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Jack In The Box Complaints & Reviews

Jack In The Box / employment hours not on schedule for 2 weeks not even one day

Beatricemendoza on May 22, 2017
Hi good morning my name is Beatrice mendoza I work at the Jack in the box on Bradshaw Sacramento CA on business Park drive, I just started working there 2 weeks, I was told that they are flexible with your schedule and that I would be working. I had texted the manager and called her to...

Jack In The Box / debit card not return after transaction complete

*dnaman* on May 19, 2017
Went to Jack In the Box this afternoon (May, 18. 2017 around 100 Pm)for my usual order, (2 iced coffee and 1 plain croissant) Yolanda the Supervisor that took my Debit card and handed me my order. First I hand her my card to pay my order, then she handed me a bag with my sandwich and a...

Jack In The Box / food order incomplete, very rude, accused me of lying

Yolanda Pinedo on May 15, 2017
My name is Yolanda Pinedo At 11346 magnolia AVE Apt d riverside CA 92505@ had the worse 2nd experience, I was called a liar when I called To say My order was not complete and that is why I am going further, I was accused Of lying when I called manager that My order was incomplete, I wa...

Jack In The Box / unethical behaviour, poor attitude, lack of training, unfair write ups, discrimination and team lead abuse, unfair treatment and a unfair suspension

gummybear82 on May 13, 2017
I am a team lead at jack in the box store 7319 in Winnemucca, NV i have been employed here since November 2014. My store manager Karen Smith has suspended me because I am a single mother and didn't not have a babysitter for my shift on 5/10/2017 at 5:30 pm till closing. I had preceded...

Jack In The Box / customer service

Gabriela1973 on May 13, 2017
On May 13, 2017 around 3:30am, I went to a Jack In A Box drive through in 92154, San Diego Coronado Avenue, California. I asked for a loaded breakfast and she said she had no eggs. I then asked for Chicken teriaky bowl and she said she had no rice. i suspect something funny was going on...

Jack In The Box / lazy employees

Himes on May 12, 2017
I go to the jack in the box located on sante fe ave.in wilmington, ca. When I do go... Usually once a week during the early morning hours between 3:45 and 4:15. It seems that I usually run into an employee that just refuses to take orders. He always comes up with an excuse... I usually...

Jack In The Box / was lied to and not trained properly and then fired

Yasmine Nagy on May 8, 2017
My name is Yasmine. I was hired on 4/17 and went for training on 4/18. I only worked less than 3 hours. Was not trained properly by my Manager Monica Loya. She kept reminding me that I only had to 2 weeks to prove that I was able to work there. And she also did not like that I couldn't...

Jack In The Box / entire order wrong

terbachman on Apr 30, 2017
First of all — again!!! Dear sir or madam. This is probably at least the 9 or 10th time that I received the wrong order from your ocean beach location. Your companies inability to get an order filled accurately is just stunning — my question is how can you screw up every time. Last summer I...

Jack In The Box / grilled chicken salad

janstan on Mar 10, 2017
3/10/17 @ 1:00 pm 515 S Henderson St, Fort Worth, TX 76104 I bought a grilled chicken salad at the drive through. When I got back to work and opened the salad there was mold on the tomatoes, the lettuce was brown, wilted and slimy. The cheese was wet and the cucumbers were shrunken and slimy...

Jack In The Box / customer service for the restaurant# 457 and the guest relation dept

shawn krug on Mar 8, 2017
I went in to Store# 457 off of Cypress Wood And I45 in Spring Texas This Morning and ordered the 2 for 4 dollars and I ask the girl at the counter to make one a meal.. She tells me she cannot do that I ask why that not how it come. I looked at her kind of confused and I said to make it a...

Jack In The Box / foreign object in my chicken sandwich

Kayleann on Feb 19, 2017
I had ordered a chicken sandwich from the Jack in the box in Monroe by the Evergreen Fairgrounds. Since it was after 10pm, I went through the drive-thru. On the way home my family and I ate our food. I was in the middle of eating when I bit down on something really hard. I grabbed the...

Jack In The Box / Employee abuse

jibworker on Jan 31, 2017
im an employee at jack in the box off of bond rd and the manager there sucks if you try messaging her she will tell you that is her personal phone number and to not bother her. if you work with her she will make fun of you telling you you dont no how to do your job. if you try to call in...

Jack In The Box / Unethical behaviour, unfair working conditions, harassment from management via text messages and more.

fred2111 on Jan 28, 2017
I was suspended from work on 1/27/2017, for a cash shortage from the night before. I left(clocked out ) @ 7p.m., before leaving the remaining shift manager and myshelf did "shift change". At this time I made my safe deposit and counted the two cash drawers that I had been instructed to...

Jack In The Box / Unorganization

augie8946 on Jan 28, 2017
I went to Jack in the Box in San Antonio, Tx off of Hildebrand & Fredericksburg about 9:00 PM and as I went through the drive thru, the young girl said they had no change and could not take orders for cash I said ok. Then I said okay and waited to place my order and I said okay again and...

Jack in the Box, Address: 13622 Foothill Blvd, Sylmar CA 91342 / lack of assistance from manager

thth on Dec 30, 2016
I was at the above location last night. I sat in my car while my son ordered our meal at 7:05pm. FORTY (40) minutes later, NOTHING. I go inside and ask to speak to manager. She smirked and said that our order didn't pop up on the screen and it wasn't their fault. (HMM). Mind you, a guy...

Jack In The Box / about the food and service

Victortrowerd on Dec 27, 2016
yes my name is Victor trowersI'm just now coming back from Jack In The Box I'm very very disappointed I tried to resolve the issue inside of Jack in the Box and they told me that that is what it is I presented a coupon to them by Burger get one free I told him good burger I wanted and gave...

Jack In The Box / management

Millshane Rouse on Dec 11, 2016
I just had the worst experience in my life at your 122nd and airport way store in Portland, Oregon. The Manager Heather (not sure if real name) treated me like I was a criminal because I told her I wanted onions on my number1. she then tells me i'm being rude... wth. She continued to be...

Jack In The Box / service

Luis Reyes on Nov 22, 2016
on 11/22/16 I went to the jack in the box on webb chapel rd. and royal ln. and I wait for around 20 minutes before someone took my order by drive thru, after the order was take it fine and the food was correct, the only thing is the cashier forgot the straws so l try to get inside the...

Jack In The Box / srd ham melt sausage crissant & 2 decaf coffees

Maria Salcedo on Nov 21, 2016
On Sunday 11/20/16 My husband & I we ordered 1 Surd Ham Melt, 1 Sausage Croissant & 2 decaf coffees., & I asked Yolanda is the name of the Cashier who take my order. I asked her do you have senor discount on the coffee? she said yes we do I asked her, how much is the coffee with the...

Jack In The Box / employee assistance management misconduct verbal abuse

Without Prejudice on Nov 5, 2016
The night assistant manager who would not give me his name came to my truck window at 8:15 PM at the Argonne Jack In the Box Location. I am a local coffee stand owner of 3 locations and have been enjoying the use of your free WiFi as my service is down and I have been needing to do some...

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