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Delivery of package

We had ordered paper towels from Staples. Once order was shipped and tracking number was provided we began tracking the package to ensure delivery of the package. The carrier OnTrac was used to deliver the package. During the time when the package was out for delivery I received 3 different emails stating package was delayed. Then I received an email stating packages was delivered and signed for. Well my wife nor I received the package so I immediately contact OnTrac Customer Service to inquire about the package which was not delivered. They told me that's it will take them up to 48hrs to investigate the delivery. This was 3/25/2020. It's now 4/1/2020 and after multiple calls to OnTrac they told me today that there is nothing that can be done and if the drive went back to where he delivered the package they can claim nothing was done. What awful service and experience. They are nothing but thieves and committee fraud.

OnTrac...scammers and thieves!

I would leave zero stars if I could. I ordered a product from Home Depot. They sent my package to be delivered by OnTrac. They marked it as delivered yet I never received it. OnTrac has a one star rating for a reason. They have a history of marking packages as delivered, but not delivering them. Home Depot is aware of the problem, and has had many complaints about this delivery company, and yet continues to use them. Home Depot will not rectify this matter. They take the side of OnTrac. So now I don't have my item, and Home Depot will not resend the item or refund my money. OnTrac are scammers and as far as I'm concerned, so is Home Depot. OnTrac will steal your package while Home Depot pockets the money. I will never again shop online from any company that uses OnTrac to deliver their products.

Damage to stairs in our office building

Yesterday March 12 2020 a man in his 20's delivered our office supplies we ordered from Quill between 12-1 pm. He had the 3 boxes of paper towels, post its, and paper cups on a dolly. He proceeded to drag the dolly with the boxes up our stairs to our office. The office downstairs heard loud banging and told him to stop. He left the boxes downstairs which is fine. However he damages multiple hard wood floor covered stairs in the process of dragging the dolly up and then down the stairs. I would like to be contacted about this person asap. This is horrible service. They landlord may also be contacting your company once they see the damage to the stairs. My name is Stephanie and I can be reached at [protected]. tracking number for this delivery is [protected] he also claimed to be working for staples.


Numerous packages that were shipped through OnTrac are not delivered and sitting at the Commerce Ca location. I have had no issues with packages being delivered through FedEx...

not delivering package (lies)

I was expecting a delivery from Home Depot (Milwaukee M18 tool Kit) on the 5th of December 2019. It was postponed to the 6th. The 6th comes along and I get a notice my package was deivered at 2:46 pm. It was not! What a lie! It is a fairly big box. I have cameras for the driveway and porch area. I checked the video for hours before and after. Not an Ontrac truck in sight. I was at home all day. I'm very frustrated with this situation. There is also an investigation into this. The manager for the driver is suppose to call me. We'll see how that goes. At this point I will not purchase anything that will be (stolen) delivered by Ontrac!
What a crappy company. Not sure if I can submit a police report for theft. I will check into this possibility. By the way, I've made complaints to Home Depot. I will not buy anything from them (HD) that needs to be shipped unless they assure me it will not be deliverd by Ontrac!


Tracking showed that it was delivered at front door didn't see it and walked all around the front door and checked the garage and couldn't find the package. Contacted Ontrac and they opened up a case. The next day at around 10am I got a call from Ontrac and they said the driver would come back by 5pm this day to help me find the package(help me find the package that is not there, I don't think I am that blind but maybe I am.) and that she would call me at 6pm or when she got off at 7pm to check if the driver got here. 5pm came and he never showed, so I called back and talked to someone else who paged the driver and the driver said he was still on his way but was delivering packages and the driver didn't give a ETA, he just said he was on his way. So I asked the girl to find out when exactly he would be here, so she said that she would page him again and ask and then call me back to let me know. She never called me back. So I waited till 7pm and called back and got a guy who looked up my info and told me he didn't know what was going on and why the driver wasn't here yet. He said it does seem fishy and weird that the driver hasn't showed up. So he said to contact the shipper and get a replacement which I did and the driver is still not here.

property damage due to delivery vans

To whom it may concern yesterday July 11 2019 one of your delivery drivers used my driveway to make a uturn my complaint is they always leave tire marks on my private property that ruin my driveway we have a turnabout I'm mad because the stupid drivers keep doing this and I'm about to file for trespassing and destruction of property I have a camera and always your damn trucks show up as the problem the stupid driver deliver a package to 6854 Lucite Drive Eastvale ca please advise your drivers to use turnabout or I will sue

sorry for the inconvenience???

HORRIBLE service... I was expecting a package in the afternoon. At 4.15 I checked the tracking... It had been delivered and signed for at 3:30... just 45 min ago... BUT I WAS HOME!? The initials were not mine, I did not hear the doorbell... I called their 1-800. "Sorry for the inconvenience" is not going to do it for me!!! They said they tracked the driver, who apparently came to my place... and someone else signed off...!!??? I went around in my neighborhood and even asked around...
The only explanation then IS THAT THE DRIVER SIGNED FOR AND STOLE MY PACKAGE... and nobody will ever know???
Sorry for your inconvenience????

delivery service

Here at 299 Fremont street in San Francisco we ask that carriers scan in there packages for our Luxor 1 room where we allow them to be placed for pickup. Our new driver scans one...

delivery issues

Hello...I contacted the customer service department this morning over 2 missing packages to our address..2180 Summit Drive, Escondido. One says it was delivered to my front door (inaccurate as I have a gated home and Ontrac did not call in) and the other is showing undelivered (was supposed to be here Monday). Unfortunately, I have consistently had issues with OnTrac and OnTrac only delivering to my address and in the past have had to let online vendors know I will not make purchases if delivered by Ontrac because of the severity of the issues. OnTrac consistently delivers to a gate associated with the property that has a very large sign stating NO Deliveries and giving instructions to deliver to main residential gate, which they ignore. EVERY other delivery company has been able to successfully deliver to us, EXCEPT FOR ONTRAC. I am unsure why Amazon sent both packages (now missing) through OnTrac as my account is flagged, but the point is the first 2 orders in years set for delivery through OnTrac are missing. In fact, my gardener just informed me that the other day Ontrac delivered a neighbor's package to my lower gate and he walked it over to their house. Clearly the inefficiency of your delivery service continues and has not been resolved. I have again alerted Amazon to the issue, but wanted to make you aware in writing of the problems.

delivery of packages

308275 I have written in a complaint previously as well as complained to the delivery drivers regarding delivering packages to the addressee's unit door. This has been and continues to...

my package was marked delivered but isn’t

This is the third time I'm experiencing a problem with onTrac. Previously two orders from fashion nova were marked delivered but weren't. This time it was a Sephora order. OnTrac...

delivery - package thrown out passenger window

An amazon box (6 pounds, 15x12x11 box) was one of many packages I was expecting today. I left my gate open, so it wouldn't be left on the street. I watched as the white truck or...

your driver/owner operator

I am a truck driver, i just had a problem, CA 99 S, november 13 2018, around midnight 00:30, with one dark colored truck, a truck that is pulling an ontrac double trailer number...

unfulfilled delivery

On October 15, 2018 I placed an order with Home Depot for an impact tool. It was to be delivered on October 16 at around 12:48, or so OnTrac stated on their tracking system. I contacted both OnTrac and Home Depot. Well OnTrac told me to contact Home Depot because apparently they were thinking that Home Depot was going to give me a replacement or a refund. None of that happened. I'm thinking OnTrac is either screwing over Home Depot or Home Depot and OnTrac are both screwing over their customers. All I've seen so far for OnTrac are bad reviews on the web, and Home Depot isn't doing too hot either. Regardless of any of that, Home Depot told me to place a claim with my bank, and so I did. And now I'm waiting on my bank to give me a response on the battle their fighting for me. I'm gonna say like many others have; if OnTrac is gonna be the shipping company, do your self a great favor a cancel your order ASAP!!!

unfulfilled delivery

lost two of my pallets

Two trucking numeber: D10011318897404 D10011318926493 It was terrible that you guys lost two of my pallets on July, and I emailed thousands times and called hundreds times, and...


Their drivers are extremely unprofessional and drive unmarked, damaged vehicles, which they park in personal driveways and leave oil stains. They leave packages on walkways out in...

deliveries not received

I have never had any delivery issues until people started sending things via OnTrac. In the past 3 weeks, 6 deliveries are either missing or left where they were not supposed to...

delivery person - tripping hazard

308275 Hello, I am writing from the Uptown Apartments in Oakland Ca (500 William, 600 William, 601 William and 1951 Telegraph Ave). We are a large residential community with 2, 000-3...

inability to invest in improving your reputation or elevating level of expectations of your employees

Not once have we ever had a package that was delivered by OnTrac go smoothly. Often delivered to wrong address, never delivered on time and no sense of pride or professionalism by...


I was sent an email stating my package was delivered which it was not. I even checked my mailbox and there was no package. I call customer service next day and was told my package...

merchandise never received!!

I was home all day today and saw one of your trucks outside my home. I opened the door and noticed the driver was not in the driver's seat so I assumed he/she was looking for...

driver complaint

I want to complain about one of your drivers who was delivering in the Carmel Valley area today [protected]) today, July 10th, 2018. A short hair heavier set fellow. I wa...


Worst delivery company EVER. Amazon has used them 7 times to "deliver" to my home. Two items never arrived--"lost in transit"--and the other 5 times the item arrived days later. NOT ONE ON-TIME DELIVERY TO ME. OnTrac's website always shows the same thing: that the package was delivered to OnTrac's holding facility near my house, on the day after I placed my order, that it will be delivered later that day, yet it never arrives on time. Here is one example of an item that was supposed to arrive on Tuesday (this is from Amazon's website): "Now expected by Saturday We're sorry your package is late We're working with the carrier to get your package back on track, and we'll let you know when your package is out for delivery. Please come back Sunday if you still don't have it and we'll help you out." Was expected Tuesday, July 3 Finally, I called Amazon and told them to "deprioritize" OnTrac. In other words, Amazon will use UPS, Fedex, and pretty much any other delivery company. You CAN demand that companies like Amazon not use OnTrac. DON'T EVER USE "OnCrap" and insist that companies you deal with NEVER use them.

package not delivered on time

308275 Ontrac is not customer service friendly. Packages should of been here on Friday didn't leave warehouse on Friday... Manager sataed I can pick up at warehouse but can't give me the...

lied about delivery

Per their tracking information, a package was supposed to have been delivered to my front door. This is impossible, as there is a locked gate across the driveway, and there were 3...

your drivers

Your drivers in Boise, ID are horrible. I have seen them speed through subdivisions, cut people off on the road and drive like maniacs. This morning on the interstate, one of your...

packages not delivered to my address

I have had to packages, ordered from Amazon, that show as being delivered but I didn't have them. I did call your 800 number and the lady only told me it showed it had been...

delivery person

Delivery person who delivers our packages always throws packages to the ground. I've confronted him before but the behavior is still happening. I caught him on camera several...


I placed an order on Amazon of an electronic device. I was home when the item was delivered. I live upstairs and can hear when someone walking up the steps. I looked through the view hole in my door to see the delivery driver walk only halfway up the stairs and toss my package to my door. This is completely unacceptable. Thankfully my package was not damaged.


Horrible horrible service ordered a head gasket(expensive)driver left it on my doorstep out in the open and it was stolen.Ontrac claims they can leave packages wherever . Said...

unauthorized parking

It happened today, March 13, 2018, around 2:30PM.

Location: Crystal Springs Terrace Apartment
2000 Crystal Springs Road
Building 10
San Bruno, Ca 94066

The vehicle#: CA400024 with plate number: 33138D1

Complaint: the vehicle was parked on a RED zone on Building 10. We tried to find the driver, but the vehicle is un-attended.
We had a hard time backing up due of this vehicle parked behind.

ADVISE: Next time do no park on the red zone. Avoid parking behind the residents cars.

unauthorized parking
unauthorized parking
unauthorized parking

package delivery

Your driver frequently leaves packages at my house (3324 French Loop NW, Olympia Wa) outside my garage door directly behind my car. It would be very easy to open the door and back...

package delivery

C12340533590174 Amazon order This order was left on top of our package lock box. This is not the first time this has happened. This is not our first complaint to your company...

no delivery, fraud

How does this company CONSISTENTLY get away with outright lying on their tracking page by saying an item was delivered when it was not? I guess they must include all the packages delivered to the wrong address. Yesterday for example...I was home, my husband was home, AND we have a driveway cam that shows any delivery person/truck/activity. They supposedly delivered a package at 12:30pm, WRONG.

Usually if I see something is due to be delivered by OnTrac, I refresh the tracking page every 5 minutes and take screenshots. With it being, you know, CHRISTMAS (and this non-delivery included Christmas presents, of course), I was a little busy and could not do that BUT I was home. No way in **** was it delivered at 12:30.

Now waiting for Zulily to get back to me with a refund; unfortunately, since it IS Zulily, they cannot resend the items. God, I hate OnTrac.

package said delivered and never received

C12340495311519, I was told I would get this product on Weds., seen that you had it but it was delayed for a Thursday delivery, never received, then I was told Friday, when after...


I was supposed to receive a package last Friday but they couldn't find my house. So they decided to just hold on to the package until I noticed something was wrong. I contacted Amazon and they did a 3 way call with Ontrac. I gave directions on how to get to my house, even though the [censor] have delivered here before. I was told I would get it today sometime. Well I was cooking dinner last night and I get a notification my package was delivered to the front door. So I go to my front door and guess what, NO PACKAGE! So I contact Amazon again and they tell me sometimes they will scan it as delivered before they deliver. [censor]! I contacted them again this morning and was told I had to wait until the end of today and they would do a replacement order or a refund. This is a Christmas present for my new granddaughter and I was starting to really worry. Well about an hour after talking to Amazon my neighbor, who has caused me all kinds of problems in the past, brought it to my door. The [censor] delivered ti to the wrong god damn house! I am so mad that I am seriously considering canceling my Amazon Prime account. I will not be doing anymore Christmas shopping online as I do not want to go through this again.

incompetence of delivery people

These OnTrac halfwits emailed a "delivered" message but our package from Walmart was nowhere to be seen. The delivery description said it was left "Behind the...

poor delivery and dangerous driving

We live in Moro Bay, Ca. I run a business out of my home and have many packages delivered to my house. The Ontrc driver in our area is extremely inconsiderate. 1. He or she doe...


308275 The last 2 days I have had packages delivered to me. The driver threw my packages over my chain link fence to hit my door. The first item was damaged and the second packed itself...