GKR / GKR pyramid structure

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Go-kan-ryu is nothing but a a scam or a well structured cult for it's "Employees"?
they really don't card about your karate really.

the guy answer to the guy from the top.

This is what I know about GKR Karate. I can tell you this because I was once "employed" by GKR karate.

It is a very profitable business that uses a parymid structure and thrives through network marketing.
There is one man at the top, he is the founder and to most of the employees an idol or, if you will, a God. Below him there are several managers that look after specific territories. For example, Australia, the UK & America, these managers again are idolised by lower "employees". Below these territorial managers there are regional managers who look after specific catchment areas, from what I remember these areas are really just counties/districs/boroughs. The regional managers arrange locations across their catchment area where karate lessons can be delivered. These managers will then recruit sales people (called self defense co-ordinators (SDC's)) whose job it is to knock door to door attempting to sell these memberships. The cost per membership is £22 for a 3 month membership or £40 for a lifetime membership. The SDC will have to pay £2 admin costs from that membership fee to the regional manager and will keep the rest of the cash (£20 or £38). They earn no basic wage and are on 100% commision. It is VERY possible to sell 10 memberships a day earning £200 for that SDC. These SDC's are the foundation of this pyramid company. The regional managers will train the SDC's in the art of Go Kan Ryu Karate and for those who are most successfull in selling membeships will be picked to deliver karate lessons to those recruited in a location within the regional managers catchment area. The SDC's are also required to have frequent sales training. This sales training is very much a conditioning process which convince the SDC's that they are not sales people but professional karate sports persons who will become rich and powerful through working with GKR. In opinion they prey on the young and influencable and promise them the world effectively brainwashing them into beleiving that they will one day be very very rich. These SDC's are used to recruit members who then pay £5 for every lesson they have at the club. The regional manager will have all the takings from the lessons at thw clubs. When a regional manager has recruited and brainwashed enough SDC's to cover all their classes across their catchment area, there is not a lot for the regional manager to do but watch the cash roll in. The regional manager will have to pay a percentage to the territorial manager who will then pay the man at the top. The regional mangers who should now have a self regulating area that earns them money are then encouraged by the territorial manager to step into prooerty management, to remortgage their homes and buy a second home to refurbish and sell on or let. The territorial managers also take a slice of that pie! The SDC's are also told that if they commit and sell enough they have the opportunity to become a regional manager with their own region. The successfull regional managers are rold they could get their own territory. There is a huge amount of money rolling around in this "business". I can tell you that I met territorial managers who all drove ferraris, nobles and lambo's and I know they all had massive property portfolios.

May 27, 2015

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