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David Raybould is a copywriter who operates in Texas. He also operates Immigration Client Systems at

We hired and paid David Raybould back on 3/22/18 to complete three copywriting projects. These projects have not been completed or even started, and we have been told that our paid funds for these projects could be lost, and that this practice is "standard" in the copywriting industry.

We are forced to hire an attorney and fortunately have kept records (proof) of all email correspondence with David Raybould.

David now says he charges over $7, 000 a week, or $1, 500 an hour for his services. And says that he would now charge upwards of $45, 000 for the projects he accepted from us.

David never even asked us to fill out a standard Questionnaire for our initial project, which he claims is only used by low-level copywriters.

He disappears for weeks at a time and will not answer emails or phone calls. As of 12/10/18, David now refuses to communicate at all.

David will not complete the projects in a timely manner and will not issue a full refund. We are now forced to hire an attorney to file a lawsuit against him.

My husband and I got a raw deal by hiring David. We feel lied to, cheated, disrespected, and even discriminated against. We also feel like we were scammed and ripped off.

Copywriter David Raybould

Dec 11, 2018

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