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Menards / Damaged products, menards employees that do not care.

Terry Hudson on Feb 13, 2017
I special ordered a bath vanity on 1-13-2017, picked it up on 1-29-2017, got it home and unpacked it, the marble top was chipped on the corners and had a crack all the way across it. I took it back and ask for the manager, he was helping me until someone he knew came in and he worked with...

Menards / Maytag refrigerator

Mon B on Feb 8, 2017
I will NEVER purchase another appliance from Menards! We bought a refrigerator with an extended warrantee in April 2014. In October of 2016, it was not cooling so after 2 weeks, we had a repair tech come out. Got the part about a week later. Same thing happened again 3rd week of January...

Menards / Doors/damaging truck

Cummins on Feb 1, 2017
We ordered doors at your Menards store in Glendale Heights, IL and when we went to pick them up (supposedly they were inspected) the doors were damaged. The workers left it up to me to move doors and pick them up - were absolutely no help - (I pulled my back while doing this) the door fell...

Menards / Return store 3057

tljasper on Jan 13, 2017
I bought 4 bails of blown in insulation and rented a machine drove 45 min back home hooked up machine there were no clamps to hold the hose on I got 1/4 of a bail in and the hose blew off filling my room with insulation I took the machine back they refunded the machine back on my card in...

Menards / Hurt my son due to menard's negligence

Gyalpo on Jan 5, 2017
My son was hurt badly when a door that was leaning with another door tripped and hit him on his forehead. He was with me. It was menards negligence. The doors were not secured right and it could have hurt anybody. Unfortunately it was my son, who has to deal with a big scar on his forehead...

Menards / Holiday time lights

Michael Mund on Dec 31, 2016
I purchased 5 sets of indoor/outdoor chasing lights in which I lay on my grass for an added effect on my display. All 5 sets quit working after the first rain in which i took back and exchanged them. Sure enough the next rain had the same effect. Because I bought them in October and had...

Menards / Returns

M Aaron on Dec 16, 2016
I purchased items on Tuesday, which included a case of anti-freeze in which you were only allowed to purchase 6 gallons, which is a case. Upon checking out we used a rebate for $33.00 with or purchase. When we left the store and proceeded home, which is 35 miles away, my wife noticed that...

Menards / Special orders and store personal

eryck on Dec 2, 2016
My wife and my self came in to special order a counter top for our kitchen Island. Alexandria in the counter department was a absolutely terrific. She was extremely helpful and attended to all of our questions, with knowledgeable responses. We had to go pick out a sink to better determine...

Menards / Washer/ dryer i purchased

Paula1122 on Nov 29, 2016
Me and my fiance just moved into our first apartment after being homeless for 6 months. I am 4 months pregnant and cant keep lugging laundry to the laundry mat so we have been searching for a washer and dryer for 3 weeks we finally fecided to stop at menards to look just maybe there would...

Menards / Cashier complaint

Angie Kratzer on Nov 14, 2016
I shop at menards frequently and had the worst experience I have ever had with a cashier on 11/12/16 at the Jackson Michigan Store. I had just checked out when one of the staff had found more of the canning jars that I was looking for. I got a few more cases and proceeded back into line to...

Menards / Steel building kit

Jennifer Heggie on Nov 14, 2016
We purchased a steel agricultural buildiing kit from Menards in Oregon, Ohio in July 2016. We paid with a cashiers check in full i the amount of $16, 901.62. There were many delays in every aspect of material. Actually the builder we hired has been in contact with the building project...

Menards / Tuscany kitchen faucet kendre model # 6736070

Nancy Jansen on Nov 10, 2016
We bought the Tuscany Kitchen Faucet about a year ago from Menards. The sprayer does not spray. It has a "Lifetime Warranty" we have the box, but have been unable to locate our receipt. I would like to have the head of the faucet replaced and would be willing to pay for it, but have been...

Menards / Special order desk

Dave8018 on Oct 12, 2016
7.18.16. I go to buy a metal shed. I am told I need a foundation kit that must be special ordered. Menards employee places the order and I pay. Kit arrives and it is vinyl not metal. My contractor spends time, that I am paying for, to build and take apart the incorrect kit. Menards tell me...

Menards / Returns

Keenan Hall on Oct 6, 2016
Carful when returning items with no receipt, they may keep the items and not return them to you. I got some high dollar light bulbs from my mother for Christmas because she knew I am building a garage. Which I purchased all the materials from Menards. I figured it out that I spent over...

Menards / Service

Frederick Shrum on Aug 22, 2016
Livonia, Michigan location - the worst cash register personnel I have ever met. I am redoing my back yard, piece by piece over the past few months. Every time I went into the store the person at the register was extremely rude. I brought it up to the manager, each time, and they said "I'll...

Menards / Service

T. Floyd on Jul 25, 2016
On July 24 at 7:30 am, I made an online purchase of 3 shelving units to be picked up in the store. The next day I went into the store to inquire about the status of my order. The cashier and another worker informed me that the items were not available and they were waiting for a truck to...

Menards / Wanted to purchase an item for the posted price in the store.

KaceyMontana on Jul 25, 2016
Saturday, July 23rd at the Schererville, IN store. Rubbermaid large storage shed that was posted in the store for $199.00. When we got the LARGE item on the cart and took it to the register to check out, the price rang up at $279.00. After going back to the display and seeing the sign wa...

Menards / Declined check

rsank on Jul 21, 2016
On July 21, 2016 early in the morning I stopped at Menards to purchase a few thing for my crews on that day. This is not out of the ordinary as we make purchases on a regular basis at that store early in the morning in the summer. After running my check twice the cashier handed it back to...

Menards / New Windows

Freddywink on Jul 18, 2016
I ordered 3 new windows for our old seasonal house that I'm redoing. I will be replacing the siding completely and I said it is like a new construction. When I picked up the best Jen-Wen windows I saw there wasn't any nail flanges on them. I mentioned it and the one Menards guy said after...

Menards / Building Materials

Spur50 on Jul 5, 2016
Menards Scottsbluff Nebraska I am writing to file a formal complaint against the General Manager (name unknown) and Department Manager Spencer Drake, at the store located in Scottsbluff NE. On July 3, 2016, between 12:15-12:45 pm mountain time, my daughter, her friend, and myself were in...

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