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Jack In The Box Complaints & Reviews

Jack In The Box / quality

danielsigala86 on Sep 18, 2017
I enjoy the original ice coffee from jack in the box, but only when it is prepared right. I usually have two ice coffees a day. My problem is that every time I go its always a hit or miss, either it tastes right or it tastes like [censor]. I have complained to the different stores that I...

Jack In The Box / always something wrong

desireedgibson on Aug 22, 2017
I wish there was another restaurant in our area and we didn't have to go to this messy store. There's always something wrong. The employees often confuse orders. 90 of 100 your order will be wrong. It takes forever to get the food prepared. And if you're unhappy with the service and want...

Jack In The Box / food/ health issue

Leeana Rochelle on Aug 21, 2017
I went through the drive thru at Store 1500 WO Ezell Blvd in Spartanburg, SC 29301 and brought my food home to eat. I ordered a number 16 combo, Rice Teriyaki Bowl. While eating my food I watched as a cockroach crawled out of my food onto the side of the bowl. I have called the store 12...

Jack In The Box / unethical behavior. made my food how they wanted to out of laziness and disregard, not out of protocol.

Max Chaney on Aug 21, 2017
Horrifying experience at the Jack in the Box in Portland, Oregon bordering the Ross Island Bridge. I frequent this location and probably spend upwards of a couple hundred dollars monthly, and I should eat healthier. The owner of this franchise is clearly absent. The employees are improperly...

Jack In The Box / cursed out threaten & fired

kim.smith952.ks@gmail.com on Aug 17, 2017
On 8/12/2017 another employee call me [censor]es so many times in front of the Boss Bobi I ask Tiana not to call me that again cause my kid's doesn't disrespect me like that she stated [censor] your kids [censor] so I said to her if u say it again I'm have to smack u she...

Jack In The Box / missing food, over 100 calls and never got through

Tamara Malin Wynn on Aug 15, 2017
You decided to have Jack in the Box yesterday. my husband went through drive through approximately 9:40 p.m. when he got home all of our order was not there. I tried to call initially. I called 66 times and got a busy signal. I did a couple things tried back over 30 x busy signal. I went...

Jack In The Box / rude employees

Angela Recode on Aug 9, 2017
The customer service at the Jack in the Box at 7503 E Slauson Ave Commerce, CA 90040 is atrocious! The employees there are rude! You cant even understand what they say because they don't speak English. The manager at this site is on drugs and has no customer service etiquette. The company...

Jack In The Box / the big chicken sandwich

John Touvell on Aug 9, 2017
on 8/8/17 the morning of at 10:46 am I went in to order two big chicken sandwich that they had a deal on I took the food home which is 2 min away from the restaurant to eat and found that the was cold and the fries were old from sitting to long like if they was made for someone else and...

Jack In The Box / didn't receive all my order.

Shayla-atkinson1 on Aug 3, 2017
I went to jack in the box at 3 am on tuesday july 31st and ordered 2 munchies boxes with large jack splashes and a kids cheese burger kids meal with jack spkash as well as a chocolate overload cake when i got my bags they did not give me a receite i requested for one and she said ok walked...

Jack In The Box / employees

fabby2181 on Jul 26, 2017
the Mexican employee are using the grill to cook meat brought from the house they have been cooking fajitas, chicken thigh meat and salmon on the grill which carried salmonila virus this is why so many customers have been complaining about being sick after eating food cook on the grill...

Jack In The Box / unethical behavior.

Kermit McKinney on Jul 5, 2017
On this day, 7/6/17, I drive up and order a large sweet. Notice that the price on the outdoor menu is $2.19. When I pull up to pay, I am charged $2.29 for the tea. I am told that they just went up on the price last week, and haven't changed the prices on the out door menu. They said the...

Jack In The Box / terrible food

Sally Jamison-German on Jun 24, 2017
Last Monday, June the 19th we went to Jack in the Box for breakfast. It was horrible. We took it to go. If we hadn't been meeting people on the road I would have taken it back. MY sandwich was cold. The cheese wouldn't even melt on the egg because it was not hot. The hash browns were Luke...

Jack In The Box / unethical behavior customer services

maria garcia on Jun 19, 2017
To whom it may concern: JIB #3911 Time @ 645 exacted at the DT however they made me come inside to retake my order, 3 females employee where working that morning... I was just passing by at Brazoria County to get some breakfast, i place my order thru DT for 3 people including me and the...

Jack In The Box / overall store operations

Saeteinn on Jun 19, 2017
Specifically complaining about the conditions at JIB #1153 on E. Bell and Cave Creek in Phoenix, AZ. SO many concerns about this store. I've worked here for almost a month now, and I want to call the Health Inspector on my own store. One of the night managers never wears gloves while...

Jack In The Box / priced

Crazy Pez on Jun 17, 2017
Jr Bacon cheese burger was on dollar menu. Dollar menu changes to value menu and price for jr bacon burger went up 39 percent. Went to Jack in the Box in Huntington Beach today and now Jr bacon 2 bucks. That is no value. There is no justification for a 101 percent increase in two year...

Jack In The Box / wrong order, rude staff, dirty cup, hair in burger, refusal to provide me a receipt.

Alea Owens on Jun 16, 2017
Hello My name is Alea Owens and I had a horrible experience at Jack in the box yesterday 6/22/2017 at 6:45pm. Let me first start out by saying that I don't have the restaurant number because the manager refused to give me a receipt. However the Managers name is Alec and the address of the...

Jack In The Box / employment hours not on schedule for 2 weeks not even one day

Beatricemendoza on May 22, 2017
Hi good morning my name is Beatrice mendoza I work at the Jack in the box on Bradshaw Sacramento CA on business Park drive, I just started working there 2 weeks, I was told that they are flexible with your schedule and that I would be working. I had texted the manager and called her to...

Jack In The Box / debit card not return after transaction complete

*dnaman* on May 19, 2017
Went to Jack In the Box this afternoon (May, 18. 2017 around 100 Pm)for my usual order, (2 iced coffee and 1 plain croissant) Yolanda the Supervisor that took my Debit card and handed me my order. First I hand her my card to pay my order, then she handed me a bag with my sandwich and a...

Jack In The Box / food order incomplete, very rude, accused me of lying

Yolanda Pinedo on May 15, 2017
My name is Yolanda Pinedo At 11346 magnolia AVE Apt d riverside CA 92505@ had the worse 2nd experience, I was called a liar when I called To say My order was not complete and that is why I am going further, I was accused Of lying when I called manager that My order was incomplete, I wa...

Jack In The Box / unethical behaviour, poor attitude, lack of training, unfair write ups, discrimination and team lead abuse, unfair treatment and a unfair suspension

gummybear82 on May 13, 2017
I am a team lead at jack in the box store 7319 in Winnemucca, NV i have been employed here since November 2014. My store manager Karen Smith has suspended me because I am a single mother and didn't not have a babysitter for my shift on 5/10/2017 at 5:30 pm till closing. I had preceded...

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