Hughes Network Systems, LLCslow download speed and uplink errors

B Nov 10, 2019

Changed service from ViaSat to HughesNet on 9/24/19 Service Order: 9887260, initially had no or intermittent service for the first 24 hrs and account wasn't logging any data. Called Customer service on 9/25/19 @ 0450 and rep stated it would take 24 hrs to sync with Satellite.
Numerous test on Hughes Net or that customer service reps are using to troubleshoot shows poor performance and by actual use for email, Nvidia driver downloads, windows updates or using their service to update software patches for android phone that requires WiFi.
On 10/2/19 Nvida drivers downloaded at 957 kbs, on 10/4/19 @ 0335 HughesNet test shows download speed of 2.06 Mbps, upload at 4.82 Mbps. By 0406 the 4th test shows Download speed of 11.02 Mbps, Upload speed of 0.72 Mbps. On 10/6/19 @ 0331 shows download speed of 1.25 Mbps and @ 0343 HughesNet shows Download speed of 1.07 Mbps, Upload Speed of 5.38 Mbps. Continuous poor performance and after several calls another call on 10/14/19 @ 1010 Case ID: [protected] customer service rep basically qualified their poor performance due to time it takes to transmit to satellites. The HT2000W Control system showed a Diagnostic Code: [protected] spoke for 1 ¼ hrs and still a bunch of speed tests and no resolution to the problem.
10/15/19 Called Hughes Customer Care @ 1626 Hughes changed Wpa-Wpa2psk settings but still having download problems even though their so called tests shows acceptable.
10/31/19 @ 0525 Nvidia driver update would only download at about 1.04 Mbps and general internet use (i.e. email, web pages, etc. continues to be considerably slower than my previous provider "ViaSat" or even when I had Frontier dsl for that fact).
11/2/19 at 1430 Cell phone software update of 213.16MB took over 1 hour to download, a previous update took over 6 hrs for a 512MB update.
Emailed customer service case ID# [protected] and on 11/3/19 @ 0430 Called Hughes Customer Care @ 0448 which their testing showed approximately 30 to 40 Mbps download speed and 0.06 Mbps Upload speed pretty consistently.
On 11/3/19 reached out to the HughesNet community support (under the name of : bsm1962 and tag of: Slow download speed and uplink errors) and still got platitudes of you have to do all this testing protocols, which has been done with tech support and doesn't correlate to actual real world use. Or saying that HTTP and HTTPS web pages wouldn't work well with their system.
On 11/5/19 Nvidia driver update at 0458 downloaded at approximately 1 Mbps.
On 11/10/19 a music download from Amazon Music downloaded at 198 kbps.
My expectations is to call customer service when I can till NLT Nov 30 and at which point I will need to find service, even going back to ViaSat, and Hughes removes their leased equipment without any penalty for their lack of service.

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