Ann Labrecque Storejelleez maxell earphones.

To whom it is address,

On May 23, 2017 @5:48 pm, I bought earphones from 6411 sherbrooke O store Ann Labrescque store.

I waited in line 15 mins it was okay.When it was my turn a rude cash manager nervous and so on served me. I bought an ice cream and earphones gave him my credit card and that was it.

That night i got home my daughter did not like the color of the earphone. In return i told her do not open it they will not return it she agreed.

The next day i went back to the store to return the unopened earphones.
they were suprised to that fact . I did not understand so they made me wait for 15 mins to call a manager. They tell me i can not return the unopen product. I was quit suprise to hear that, they show me the reciept that the cash manager wrote ONR NE and he signed it .What the hell was that !.

They tell me no returns on earphones, but i did not open it they keep telling me a new policy.

On the reciept you have up to 30 days to return a unopened product.
What policy they are talking about not written any where.

My vision of customer service is chatted Pharmaprix is out of my store list.
I will scan you the bill, do they have the right to write codes and customers are not aware of the situation.

I see bad customer service on Pharmaprix.

Daniel Azoulay

Ann Labrecque Store
Ann Labrecque Store

May 24, 2017

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