Live Web Tutorgreat injustice!

I have clearly stated all my requirements for the Assignment [protected]. I have specifically asked the Expert to work on Part 2 (As I have submitted an activity with 3 parts, and got the proof) and asked him to answer all Questions (5_8) in Part 2 by following all instructions and to ignore all other Parts, paid 100AUD for nothing and to fail!!! and the Expert just decided to not follow the requirements and worked on Part 3 and 1 ignoring completely part 2. The one I wanted my.presentation on. And asked if he does the activity step by step as it says to have screenshots.

The Expert has only copied and pasted answers and notes that I have written myself in Part 3 which I didn't aleven ask to work on even) without even doing the activities itself

Work was submitted on the 6th and deadline is gone now?! And the Expert is not even accepting to do it again and telling me he has followed the requirements which 100% he clearly didn't!

I am stick now. No time to submit it and wasted my money. For an Assignment that was barely (after me reminding them) submitted on time and I wish if it was what I've asked for even!

Unfair and I am failing because of this.

Live Web Tutor
Live Web Tutor

Dec 05, 2018

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