Eric Theisspower pressure cooker xl


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am sending this back because my pressure cooker was defeated. I was told that if I request a refund this was the process and I have to pay $71.45 to return items. I mailed the pressure cooker and pan on 9/12/2017. During the presentation this was not the case. The $100.00 grocery coupon is forwarded back to you. This will be addressed with Consumer Affairs and the BBB Better Business Bureau.

Above is the original email I sent regarding my return and refund. Your response is not acceptable because this is not what your presentation stated. Your customer service representative did not represent your company for this product. She was not able to tell me why the slug device appeared in the pressure cooker after the test. Had she known the product I would have not return it. I was told to send back the pressure cooker and all the amenities at my cost. Yes, I was refunded $119.00, but was told that the policy was not to refund my shipping cost. The reason I returned the pressure cooker and the amenities was due to poor customer service representation. I purchased your product in good faith but your company did not honor what your presentation stated. Please refund my $71.45 for returning your product due to poor misrepresentation.

Sandra Fenderson

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