Wycoff Projectsdeposit not received

On 3/23/19 my mother Elba Pacheco resident at 185-Nevins St apt 14J passed away due to medical issues. On 4/4/19 after completing a walk thru with Assistant Manager, I returned all keys from my mother's apartment with notified document stating that I am my mother's only son. Mrs Reid explained to me that to receive my mothers deposit it would take about one year and that the apartment had to be re-rented before the deposit is sent. I have first hand knowledge that my mother's apartment has been re-rented already. I still live in the neighborhood. I feel that due to Mrs. Reid prejudice towards me and my associates. She is prolonging submitting all documents on a timely fashion. I am requesting that a hearing take place with I and Mrs. Reid so that she can explain the delay.

Samuel Fraticelli

Oct 08, 2019

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