MacHaik Chevy2019 corvette ZR 1

Bought a brand new 2019 ZR1, they left the front "support" off that held the front spoiler in place, cost me $148.00 and three tripps to the dealer to get it replace distance of at least 180 miles, they did replace the spoiler but said they think I hit something." "Wrong", I did not. Then while putting new tires on this car found that the lug not key was not in the car, another cost to me of $70.00 plus a day lost getting new lug nut locks. Now Erdwin Dominguez send me a letter asking how I doing with the service.
They don't have service at Mac haik because if they did someone would have called me and helped me through these matters. This ZR1 is one of the most expensive cars GM sells you would think they would follow up a little better. Don't recomed MacHaik at all.

Oct 11, 2019

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