Dr. Mealslousy service and his demand to be paid upfront before treatment!!!

S Nov 27, 2018
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I was a patient of Dr. Meals for about two years plus. He did my upper dentures, which took him three times to get right. The first thing that he said to me was that "We aren't happy until you are happy." I had to fight with him to get him to make the third set of dentures and remind him of his own words when we started. His office manager also had to fight with him to get them made. But that is not why I am writing about today. At my last cleaning appointment I reminded him that I still needed to have a gap filled between two teeth on the right side bottom of my mouth. He had his staff write up a price for this procedure, which was about $680. And his policy is payment up front before any treatment would be done. When the office manager was there I made payments on my dentures and was never late, and usually paid in cash. Now he that she is gone, he will not accept payments!!! Not many people have that kind of money laying around!! I could easily make payments!! But not being able to caused me to have to delay having the work done for many months. Because I had to wait till I had insurance and the money to go see another dentist. When I finally did, both teeth needed root canals!!! If that greedy jerk Dr. Meals would have accepted payments back in July, this could have been avoided!!! This has caused me a lot of pain and a whole lot of out of pocket expenses!!! All that could have been avoided!!! I understand that he needs to be paid for his work. But when a patient has a track record of making payments on a timely manner, you should not punish them!!! He is just a greedy jerk in my opinion!!! Needs to be reprimanded in someway!!! If I had my way, I would tie him to his chair and rip his teeth out with out any local!!! Or give him a couple of root canals with out a local!!! Let him know my pain the last couple of weeks!!!

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