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Immigration Checkpoint Authority / Immigration Service At Counter

1 Hougang St 52 14-31 Singapore 533698Singapore, Singapore

Very Arrogant Immigration Officer at Woodlands Checkpoint

I'm a frequent traveller through and fro to Malaysia for many many years.I've never had any problems with singapore immigration services. On 14 May 2015 around 10.30am in Woodlands Checkpoint, I experience a very bad and rude service by an arrogant Immigration Officer 'Primary Screening Officer' by the name Tan Chiao Jin.I drove to the counter as usual and gave my passport for clearance.The Officer at the counter point his ears to me to remove my ear piece.I removed.Once he took my passport, the cover facing me, he asked for my name.So I did told him my name as Vijeyan.He told me to tell him my full name.I told him my full name as Vijeyan s/o Ganesan.Then I asked him that isn't my name not reflected in the passport?He reflected by saying "you don't ask me question and I will ask you question".I told him whats wrong me asking you, I want to check weather I gave you the right passport because I had 2 passport in the car and one of it belongs to my wife.

He told me that when I come to the counter I must give him the right passport.Seriously what is the issue here when I have given him my passport (the right passport)?.I told him normally Immigration Officer at the counter will show the front page of the passport to passenger and call out the name.He rudely replied "NOW WHAT YOU WANT NOW"?.I told him why you sounds like a gangster, you are a frontline Immigration Officer.Then he said "I'm not going to clear you and I'm going to send you to the office".Then he took out his water bottle and drink.He told me that he didn't scold me.I told him that there is no reason for you to scold me.And I also showed to him the other passport which was put together in my car, thinking that I have given him the wrong passport.That was the reason I asked him isn't my name reflected in the passport.He said you wait la.

Then Aetos police escorted me to the office.There I met the Duty Officer by the name of Mr.Davin Quek.He asked what happen and I told him the whole story.And I brought my wife passport along with me to show it to him.The Duty Officer told me that he will view the video and call up the officer.And I told the Duty Officer that today I have a very important appointment and there is no reason for the counter officer to delay my clearance.Then the Duty Officer took down my particular.

My appointment was cancelled due to, I was Late.I wish to know what action have been taken by the Authority.

email :-

May 15, 2015

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