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Cal-Exercise Equipment Mfg reviews & complaints

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Cal-Exercise Equipment Mfg - Scam

The scam is simple. First you order and pay for the equipment. The the equipment is never sent and no reply to phone calls or email.

A test has been applied to prove that this is a scam. 2 identical orders were placed placed under 2 different aliases. The first stipulated that payment and pickup would be done in person. The second stipulated that payment and delivery would be by mail. The company only responds to orders that are by mail.

This company also performs the same scam under the following names:

Quality Precision Metal Products

Decotec Furniture Mfg

B4U Designs


yep...i got scammed out of a vertical jump gauge. $341. Google before you buy. If it seems fishy, it probably is.

Dec 09, 2011

I'm a private gym owner in Southern California and have worked personally with the real Bill Mann on two separate occasions. Bill is a standup guy who does deliver quality product. I purchased plyo boxes from 6'' to 42'' and a custom 12' monkey bar installed in my gym both made by Bill. See the attached picture of both if it shows up. I can only speak from my experience.

Kal or Cal, however, is a 100% smooth-talking clown who pretends that he is directly working with Bill (Cal acts as a reseller) to trick people into buying exercise equipment from him. I caught onto his scheme early on only because I had met Bill prior to meeting Cal and figured out Cal's scheme. Buyer beware.

I too was recently scammed by the guy. He claimed there was a burglary in his manufacturing facility which caused the delay and then promised yet again to ship the merchandise. I've notified paypal who are useless in terms of getting my money back but will at least remove him from their system. Phone number and emails for Bill Mann that I have are:

Phone: 323.205.0417

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Beware. Cal Exercise and Bill Mann are running a scam.

This guy scammed me too. His site is slick. I spoke to him on the phone before placing the order and just did not think to check him out before sending my money. Once he had my money, he never returned a phone call, email or letter. I know he is still out there. He posts on craigslist every day. I also had a friend try contacting him to confirm it is the same guy. He replied to my buddy right away. He even offered him a 'discount'. Cal Exercise is definitely a scam. The advise above is good. However, I would add that it is important to file a complaint with the Post Office. Every time 'Bill Mann' accepts money through the mail, he is committing a felony. If we all fill out a report, the Feds may pay attention. The form can be found here:

An FBI report can also be filled out. Their link is:

Cal exercise is a scam that needs to be shut down.

Thank you

Cal Exercise is stealing copyright material from Sports Fitness Advisor. The animation on the Cal-Exercise site is stolen and is being reproduced without permission. To see the origin of the copyrighted material, visit The Sports Fitness Advisor is a legitimate business and is no way related to or involved in the scams perpetrated by Cal Exercise.

I fell for the scam.

I can not believe I fell for such a simple scam. Luckily he only got a couple of hundred from me. I will definitely do my part and flag 'the exercise man' on Craigslist. I am angry enough about this scam that I will also file a police report etc. If someone out there knows how to shut this guy down, let me know and I will help.

Thank you for this site. I wish I read it before sending my money.



I too was ripped off by this scam.

This guy claiming to be Bill Mann is the hardened ### scrapped off the bottom of porta-potties.

We had kids save up to buy some 'quality equipment' he claimed to 'manufacture' . We explained the fundraiser to Bill Mann and he acted excited to 'help with this positive fitness goal of the kids'.

He took the kids money and never sent the equipment. He is still out there doing his scam. He uses Craigslist. Everybody, please search him down and flag his listing every time you go on line. It is up to us to shut down ### like him. The best method I have found to track and flag him is type "craigslist wall mounted chin up bar" into google. His adds will pop up in postings all over the country. Hit on each one and flag him. Send the links to your friends and have them flag him too. It takes several flags to get a posting removed.

Thank you for your help stopping this scam.


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