Banggood AU Deliverymy order:56868951 and order: 57389187

User of banggood I did order:
1 my order no:56868951 seller add and picture and main head state: set 3 wood cutters and I receive,, only one from crap integrity" or double head coin.
2. My order no:57389187 seller add and picture and main head state: tips for cutting wood and screw and I receive only: screws.
3 to day banggood email me: catch [protected]@ propositions this it is what you order.
4 I did order tips because banggood's seller delivery only one cutter from 3 utter in seller add in order to not make complaint that was not appreciate and to day my email from customer services state: this it is what you order screw from crap integrity.
Ps my account at banggood was redesign and my email complaint contents deleted which explain the truth about my order.
My user at banggood: [protected]
Banggood au it is australian company under australia jurisdiction are australia gov. Support and it is comp-lice of banggood attitude
And his seller to steel pensioner in australia and sick person also to violate communication in somebody email complaint of fraud delivery.
I wounder if ccc australia investigate this crap integrity?
Signature: mr ion chirita 51 georgiana cress ambarvale 2560 date 8/12/2018

  • Updated by Mr Ion Chirita, Dec 08, 2018

    Banggood thank you very much for my brain wash.
    If english at banggood australia it is, double head coin"?
    The picture add for seller and english state:
    Tips for wood and screws.
    I did not order screw only that is crap integrity in my banggood
    Account I did email to you the seller delivery add and my account delivery.
    Second complaint you did not say word it is this cover up and if this banggood attitude
    For my complain, i'l make public complain for your attitude soon.
    Signed mr ion chirita

Dec 08, 2018

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