annoyed tone. Weeks later the
money was returned to me, and I said okay cool. My furniture was delivered and a few
days later money came out of my bank account again (charged three times) and I said are
you serious? Called numerous times about this even made a complaint on the
website and got a lady by the name of Beverly who claimed she is the chief executive of
Macy's. I told her my situation and she said Well Macy's doesn't hold anyone's money and
it's just really annoying how I kept calling about the same thing and everyone kept replying
with the same answer. She kept calling me to tell me Macy's doesn't hold anyone's money
when there are hundreds of reviews stating they do and that the customers will bring
Macy's to court. I even told her I'm bringing whoever from Macy's to court, so she said,
"No problem, Macy's have a strong legal team". That doesn't matter, she kept telling
herself that as if she thought she was right, the customer service reps are di what's right is
right and what's wrong is wrong and in this situation this is wrong. How can she be so
proud to say that?. How can you be proud to rip off people like that, not even an apology,
which I won't accept by the way I am absolutely disgusted how I was treated as if I was
trying to get free money, or I was trying to pull a fast one. Ms. Beverly you are one sad
individual. The last comment I left was that I was going to sue Macy's and I had proof that
they took money out of my account, after that BOOM! Got my money back. I will never
shop at Macy's ever again and the last time I shopped there is when I ordered furniture in
July 2021. but received my money back in October but like she said Macy's don't hold
people money, yet my money was "held" for four months. Really sad how these big
companies can get away with such illegal practices, this cannot be legal at all, and I would
like to expose Beverly and Macy's by forwarding my screenshots to 311 or whoever. I also
stop doing business with my bank Chime because they are just as incompetent as Macy's
Call center Reps and Beverly.

Desired outcome: None stay away from me

Macy's - Unethical behavior/service

Village at Fairview (Fairview, TX)

Store Associate left "anti-thief security device" — attached — to my clothing purchase; I discovered the device after arriving home. The Macy's Fairview location is not nearby location, instead the following day I returned item to Frisco, TX Stonebriar "mall" location. I approached a store Associate and informed her of what occurred with the device and she — refused — to remove the anti-thief mechanism; even though I presented her with my "purchase receipt". I ended up having another Associate look up item for another size to exchange item and returned to the origin site (Fairview). The Fairview Store Associate (No. [protected]) removed my purchased item from the Macy's clothing bag (she literally "tore" open the clothing bag) and then — tapped the bag — with SCOTCH TAPE) and handed me my clothing in a "tapped" bag! This is unacceptable, un-professional and "tacky" service and I refuse to continue shopping with Macy's store in the future!

Macy's - Rude employee

10;am this morning, I was returning a candle at then return desk when I encountered a rude employee . Tall white male wearing a jacket with the number 456 on the back. He was not patience nor was he listening to me. A nice person by then name of Jaden stepped in. I tried to speak with a manager on duty but was told there were non available. I called [protected] but also to no avail. There are no promps to direct your call to a manager, and so in found myself calling back several times because I kept getting disconnected. Very hard to speak to someone.

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