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12:00 am EST

All Four Seasons Bridal This company stole from us!

I rented linens for my wedding on 5.26.07 from All Four Seasons ( in San Antonio,Texas, 78201 for around $250. My cousin returned the linens when they were due and the company did not check to see if everything was there until after she left (despite her asking them to check). Some of the linens had been left at my apartment and my cousin did not realize it. The company called my phone on 6.5.07 and left a message that I need to call them back. I was in Mexico on my honeymoon, so I could not check my messages until the day after they left their message. When I saw the linens in my apartment on my return I went to return the linens that were missing and they informed me they had charged my card $500 for late fees and the missing linens the day before. No message was left to let me know of the charge and they claimed that they had lost my email address.

Every conversation I had with this company up until the day of the wedding was by email. I had been checking my email in Mexico, and would have been able to have had the linens returned had the company informed me or my cousin some were missing. They charged me a $100 late fee and told me it was too bad and not their fault that they may have been calling the wrong phone number all week and lost my email. They made no effort to contact me to inform they were missing so that they could charge me an outrageous late fee. I don't feel I should be held responsible for turning part of the linens in late because they did not tell me or even try to tell me anything was wrong. Also there was no contract or agreement initially signed that informed me of what their late fees were or that there were any at all. This company simply made up a late fee after the fact.

This company also charged me $120 ($20 per linen - with 6 linens) for small drops of candle wax being on their linens. They claimed that the linens were impossible to clean and would have to be replaced (odd considering that every cotton linen rented from them already contained huge dirt and food stains). I offered to have the linens cleaned and returned them back to the company but they refused and said that even if I got them clean they would not refund me any money for them (they said "you may be able to get them clean, but we cannot"). I called a local cleaners facility and asked them if it was possible to get candle wax out of satin linens and if so how much the cost would be. They informed me that it was possible and would only cost $8-10 per linen at the most. The company lied about the cost of the linens and the possibility of cleaning the linens. Also - we were never informed before that if a small drop of wax got onto the linens we would have to buy them. They simply made up the fee when the linens were returned and charged my credit card without my consent.

When I asked them why they had not tried to contact me about the situation the owner of the business, Betty Cardona and her 19 year old daughter yelled and screamed at me for around 30 minutes straight. They would not act civilized enough to even let me speak and explain my situation until I mentioned the word lawyer. Once I told them my situation the continued screaming at me to the point that I was near tears. They claimed that it was not their responsibility to keep my email (our main form of contact previously) or to check the linens when they were returned. The claim no fault in the situation what-so-ever. I have never been treated so badly by a company and have never witnessed such unprofessional behavior. The women even resorted to name calling during the event.

Also, claimed they were going to refund me the difference between the $500 credit card charge and the actual fees that they were charging. They failed to credit me the correct amount due to their inability to do math, or just another attempt at scamming more money from us. When I asked them about the discrepancy they said they would mail me a check for the missing amount. They never mailed the check and refused to respond to any of my requests for them to send the check. When they finally did respond SIX MONTHS later, they claim they are not going to send me the check because I disputed their charges to my credit card. They are claiming that I should not have to get my refund because they had to pay fees for me disputing the charge. Once again, it is not my responsibility to cover their credit card charges.

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Aug 11, 2008 6:55 pm EDT

As a new wedding coordinator starting out I take these complaints and experiences seriously. I now know to make sure my clients have a full contract in hand before renting any linens stating all the fine print. I could only imagine how you felt, sorry for your experience, but thank you for the knowledge.

Moden Day Slavery
Jan 22, 2008 11:34 am EST

At the fourseasons in Exuma so you may be aware, you have bally therapist that have never went to school and yes folks working on you. Our Spa Julie Pautlia-Moorse and her Bally assistant are very racist. They treat the local therapist very poorly and the bally therapist differently. They don't even know what in the hell they are doing! Do not let them work on you on the Bahamians are qualified.

Michael Mullens
Sep 14, 2007 3:11 am EDT

Well if the issue has yet to be resolved you can at least get your money back. I cant believe how they treated you and the entire its not our job to check returns... doesn't make sense and i'm sure a lawyer would feel the same way. One line companies cannot cross without authorization is charges to your credit card or account. So unless you verbally said or signed a paper agreeing to them to make those extra charges they have committed fraudulent activities against you. All you would need to do is go to the bank and inform the bank you are a victim of fraudulent activities explain the situation and that you did not authorize it and they will retrieve all of your money. It may take up to 10 days as they will give the company a chance to provide information showing that you authorized 500+ in charges but when they cant wah lah you have your money back and they're SOL. If you have any questions feel free to get into contact with me and i'd be glad to help out.

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