Louis Pitre / rude cussing smoke smelling repair man

1 1600 Humes Ave, Huntsville, AL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 256-534-5304

I called and needed an appliance repaired asap. His service call was quoted as $59.50, I thought for a call it was reasonable. I did not ask about how he took payment, as most take credit cards..NOPE not this guy.
He repaired my appliance, but while doing so he fussed, cussed, and downgraded his "helper". He reeked of cigarette smoke. He was anything but nice to anyone, including my child, who was watching from the hallway with a child's interest.
When he gave me the bill I asked what credit cards he took. He came unglued and cussed at me, got mad, threw his invoice book down. Gave me a lecture about not telling him that I did not have cash. He said he would never see the payment as I was saying I would send him a check, as I had no cash( and certainly did not carry cash in the amount of $99.50, ($40.00 was for an hours work when he was here only 35 min) . He said I should leave the house and go get the money. I promised him I would send him a check. And I did.
Would I use him again NO
Would I recommend him NO


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