Chloe + Isabel / After 2 1/2 wks -- The Company Notify Chooses Other Candidates

1 San Francisco, CA, United States
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The Chloe + Isabel company evaluation process took too long from the post date:
April 08, 2012 - thru Resumator. Only to find out when you ask
them what was taking too long they already picked other candidates.
The company is new in San Francisco & un-professionally not up and running yet :-(.
It's obvious that they don't have enough personnel hired. Or, right Hiring Personnel
(Recruiters, HR Staff etc...) to hired right & qualified people.

Job-Seekers don't bother applying to this company.

The person I contacted only responded after I didn't hear from them after several tries.
Their Corporate Inquiry Request system doesn't seem to answer back soon enough.

I truly do think Employers are discriminating against long-term unemployed.
I hope AB 1450 passes in Sacramento:

Chloe + Isabel

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