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Irepair / Charge for repair not made

1 1202 RANGELINE STCOLUMBIA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 573-864-8914

I have 2 samsung mega 6. 3 phones. On thursday 04 / 23 / 15 i contacted zach with irepair to get a quote for the repair of my broken screen as the phone was otherwise mechanically fine, quoted me $100 each. Originally i had thought about fixing both of my phones but decided that i would wait to fix my spare. Later that afternoon i took my phone in and dropped it off to be repaired. The following day (Friday 4 / 24 / 15) at 5:00pm i payed $100 and picked my phone up from their shop. That evening everytime that i would try to answer or make a phone call the call would drop. I noticed on my screen that it indicated that i did not have any service. I knew that there had to be something wrong as my family and i are on the same service and they were not experiencing the same issues. Over the weekend i was without my phone. Monday when returning to work i called and spoke to trevor, the owner and explained to him what was going on. Trevor stated that there must be something more serious wrong with my phone, he suggested that i bring in my spare so that they could part it out to fix my phone. I told him that the issue had to be with the internal antena as the reception was fine before i brought it in. Zach came to my work and picked up my phone. When i went back later that evening to pick it up zack stated that he had to reseat the antena because it was not placed properly the first time. That evening, i picked up my phone to place a call and the top left corner of my screen seperated from my phone causing the bottom left corner of the screen to crack. I immediately called irepair to tell them what had happened. I talked with zach who once again told me to bring it in and he would have to take a look at it. Again, the next evening i took the phone in to be looked at. I was told that i must have put my fingernail under the screen and pulled it up intentionally, there was no way that i would have done that. He told me that he would have to keep my phone longer to get it fixed and that i would have to pay for a new screen. I explained that i did not feel that i should have to pay for a new screen due to their error. I feel that when they removed the screen to reseat the antenna that the seal on the adhessive was broken and therefore caused the additional damage to my phone. Zach stated that he would have trevor give me a call back to discuss. Finally on 4 / 30 / 15 trevor called me back and again wanted me to bring both of my phones in so that he could part out my spare to fix my phone. I tried to explain that there was nothing wrong with the functions of the phone the issue was that the scrren was seperating from the phone and caused the bottom of the screen to crack again. From this point on he would not let me speak. He told me i broke it and he was not fixing it for free. He then texted me and told me that if i brought the phone back in and left it he would work something out for the repairs. I did not respond. On monday 05 / 04 / 15 i called trevor back to request a refund so that i could take my phone elsewhere to be repaired, he cursed me, told me he did not have time to deal with me, i was arragant and he could care less about my doctrate degree or my position at the hospital and how busy i was. At this point i hung up my phone. About 20 minutes later he called my cell and acted as if the original conversation never took place. Moments into the call he was back to cussing and curssing. He then told me that he wanted me to come into the shop to discuss with him directly, on his time. I asked what time he would like for me to do this, he then said no he would only communicate with me via email. I said fine, to what address do i send my request, he refused to give it to me and told me that if i wanted it i needed to look it up.

May 4, 2015

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