Kim Halyard Investmentspromising loans upto r1000000 with interest rates of upto %

P Jul 24, 2019

I contact mudi whom I sent all the papers into for the loan. I then paid the initiation fee of r2650 and was promised in writing that at anytime I could cancel this application and that I would get all monies put in back. I then continued and signed the documents and paid the money. Then there was a fee for taxes because it was from a international bank so I paid those fees and was promised the loan would be paid in the same day. After I paid the r6000 nothing happened. Then they said there was non taxation papers for sars clearance for the loan another r 8000 and then the loan would clear. Then I waited and still nothing then they said I had to pay another r2000 and then the money would be wired. This was last year. Then after that they said bthere was another fee which worked out to r26000 which I never paid and told them for days and so many emails later to cancel the loan and pay back my money. After this I lef tit and threatened with the police and laying fraud charges and then mr kim said he doesn't care nobody can touch him. Then last week I got an email saying from him that the loan is still on there system and that I can now cancel it if I pay r2650 and my refund will be r18650. So paid the fee to refund the money and now no more emails and no contact from him. So I have now lost over r21000 to these fraudsters. Don't trust them or ever apply for a loan from them. I wish someone would arest them and get all the peoples monies back they have stolen and lock them up and throw away the key.

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