Integrity Motors / lies lies and more lies!!!

1 Uxbridge, MA, United States

i went and looked at their vehicles. I was interested in one and I put $200 down so they would hold the vehicle while I waited for loan approval. I waited a week for him to call me. He finally called!! He told me he could get me financed with a down payment of $1000. I agreed to the down payment. He then called me the next day and said it would be $1000 down and $360/month. I agreed. He then called me back and said I haven't been working at same location for over a year. I get a monthly check which would have covered everything. Then he called me back and said I needed a co-signer!!! Then he told me I wouldn't be able to be approved at all!!! Not to mention when I filled out the application he said he didn't see why he couldn't get me financed with my income. He said he worked with multiple places and would get me financed!!! Well, he finally calls me back and tells me to go and get my $200, for holding vehicle, back cuz no one would finance me!! Talk about the run around and he also used every excuse possible for me not to be able to purchase the vehicle!!! Never go to Integrity Motors in Uxbridge, MA. I really don't think they know what they are doing over there!!! He wouldn't even let me test drive the vehicle I picked out either!!!

May 13, 2015

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