CK San Pablo City Laguna / lack of services

1 19 Rizal Avenue BRgy VII B, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

One cashier 8 people in line one floor manager or supervisor (helping or pretending to be helping) while in line to order manager are taking order of the people in line and writing it down in a small paper then hand it to them. Come to me while still standing behind the line he took my order. I said wow this will speed up my order.
Then when he finish he went behind the counter and again trying to help. Hand out glass of soda and drinks that the cashier ring and paid already by the costumer.
Me still holding on this small tiny paper he handed to me to give to the cashier when I get my turn to order or pay for it. Manager still doing nothing about it and with big smile on his face thinking he have done great thing. Finally he did some action thinking (me) that he will process my order. Alicazam!!! Magic he told the poor guy working his ass off behind the counter to make the halo halo for me and what pish me off is I have to reorder again mention what I want to the poor cashier before he can start on my order. The dam manager is still behind the counter posing like the new winner miss universe and actually has done nothing.
Instead of opening another cash register to speed up the line. What a [censored]!!!

Jan 23, 2019

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