Prothom Alo Potrika / a report posted in news paper

1 Auckland, NZ

On 17th november 2017 at 12.11pm a Report has been posted In Daily Prothom Alo Newspaper. The Post was posted By Asaduzzaman. The reporter Has wrutten brief story of a rape happened to a 7 years old Girl. The culprit Was a child boy. The story was informative enough. However, I have no idea What Was buzzing on the reporters mind and He decided to post a clear picture of the Victim girl but he blurred the Picture of the culprit boy. Literally I really didnt understand What the reporter meant. This Behavoiur of Bangali people has now to be Stopped. People should See the Criminal And We have to give safety and Security to the victims.

Prothom Alo Potrika

Nov 18, 2017

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