Simpson Door Company / Poor Construction

1 TX, United States

Simpson Door Company sold me an 1100.00 dollar Wood front door that leaks thru the wood panels like a screen door on a submarine ! ! !! !!

When i quizzed them about this they said, ... ' sand down door, give two coats of polyurethane, and then two coats of marine 'varnish'...yeah right, just like every other door that you spend 1100.00 dollars for .
The door was stained and poly was applied after install to protect the ' beauty' of this door...yeah right...

I could duct tape some two ply trash bags to the opening and keep out more weather than this piece of crap !
The beauty will be when i get a new door that does not act like a spigot !

Poor constuction has let water into the interior of the door, its ruined i`m sure.

Told my home builder i want this one removed and maybe get a Jen- Weld. Anyone have experience with Jen-Weld ?

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