Drive Time / Silver Rockwarranty

I bought a 2015 Jeep compass back in August of this year. After seven days the car broke down. I proceeded the contact silverrock under my warranty explain to them that hey you need to take this car back it is a lemon. the rep precedes to tell me "oh this is a used car you should expect it to have some sort of issue". As an ex airline air Force mechanic and certified technician in many fields I was slightly okay with that but on the other hand not so much because 7 days off of a lot used car not I should not be completely broken down. fast forward to 5 months later since the car has broken down twice and now is currently in the shop, with the guys who have been amazing by the way, they proceeded to tell me that they alerted silverrock about what needed to be replaced back in August. Silverrock decided to cheese the cheap option in throw parts at it. as of today as I'm writing this the car broke down on me on the side of the highway basically the power box has now gone completely out. at this point silverrock won't cover the actual repair so I had to get customer relations involved which is authorized to fix the issue of course I was late on my payment because at that point I have already reached out to lawyers and is in terms of getting this situation rectified. I write this to say mainly drive time is s*** silverrock is s*** and luckily the certified mechanics in network have been great in the whole process and have been upfront and honest with me from day one. again I am a certified technician my job is to fix brake and fix things so I understand the mechanics electronics and how they work. I have not necessarily begged but pleaded with them to just trade the car and then let's just call it a day but they want to continually try to fix this so as it stands I have lawyers on the case and I will be getting my money back in will never ever buy from DriveTime again, not to mention this is the second vehicle I have purchased from them the first is great this one not so much, drive time you are pieces of s*** and I am going to the news with the story!

Dec 12, 2018

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