RGR Roofing / Fred Haluska

1 Warsaw Clinton, MO, United States

The roofing company RGR roofing. The workmanship of this company is horrible. Their laborer's are untrained. A weekend job (that they pitched) turned into several months. Our new metal roof is scratched, and dented. trim put on upside down. They sold us one product and then replaced it with a substandard product. They would not show up for days...weeks, then when they did arrive, they used 'our tools'. Near the completion...Fred Haluska (owner) handed me a new contract with an increase of 900.00 and refused to fix, or finish our roof until I signed it. Of course I refused. The 3, 500.00 cash that I gave him when hiring him was not used to purchase our materials but rather was put towards fines for bad-checks in Warsaw Missouri (I found out later).
When I refused to sign the new contract, he then threatened to rip our roof off. We escorted him off the property letting him know that we bear arms in our home.

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