lux smoke clubscam


Yes this as a lesson learned the hard way, but non the less a scam is a scam. I arrived at this companies site (which is no longer in existence) through a web/news article boasting a free starter kit for e-cigs. There had been no claims of trial anywhere on the article or website at the time, so I proceeded with the purchase, which was only the $4.95 for shipping and handling. I did not sign up for anything else other than the free kit. We received the package within a week, and opened it up. It was an extremely cheap kit, which i had expected for it being free. About three weeks later I was charged $109 and some change. I had not authorized nor knew about this transaction until I had an issue with something going through. Upon contacting the company we(my husband and I) were given the run around. When asked for a return address so we can return the product and get a refund, they told us it was too bad and that the money was gone and not to worry about it. Upon researching on the internet I found that the website has disappeared and the only way to find any contact info other than the email i received was to do a domain search. We called the company back to verify that this is the correct address upon which the person on the phone grudgingly agreed that it was, then said it wouldn't matter as we needed an rma number and she wasn't going to give us one. When asked to speak to a supervisor we were informed that she was it. And again we were told that the hundred dollars was gone and not to worry about it. We have called them several times and have received the same response each time. We are now working with my bank to get this resolved.

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