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BBQ double bacon burger w/ bacon cheddar potato wedges

I ordered on May 15, 2020 around 9:40 pm from the drive thru 3x combos of the bbq burger and 1 combo of the triple bbq burger I spent about 30$. Well we get our food as I get home my potatoe wedges didn't have cheese or bacon. So I went back to jack in the box @ 10:20 pm which I also did not get my receipt and told them they forgot to add the cheese and bacon. The employee laughed on the speaker and said sorry. So I pulled up and he comes to the window asking me what is the problem. I repeated again and he told me well you have to be "specific" when ordering bacon cheddar potatoe wedges. So as I told him what do you mean by that he got mad he said " [censored] this" and slammed the door in my face. The shift leader was there and was laughing. I waited for a while until they started getting cars so the shift leader came to the window and asked me what's going on. I told her the situation and she asked me "well do you have the wedges" I said yes and gave her my cold wedges and she told me " give them to me so we can add the cheese and [censored] on there" they sent another employee to give me my order. I asked her what are their names she said she didn't know them and laughed as well. So the guy employee came back to the window I asked him what is his name and he said "Juan" and was flicking me and my husband off. My husband was trying to tell him why is he being so rude and disrespectful and "Juan" kept calling him a pussy and a [censored] and flicking the finger at us. Mind you the other employee and the shift leader with green hair were laughing. I've never been to a restaurant with bad service like this. All I wanted was for them to fix my order and they did a horrible job. I spent money here and this is how I get treated! Very disappointed!

The worker was so careless swiping my ebt card so hard that she ruined it

I ordered food with my EBT/food stamps card and the lady was so careless and rough with the card that she...

I brought a bbq burger combo

The meat was burnt and curled up a dot of bbq on one side of the burger.. I drunk my soda on the way home and...

Employee Juanita who was working taking order was too busy talking personal stuff with her fellow employees

Let me start by saying I'm a essential worker and appreciate being able to still have your fast food...

Poor quality food

2 times over the last 2 weeks I have driven thru Store 417 and ordered 1 breakfast jack 1 small fry. Both times the fries were awful. Cold and very old. I paid for the fries, and could not eat them. I live 2 minutes from the store location both times I called the store to let the graveyard (manager)? I felt like he was doing it intentionally, knowing there was little I could do about it. The phone is NEVER answered between 1 AM and 6AM so driving back was the only option. Which would be pointless and an inconvenience for me. It may seem pretty, but I should have been able to eat what I paid for.

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They are actually a couple of things but right now the popcorn chicken was a disaster.

Yesterday I went to get popcorn chicken and I have dried up crusty crumbles the little crumbs from the...

Jack in the Box

Fajita pita and chicken strips

I registered this complaint around March 12th. The restaurant I went to was #[protected] mccall blvd. I have...

I am being discriminated against just because the district manager does not like me.

Today, March 19th, 2020, I was told to come to work at 2:30PM. I work at the location on the Miracle Mile in...


While ordering food today at the Tustin Ca. location I was harassed by employee name ismael. He tends to mock what I am saying This is not the first time. I am Mexican American and do not speak Spanish and I believe that is why he treats me indifferent. I will start getting video proof next time. To prove my case.

Burnt and wrong food

JIB# 1164 03/13/2020 @ 04:31:55 PM. EMP: Marissa carry out # 412 I ordered 1 fish sandwich, 1 bacon ultimate cheese-NO mayo, mustard, ketchup-ADD lettuce, tomato, onions. 1 onion rings, 1 chocolate overload cake. What I got: Burnt fish, a cheeseburger with no bacon or onions, BUT 10 large pieces of lettuce? I took a photo pf all that lettuce. Onion rings and cake were ok.

I was hungry or wouldn't have stopped there. Last time I did, the employee told me bacon ultimate cheese came only with condiments, no changes. Asked for vanilla shake, she couldn't process what I said, because she then asked what kind of shake? So much wrong with this store!
Debra Ross 2349 S. Carol Avenue Yuma, AZ 85365

Burnt and wrong food

Jack in the Box

Chicken pita and curly fries

first I asked it the chicken was pressed but no one could answer this. When I got the pita the chicken wa...

Not getting all items on menu, at any hour of the day!

I have always been able to get a burger in the morning, a breakfast jack at night and anything else I want .
This jack in the box is run very poorly.
On Fremont blvd. In Fremont ca.
They can't take orders properly, unable to use the screen that tells me what I ordered and how much.
Also they have a hard time understanding English.
Been closed on 2 occasions at night.
Needs new management!

Employee at the take out window

March 3, 2020
I went to the drive thru to order lunch. When I got to the window, the guy gave me the change that was floating on top of the dollar bills. When he handed it to me the change slipped off falling to the ground, and under my car. I asked him to "please give me my change, it's all over the ground". (I was meaning to get more out of the cash register). He said "get out of your car and get it yourself, it's right there". I am a 72 yr. old woman, and expect more respect from a young male employee. I would have had to repark my car and walk back and pick up the change onthe filty driveway. I told him that everytime I come here, (which has been over 30 yrs), that the employee always puts the change in my hand, and then the dollar bills. He kind of smugged, and called for the manager to open the register. This was the first time that I have had such a rude remark from any drive thru in Encinitas, for my entire life. Just think your employees need more training on "Customer Service" and how to give back change correctly! Thank you, Linda Arslanian 3303 Vivienda Circle, Carlsbad, Ca 92009

Drive Through

So we came the drive through on 2/28/2020 after attending a concert.. There were cars already wrap around the building but I figured it would move fast (the line) but that wasn't the case...It took at least a hour jus to get the menu board maybe another 30mins for there jus to place a order another 15min to pay and get food...Got back to the room food was good...

The most horrible experience ever

It was 11 PM Wednesday the 27th of fetuary I had to wait 15 mins just to have my order took another 10 to get...

the manager and staff were very rude

Im complaing about the rude people who work at the jack in the box on cash road in lawton oklahoma I went there to order food for lunch told them no mayo on 2 of my sandwiches and the manager was rude about it to me it was today sunday 16 2020 at 12;45 pm im planing on not comeing back there to eat anymore we have been going there for many of times for postmates we deliver for them and they were rude too

customer service

To Whom It May Concern: Jack in the box 11104 Olive Bakersfield, CA 93312 Telephone [protected] mgr...

drive through services

A black women in her early teens or tweenties did not greet me at the window and seems to have a bad attitude when i asked a question. And after she gave me the food she handed me the bag looking away and did not not smile or saying anything. When after all i was taking to her and trying to make eye contact.
Jack in the box in 220 nut tree pkwy, Vacaville CA drive thru #186
I tried to call the phone number of the location [protected]) whoever answer hang up the phone and keep it off huck.

Customer: Norma L. Mejia /210 Aegean way, Vacaville CA 95687
phone [protected]

receive the wrong order

So I visit this location at 6131 Greenback Ln maybe once or sometimes twice and most of the time they get my order wrong. Over the last month every time I've gone there it has been horrible. The first thing is that you can barely hear and understand what the employee is saying when you go through the drive through because they have a very thick accent and speak very fast. Every time I order I ask for my hashbrowns to be freshly cooked and most of the time they are not. A few times I would order a breakfast order with sausage and today was the last straw. I ordered the #22 and I receive #21 and I'm not a ham or bacon person. I also NEVER and I mean never get a receipt. I will not visit this location ever again and will drive to another Jack in the box location if this is the kind of service from this place continues.

an employee

I do not have her name but I can describe her she is a older African American woman with glasses she is always rude every time I come and she tends to get my order wrong every time . Then when I ask if she can fix it to the correct order she tells me no and at night she slams the drove through window. There has also been an incident where she came outside banging on my car window using very harsh and disrespectful words. I would highly recommend you get her out of the food business she is not manager worthy not employee worthy.