Khols Department Storecustomer service and management

N Nov 26, 2017

I went to the Buena Park store to exchange a shirt today around 6 pm. Two girls on the floor tried helping me find the item, but none of them knew where the product was located. When I went to the customer service department, the lady showed no interest in helping me and instead told me to order the item online. When I asked her to check if the Irvine location have the size I need, she gave me attitude and told me to wait in the corner while she called a girl from the floor to help me. I waited 30 minutes for them to call the store and then tell me they don't have the size. When I spoke to the store manager Rachel and explained her how disappointed I was with the wait time and their service, she completely brushed me off and told me that her employees are trying their best to help and pretty much called me a liar. Long story short, I'm really surprised with the service I received today and the way the manager handled the situation. If khols corporate really cares about how their management employees treat the customer then this complain shouldn't go unnoticed!

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