Clinic Hub Istanbuldr mehmet erskine

Good afternoon,

I had surgery in Turkey with Clinic hub in June 2018. I have then since been requesting my certificate for my implants and questions answered as regards to if they are high definition implants. I believe they are saline, but would like this documented, as I was not happy with size and my future surgeon would like to know this information, that they are not giving to me. They have totally ignored me, as I left a review that they did not appreciate. I have been ever so patient and have a right to know. I was promised a doctors report this has also not been delivered to me. I have threads of messages, with them advising me that they are waiting for the doctors reply since August. Please advise, as I need to know the above questions. I am also very worried, how unprofessional and uncaring this company have been towards me.

Kindest regards

Dec 10, 2018

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