Avis and Expediacar rental

T Sep 10, 2018

We were supposed to pick up rental car now and drive towards Rome, slowly making mini road trip out of today and take a day trip to Civita Di Bagnoregia tomorrow. But when we got to Avis in Salerno, they told us that they only have manual cars. After a phone call to Expedia, the solution customer service gave us is basically nothing we can do about it. Expedia said they will cancel and refund us the $22, but we had already spent 80 Euros getting to Salerno because that's where we were expecting to get a car! On top of that we had to spend an additional 80 Euros on train tickets back to Rome. This is absolutely disappointing and upsetting. As a middle man, Expedia should routinely check on their partnerships and ensure that they have the correct information on their platform.

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