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MacysCancel Culture

Macys has joined the other cancel culture mob in removing Mike Lindell's, My pillow from their store. I think these retailers and big tech companies forget that half (more than) of this country is made up of Conservatives. President Trump didn't win a second term because we don't cheat. I didn't return the 5 mail-in ballots I received in the mail, neither did my husband. Imagine if we all had; I'm sure they would have found a way to declare Obiden the winner anyway!

Well Macys, you've lost a customer for good. I don't forget and I hold a grudge. My father will attest to that; I haven't spoken to him in 35 years.

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    • Updated by LoS8 · Jan 27, 2021

      I forgot to add a one star rating.

    Macy'son line service

    On or around December 19th 2020 I placed a order for two items, bed sheets and a bed spread. I was told that I did not have funds on my account however I knew that I did. I knew what was on card and what I had previously ordered maybe two months prior. After speaking to two to four reps, the last rep told me when I opened the card which was a old card. the last rep stated that they would straighten every thing out and I did have the funds to be able to purchase my items which were both at sale items. the only thing different was wanted to change the address this time due to this was christmas present for my mother.

    I know due to back up shipments that it may take sometime to receive and thought nothing about it until this past week . I called on 01/12/2021 and was informed by a rep that my items were canceled but could not explain all what happened. I did not receive any information and second these two items are no longer available. the last rep stated that when and if they return that I could get the sale price however every thing was placed back on my card . I AM VERY UNHAPPY

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      Jan 14, 2021

      Macy's — Black friday rebate for a bella waffle iron not received

      On 11/26/20 I ordered a Bella Waffle Iron that had a Black Friday $12 rebate offer, #20-27985. I received it...

      Jan 12, 2021

      Macy's — Unjust termination

      I proudly had been working as a Sales Associate at Macy's Boca Raton, FL store from November, 2019-December...

      Macy'sHello I have had a person open a Macy's card using my name

      I have sent them a copy of this girls id after I learned a Macys card was sent to her using the address on her ID. The address on my ID is my current address and has been for the past 10 years. They were going to give me a deal and I would only have to pay like $500 of the bill to clear it off my credit report, my credit score was 750, but I was talking to the fraud department to try and remove this fraudulent card and its activity from my credit report. But after explaining that they sent the card to another address that is like 2 1/2 hours away, and I gave them my address then they started sending bills to my address. Hello they sent someone else the card now they want me to pay the bill? I tried filing a police report and sending a letter to Macy's.
      You can see Macy's sent her the card and is sending me the bill.
      I've read a lot of complaints about Macys not being helpful with fraud, and stolen cards.

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        Jan 09, 2021

        Macy's — Cashiers at bedding department

        Good morning, I had a horrible experience yesterday at Macy's - Kings Plaza 1/8/21 at 5:10 PM (review...

        Jan 01, 2021

        Macy's — Quality of gold ring, not repairable

        I went to Volusia Mall Macys on 11/20/2020 to get a Yellow gold 3 row diamond ring I bought in 2017. The ring...

        Macy'sCustomer coupons

        I am presently a Macy's credit card holder. I recently shopped at Macy's store in the town center at Chesterfield county Virginia mall. I had a fistful of coupons that were mailed to me by your company. I attempted to purchase three different items only to find out I could not use any of the coupons toward the purchase of my items. I asked why, since all the coupons were in date and the cashier turned the coupons to the back and pointed out that the items I was purchasing were excluded on the coupons. The print on the coupon was so tiny that it was impossible to read without a high powered magnifying glass. Where this should have been a pleasurable experience turned into a total frustrating shopping trip.

        Barbara Whetstone
        4311 Sharonridge Dr
        N Chesterfield Va 23236

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          Macy'sBelgique cookware

          I purchased a set of belgique cookware about 5 years ago. I love my set but a few times now I have burned my hand and family members as well who were using them. The handles have the silicone handle on the bottom of each handle but when I pour the food out, the steam somehow gets into the handle and burns.

          I know I'm not the only consumer who has this issue. I'm not ready to part with my set but wondered whether there is any solution to this problem such as replacing the handles with a better handle?

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            Macy'sCustomer Service and Exchanges.

            My brother bought me a Calvin Klein Hooded Puffer Coat for Christmas. The card said, "Happy Birthday beautiful princess Noni". It's not my birthday and I'm not Noni. I called Macy's 11 times to exchange the order. I could hardly understand the agents due to their thick accents. They kept telling me to go to my local store and exchange it. They didn't understand that I can't simply go to my local Macy's store and exchange it because Macy's closed the only store in Vermont. The closest Macy's store to me is 107 miles. I am high risk and will NOT go into a store in the middle of a pandemic if there was one near me. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was hung up on every time except twice where I was transferred to a recording that said, "For credit services press 1, for Omni channel press 2. I listened to that for 2 minutes the first time and 18 minutes the second time hoping the agent would come back on the phone and they didn't.
            Needless to say I doubt I will be purchasing anything through Macy's in the future for the following reasons: 1. Macy's online shipped me the wrong item. 2. I can't do an even exchange through the mail. 3. There is no local store near me. 4. Your customer service is not helpful or friendly and they are extremely difficult to understand. Macy's doesn't care about their customer's.
            Please contact me for their names if you are interested in improving your service and retaining your customers. My phone number is [protected]. My email is [protected]@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you, but given your track record I am not counting on it.
            I'm in the process of filing a formal complaint through the Better Business Bureau and other agencies.

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              Macy'sWaffle iron

              Good morning,
              Thanks for reading my complaint.
              Below is my complaint in the simple form.
              Not a money problem, not a problem at all.
              I followed every ordering prerequisite asked of me.
              To my dismay, I was investigated like a criminal.
              I was treated poorly, unfair, disrespected, out right mistreated.
              I was ask, who I was. I was treat so badly it brought to tears.
              As you will see below, I only ordered a waffle iron.
              When I ask what is wrong with my order, the lady said: "we have our own way of how we receive orders, and yours does not meet our standard.
              I would like an answer to this...please.

              We couldn't process your order. My Account
              Hi Brenda,
              Your order couldn't be processed and we had to cancel it. No charges were placed on your payment method listed below.

              Please call our Consumer Protection department to resolve this issue at [protected] (Sunday-Saturday 10AM-10PM Eastern).
              Order #: [protected]
              Order date: 12/11/2020
              Payment method:
              Visa ************4408
              Refunded amount: $32.46
              VISIT MY ACCOUNT
              Billing Address
              Brenda Allen
              1811 BELLE HAVEN DR APT 201
              LANDOVER, MD USA 20785
              Shipping Address
              Mrs. Shanetta Cross
              7400 SAN PEDRO AVE STE 200 STE 200
              SAN ANTONIO, TX USA 78216
              Shipping Method

              Bella Stainless Steel Waffle Maker
              Qty: 1
              Color: Ss
              Type: ELECTRICS

              Order total: $29.99
              Shipping: FREE
              Additional shipment fee amount: $0.00
              Shipment upgrade fee amount: $0.00
              Gift wrap fee amount: $0.00
              Sales tax: $2.47
              TOTAL: $32.46

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                I bought a sofa less then month ago, I have dot spots on it I want immediate replacement.
                I complain same time when it was delivered but driver refused to take back and suggest me to call back customer service it was little but now I can see more now, it's less visible in day and more visible in night. I am very unsatisfied with this sofa.
                Sales check [protected]
                24902 deepdale ct
                Aldie va 20105
                Ph [protected]

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                  Macy'sNever received item and continue to be charged on credit card

                  In early November, 2020, I placed an order on macys.com for 3 items. One of them never showed up. I've contacted Macys 4 times now over the past 30 days, they canceled order back in November, however, didn't let Klarna know I was to receive a credit., ;this was a birthday gift.

                  My credit card is still being charged for an item I never received as they h ad issues with shipping. I have spent over 6 hours trying to resolve this to no avail, going back and forth between Klarna and Macys.

                  I've continually received promises from Macys customer service that they will issue the credit and contact Klarna, but to date over 1 month later, they have not completed the credit as promised.

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                    • Ti
                      Timothy Kozak Dec 21, 2020
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      I have had the exact same problem. Macy’s should be penalized for their incompetence. I will contact our local Better business bureau.

                      0 Votes
                    Dec 09, 2020

                    Macy's — Online order

                    I am writing to the corporate office (I hope) to find out "Where is my Order"! On November 30, 2020...

                    Macy'sTrouble with my macy card

                    I have tried to make a purchase of several gift cards with my macys card, and was rejected after it was submitted. When I called to ascertain why, no one in macys could tell me what happened! In fact there was a freeze placed on my card, which at one point was taken off. After spending over an hour on the phone speaking with people who cannot speak the english language fluidly, I was told it was ok to order the gift certificates! Once again, I was rejected!!! I made several attempts to correct this by recalling the phone number given, I was continually placed on hold, they could'nt find my account, they wanted to verify my account, which I did several times, but to no avail!! I am frushtrated and angry, and am totally giving up on macy's, you have lost a customer, and I will do everything within my realm to convince other people not to shop at macys. The customer service program you have in place is the most horrible experience I have had in many years!

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                      Macy'sI am complain about people stolen my macy's credit card

                      I am Jean Ronald Jules, I have applied for a Macy's credit card. I never received it, and make any purchase on it. Suddenly, I received a Macy's account statement [protected])with a bill of $281 with a minimum payment due of $29.
                      Honestly, I don't know any transaction about that.

                      Can you please help to find who make those orders and which address they used for delivery and which email address they used for those purchases?

                      My mail is:
                      100-21 197th street
                      Hollis, NY, 11423


                      Jean Ronald Jules



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                        I placed an online order for in store pickup. Received notification that one item arrived but that I didn't have to pick it up until the order was completed. Now I get notification that part was canceled due to the fact that it was not picked up. It was a Clinique gift set $73 value for $10. Low and behold, it is no longer available and cannot be duplicated and no substitute. Imagine that. I am not happy and will cancel any outstanding orders. This is bs!

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                          Macy'sNo refund for ordered item no longer available on macy`s online website. Unable to speak to any customer service advisor located in the usa

                          Ordered (#[protected]) on 11/05/2020 when it showed up as being in stock. As of 11/16/2020, the item has not been shipped according to Macy`s website order status function and it does not show any information for the order status. Customer support advisors, all in the Philippines, repeatedly said that no refund will be processed for this order. Attempts to speak to someone in the USA have all been failures.
                          I want immediate credit for order that is unavailable & has not been received by me.

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                            • Mi
                              Mister Mayfield Nov 19, 2020
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Same here. That's what I was told by the very poor English speaking CSR, but 'Consumer Protection' dept. Told me it's an "authorization" thing. But your money is in Limbo until it's replaced

                              0 Votes

                            Macy'sPackage received torn and missing item

                            Purchased 2 knife sets on order #[protected]. Received manila shipping envelope on 10/30/20 and package was torn at top and only had 1 knife set. Called and reported it not received on 10/30/20 and I was told it would be shipped out in 24/48 hours. Never got any emails or shipment. Called again on 11/2/20 and was told the same thing and called a third time 11/4/20 and was told it was under review. Macy's treated like a thief over a $17 knife. It was shipped direct from the manufacturer in a manila envelope and was securely tape to prevent loss of contents. I want the merchandise reshipped to me as it not my fault the item was not shipped properly. It is a disgrace the way Macy's 800 number handles problems. I had problems before when the pandemic started and I had to go thru hell to get it corrected.

                            Package received torn and missing item

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                              Macy'sBilling rollover of disputed charges every month even after resolution.

                              I made the mistake of buying some jewellery on installments from macy's. It was paid in full months before the scheduled promotion expiry. However two months later a $292 interest charge was assessed on the promotion because there was a $5 starz pkg charge that was overlooked. I spoke to a representative and had the charges removed. The accound was closed and I cut up the card.
                              Yet the next month the same charges appeared along with a late charge added. This bankrupt company should be run out of town.

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