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On 8 january 2017, I purchased a new fram tg7317 oil filter and 5 quarts of oil from walmart for my wife's 2012 honda crv. (See walmart receipt photo, id#: 7kzfq0dplcz) after draining the old oil and removing the old oil filter, I screwed on the newly purchased fram filter and poured 4 1/2 quarts of oil into the engine.

I then turned the engine on and was horrified by a loud hissing sound that came from under the car. I turned off the car and saw that multiple quarts of oil had sprayed all over the garage floor and the undercarriage of the car from the vicinity of the filter. I immediately checked the filter but found I had indeed screwed it on tightly. It took almost an hour and four roles of paper towels to clean up the mess caused by the oil leak.

I drained the remaining oil and unscrewed the defective fram filter. I found that the filter top appeared to be warped and therefore had not provided a tight seal around the entire gasket. Given that it was now 8:30pm and my wife had to use her car in the morning, I had to drive back to walmart and purchase the only remaining container of 0w-20 oil they had and another fram filter (See walmart receipt photo, id#: 7kzfqs1k3z3x). It was during the second trip to walmart that I also purchased oil remover and additional paper towels to clean the remaining oil from my garage floor.

It took until 10:30pm to clean up the remaining oil mess and replace the defective fram filter. Unfortunately, given that everything was covered in a thick coat of oil, I threw the filter away in a triple-layered plastic bag and I refuse to dig back through it. I did take a picture of the "proof of purchase" bottom of the filter box, which shows the item number/code of the defective filter. I was a 30 year fram customer and have never had any problems with their products until this incident.

When I contacted fram about getting a refund for the defective filter and wasted oil ($43) and cleanup material, they instead offered just a replacement filter. Extremely substandard response. Why would I buy two identifal filters and two 5-quart jugs of oil in a span of three hours if an incident had not happened. I don't have two identical cars!!

Fram managed, in the span of an hour, to turn me from a fram customer to a "anyone but fram" customer.

Congratulations fram!!Don't buy fram!!

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Jan 11, 2017

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