EZ Freeze/RefrigeratorOvercharge


I phoned the company and spoke to Scott. I was looking for a Crystal Cold refrigerator/freezer. They list the brand on their website. Scott told me that they no longer carried the brand because they had so many problems with them. He told me about an EZ Freeze refrigerator freezer that was the same size (21cf) that was $1, 995. It was $70 extra for black - the color I wanted. I went ahead and ordered that refrigerator/freezer after asking him to verify twice that it was the refrigerator with the freezer, not just the refrigerator. He said that he was looking right at it, and that it was. I also ordered a regulator changeover, which he said was about $125. When I got the invoice, the refrigerator/freezer was listed at $2, 155 and the regulator at $155. When I contacted them about it (on email), I was told that Scott made a mistake, that he apologized, and that I could have a $50 credit. They have charged my card for the whole purchase, but have not yet processed the credit. I will dispute the amount on my credit card. I want to make sure that nobody else has this happen to them, so I am also filing this complaint here.

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