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Mathew j. Moore aka "win home servies" says he does not own the building at 201 s. Broadway but when you call the la county assessor opffice they will tell you that mathew j. Moore owns the property. The building is not in code in is infested with mold.

My place has flooded a few times do to the building being so old and out of "code" and this last time my app flooded it ruined my bed as my bed is on the ground and shoes and clothes. It 8took mathew j. Moore a couple hrs to get someone over to fix the flood and as soon as the flood was fixed mathew j. Moore was no where to be found. I found him running to his car trying to leave and i asked him are you going to send someone to clean my appt and he said no. I was very upset at that time and i told him that i was calling the police and he then said that he would go to the store and get some things to clean my place with.
After an hr of him cleaning up with like 10 towels the appt was not even close to being dried. It ruined my bed, clothes, shoes ect...

Mathew j. Moore aggreed in writing via "email" that he would pay me my secruity deposit and $1500.00 for my ruined personal property if i moved out on the 15 of july 2016 and i did juts that. And when he got there on july 15th to give me my money he walked in really quick and did not even inspect the place and said that it was to "dirty" to give me my security deposit and the 1500.00 wgat he agreed on in wirting and ran out like he did the day of the flood.

Stay far away from mathew j. Moore and win home services they are the worst and never answer there phone.

Mathew j. Moore lies and says that hes not the owner of the building what a slum lord. You better off going to they will take care of you !

So i had to sue mathew j. Moore and we will see what happens. Dont let anyone take advantage of you!

God bless!

Aug 23, 2016

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