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I placed an order with this company ( also known as After about an hour of q&a with a online rep where I asked all the important questions. Pricing, Shipping methods, etc...I was confirmed a total, it would be sent DHL for free and it would take 7-10 business days. After the money was sent I get an e-mail informing me that because it is DHL that it would cost $60 more, however if i used EMS it would be free. You can only imagine the frustrations that I got, especially after I spent time trying to AVOID this very type of mistakes.

The order was place on July 28th, and since then I have sent several e-mails, that surprisingly go unanswered. I've made attempts to log on to the site and get web errors. Any time there actually is access, and I try to get an online rep or press contact us there is another error message. All e-mails provode logical solutions to the problem. Items could be sent EMS for free as stated or keep thier original word and send them DHL. Items could be removed from the order to cover the difference or simply return the money, Today is August 8th 5:24 am and once again have no access to the site and no response to any of the 12 e-mails that have been sent.To make matters worse the site doesn't recognize my e-mail address to log in or even get a password request. I am half a step from thinking they stole my money.


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