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Menards — scales

I went to the menards store in new phila ohio. A big box of pig ears for dogs was sitting in an aisle along with plastic bags and scales to weigh them 12.99 a lb. I weighed out a pound took them to register and it it wrang up over 26.oo dollars. Cashier told me the scales by the box were wrong. I find that very misleading and told the cashier if they know the scales dont weigh properly that they shouldn't be sitting there. Very dissatisfied to be charged double for merchandise when you provide bags and scales to the customer but then charge double st the register.

Menards — rebates

This is the 2nd time in one year I never got the rebate I mailed in. This time I saved my receipts. I understand there is a class action lawsuit underway for this problem. Please...

Freeport Bad Business Partners  · Jan 11, 2020

Menards — rebate scam

Menards most recent tv ad says 11% off many times. Totally misleading. I had to chase them for my $370 rebate. Also remember, if you lose the rebate check your are out of luck. I...

Retail Stores  · Jan 07, 2020

Menards — unethical behaviour


This incident happened 1-2-2020 A Cashier started yelling at my son-in-law Justin Clark, saying your not supposed to be in here. He responded that she must have the wrong person...

Kokomo Employees  · Jan 03, 2020

Menards — led christmas lights.


When attempting to order Christmas lights online Menards website provided me with and error indicating the order did not go through. After receiving this I initiated a duplicate...

Home & Garden  · Dec 31, 2019

Menards — rebate

I have my receipt from our 10-18-19 purchase of 402.90. I sent in our rebate which should be 46.56 on 10-18-19. Never received it and not showing up on the rebate tracker. We...


Menards — classic decor nickel towel ring

I purchased 2 of the Classic Decor Brushed Nickel Towel Rings # 675=0127. There are no pictures or specific instructions indicating that the mounting plate goes with edges up. I...

Internet Services  · Dec 25, 2019

Menards — employee cashier

I overheard an employee named Christina tell another cashier that most of her customers were construction wetbacks and probably illegal that night. She said they were illegal...

Employees  · Dec 19, 2019

Menards — the sorry service for handicapped persons

I went to the store at 6:30 AM Saturday after Black Friday and they only had one handicap scooter and it wasn't working. It seems they don't want customers that can't walk. I have...

Department Stores  · Nov 30, 2019

Menards — water heater gas

I purchased it back in July of this year. August 20th my mother in law had a heart attack which made all my home projects go on hold until a week ago. I didn't need a new one...

water heater gas

Kalamazoo Appliances  · Nov 21, 2019

Menards — damaged product via home delivery service


My husband and I were in the market for new stainless steel appliances. After much research at various stores, both "box stores" and small shops, we selected Menards because of...

Appliances  · Nov 19, 2019

Menards — special orders

11/01/19 I ordered and verified for the 3rd time my order. I still received the wrong item and when returning it was nothing but a disaster with the Manager at Menards in Ottumwa...

Ottumwa Contractors  · Nov 19, 2019

Menards — rebates international

On July 3, 2019 we purchased materials for a deck totaling $9733.51 and turned in rebates for the decking boards which we received. The next week the 11% was advertised so I went...

1 comments Bad Business Partners  · Nov 14, 2019

Menards — customer service manager

The company always advertises will match product costs. Ok so exact model number on a nail gun from Lowe's and manager refused to match a $30 difference. As we just spent...

Menards — building supplies

I called prior to making the almost 3 hour drive from my house. Asked if they have green metal roofing in stock to which the guy on the line replied yes we do. So I make the drive...

Marquette Roofing  · Nov 03, 2019

Menards — mastercraft sliding glass door

I purchased a new Mastercraft sliding glass patio door from the Menards store I'm Danviile. After the door was installed by my contractor we noticed a part of the weather...

mastercraft sliding glass door
mastercraft sliding glass door
mastercraft sliding glass door
mastercraft sliding glass door
mastercraft sliding glass door

Danville Products & Services  · Nov 01, 2019

Menards — electrical

I had to go to 3 different menards stores to get my 8-3 wire. 2 of the stores were out and the only reason I kept going to menards was for the 11% rebate but I probably spent half...

Building, Construction  · Oct 30, 2019

Menards — customer service

Unless Menards is the only home improvement store left on the planet, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! Their customer service is the absolute worst. In the middle of a remodeling project, the...

Flooring Installation  · Oct 30, 2019

Menards — rebate scam

Since first of the year I been sending in slips for rebates with no response an as of april I started making copies before sending an even resent them since with no response an...

Independence News & Media  · Oct 25, 2019

Menards — 11 % Rebate

Never received my rebate, was told Menards sent it so they stopped check and resent and now they are saying my Minnesota Rebate was redeemed in Holland, Ohio. I sent my rebate in...

Building, Construction  · Oct 28, 2019

Menards — an employee

My name is Roni Baber. My husband started his own business around 2007. As a women I never worried that going to your store would end up ruining my marriage. One of your employee...

an employee

Menards — store staff


Went to purchase some rock salt. Looked around store with no luck, stopped store employee for assistance. Was helpful looking it up on the computer and told me it was in the...

Lafayette Employees  · Oct 18, 2019

[Resolved] Menards — handicap customer service


I went in to the Fairfield Twp, Butler Co, Ohio (#3274) store as I do at least 3 times a week. I needed a plumbing part so I went in the first door where I know the plumbing...

1 comments Hamilton Other  · Oct 17, 2019

Menards — management


Hardware and Garden department manager is verbally abusive to assistant manager and team members. Tyresse Hill has been witnessed to be lazy and not pull her weight as she...

Melrose Park Employees  · Oct 11, 2019

Menards — backyard creations patio table

We purchased a Backyard Creations Patio Table just a couple years ago from Menards. The stone on the top of the product immediately started falling off. This summer it got way...

backyard creations patio table
backyard creations patio table
backyard creations patio table

Norfolk Furniture  · Oct 10, 2019

Menards — website security

My menards account was hacked - I attempted to contact menards online security within minutes of the notice that someone had changed my email/username. I got a voicemail! And here...

Eau Claire Online Shopping  · Sep 27, 2019

Menards — check-out line

I was at my local store in Golden Valley tonight as I am at least 5 days/week around 5:15pm and there were only 2 check out lanes open with lines that were unbelievably long. I...

Minneapolis Home & Garden  · Sep 25, 2019

Menards — portable garage

I ordered a portable garage on line and had it delivered to the Oshkosh Menards. Picked it up on 3/1/2019. I never used it or opened the box. I call the Oshkosh store about...

Department Stores  · Sep 25, 2019

Menards — 4x8 lattice

Went to the Fremont store to purchase Lattice advertised on line for $9.99 located some on the top shelf of the area where lattice is displayed and a sign directly underneath that...

Fremont Building, Construction  · Sep 19, 2019

Menards — service in door department and management


Myself and my 2 daughters went to menards to get a storm door. Walked every aisle and looked for assistance. No one was anywhere to be found. Myself and my daughters loaded a...

Menards — customer service

I want to file a major complaint with my Menard's experience today. After purchasing $234 worth of goods and as I was walking out, some Hispanic Menard's employee stops me and...

customer service
customer service

Long Grove Employees  · Sep 14, 2019

Menards — encap new lawn kit

Two weeks after submitting complaint form (as requested by Menards) I still have not heard anything from them concerning my issue with the Encap Fast Acting New Lawn Kit. The...

Retail Stores  · Sep 13, 2019

Menards — mastercraft door


I ordered an exterior door with a single bore only and it came with the jamb side bored for a deadbolt and the only thing they will offer is to send me a strike plate which I...

Building, Construction  · Sep 12, 2019

Menards — mastercraft doors

I have warning for anyone who is thinking of buying these doors. RUN dont walk away from them! They are the absolute worst quality, POS I've ever see in my life! I made the...

Retail Stores  · Sep 01, 2019

Menards — patio door

Found a patio door in the damage items for sale at Menards. Sales man took number off door punched it in said door was $300 said okay . I'll pay for this now and pick up tomorrow...

Menards — management

I just quit Menards I am a 37 years experienced welder. The hurt my back and I started get back Well I built a tool that would have saved my back and. It took ten minutes . So I...

Other  · Aug 24, 2019

Menards — customer service & false advertising


I wanted to purchase a portable folding hammock, with a price listed for $39.99. There were 4 identical portable folding hammocks stacked together, with $39.99 being the most...

customer service & false advertising

Saint Louis Home & Garden  · Aug 09, 2019

Menards — incorrect pricing/manager

On August 5 2019, I purchased 4 sheets of 2 x 8 plywood based on the price of 12.39 on the shelf above the plywood (attached). When I got home I realized they charged me 21.79. I...

incorrect pricing/manager

Other  · Aug 06, 2019

Menards — unethical, unprofessional behavior - bigotry


Two employees, one who works in Millwork and is named Greg, were talking back and forth to each other while assisting my husband and I. They were making homophobic jokes about...

Building, Construction  · Aug 05, 2019

Menards — cedar lumber

I recently purchased (25) 5 3/4 ×6×10 and (25) 5 3/4 ×6x16 cedar wood decking on 7/18/19 at your 2627 W Townline Rd location in Peoria Il. I've attached copy of receipt for your...

cedar lumber
cedar lumber
cedar lumber

Products & Services  · Aug 02, 2019